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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

What is the Digg share button?

The Digg Share Button allows your website visitors to simply click a button to instantly “digg” your content (to submit it to, or vote for it on, the Digg website). Although users can submit a URL manually to Digg, there’s a much greater chance they’ll actually digg your content if you make it easy for them to share to Digg! A one-click button is a great way to do that and of course you can integrate it with all your other sharing buttons.

What is Digg?

Digg describes itself as “the homepage of the internet” and “what the internet is talking about right now.” It features user-submitted news stories, articles, videos, and more. If articles get lots of “diggs,” they’ll appear on the front page of Digg – often getting a huge amount of traffic. 

Digg is similar in some ways to Reddit, though without the same community discussion focus: users can vote for content and the more votes it gets, the more likely it is to be prominently featured. 

How does Digg work?

Digg lets users submit (or “digg”) any content on the web that they like. As Digg itself describes this, “a digg is a thumbs-up – a positive vote – for a story that means you want other people to see it.” 

To “digg” content, you enter the page’s URL, add a short description, and choose a category. Submitted articles will appear in the “Upcoming Articles” page: other users can choose to “digg” or “bury” those submissions if they want to. 

If a submission gets a lot of diggs, it’ll appear on the Digg front page of “Popular Articles.” That piece is then likely to get a big boost in traffic, as curious Digg users visit.

You can sign up for Digg using your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google account (Digg doesn’t have a way to sign up for an account without using one of these three services).

Is Digg still worth using?

Digg was founded in 2004 and became particularly popular around 2007 – 2010, with lots of internet marketers advocating to use it as a way to drive website traffic. It was so popular, in fact, that an article that got lots of Diggs could end up crashing a small website due to the huge influx of traffic.

In 2010, though, a combination of factors led to Digg becoming less popular – until the company was split into pieces and sold off in 2012. The new owners of the website rebuilt Digg and, while it’s not as popular as it once was, it still has a solid user base. 

Can you “digg” your own content?

It’s best not to submit your own posts to Digg too frequently: Digg frowns upon this as it can easily become spammy. Instead, encourage your website’s visitors to digg the content that they enjoy on your site. You could do this with a request at the end of key posts, or simply with sharing buttons – such as the Digg Share Button – so they can easily digg any piece they want.

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