Uncover Promising
Sources of Growth

Monitor customer needs, discover breakthrough business ideas, and stay ahead of your competition

Extract actionable insights to drive key initiatives and push the boundaries of what your business can accomplish

Measure Advertising &
Marketing Impact

Effectively evaluate the impact of your advertising and marketing campaigns on your target segment or broader audience. Closely monitor the changing sentiment and levels of engagement, pre- and post-campaign, towards your brand and products

Track Market Changes & Competitor Activity

Real-time interest and intent data can identify new and emerging trends, unexpected market shifts, and competitor activity, allowing you to adapt quickly to any changing environment and position yourself strategically for growth

Optimize Product Research, Development & Inventory

Make the right decisions throughout your product lifecycle. Leverage online behavioral data to validate (or invalidate) new product and feature ideas as well as predict future demand to ensure a happy and loyal customer base

Expand Customer Knowledge & Intelligence

It’s imperative to regularly monitor consumer pain points and evolving needs. Behavioral data equips you with an ongoing, expanded view of your customers’ deeper interests so that you can continually engage them in meaningful ways that prompt action

Unlock Insights for Faster and Smarter Decisions with Curated Behavioral Data

ShareThis can curate a wide selection of predictive user attributes and interest scores, ready to be ingested for faster, up-to-date insights.

Prefer to customize your user attributes? Work with us one-on-one to build a solution that fits your exact needs and start driving smarter decisions right away.

Real Interest Data Direct from the Source

Get Depth and Range with
Data From Across the Web


Global Websites

Drive Results with Insights

Based on Real Interest Data


Global Users

Unparalleled Scale for

Unparalleled Performance


Monthly Events

Committed to Strict Privacy Guidelines

ShareThis takes compliance seriously and provides respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical and self-regulatory processes.

Build a Successful Future without Third-Party Cookies

ShareThis Atlas Global ID will ensure the continuity of high quality, future-proofed data services

One thing that doesn't change is that everything is always changing. Don’t fall behind — follow ShareThis Trends to keep up with shifting consumer preferences and new patterns of behavior