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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a privacy policy for my website?

To create a privacy policy using the Privacy Policy Generator, simply log in to your ShareThis account, then click on the Privacy Policy Generator option.

You’ll be prompted to enter information about your website, including the name of your company, the date when you want the privacy policy to begin, what type of information you collect about users, whether your company shares information with third parties (such as ShareThis, if you use ShareThis buttons on your website), and more.

Once you’ve created your privacy policy, you can preview it, copy it as HTML, or download it as Javascript, a PDF, or HTML code. If you’re using the Javascript option, you’ll also need to copy a piece of header code to use on your website.

The privacy policy is suitable for all types of business whose target audience is English-speaking and in the US or EU/UK, with the exception of websites aimed at children. You could use it for a company website, blog, or online store.

Is a privacy policy required by law?

Most countries require you to post a privacy policy on your site if you’re collecting any form of personal data from your customers. This includes pseudonymous data (e.g., through Google Analytics). 

If your website has users who are European residents, your site needs to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Rules vary between states in the USA.

Is the Privacy Policy Generator compatible with CCPA, GDPR, and other regional laws?

Yes. The Privacy Policy Generator will prompt you to indicate whether or not your company is subject to specific regional laws, including CCPA and GDPR.

Note that the Privacy Policy Generator is not suitable for websites aimed at children.

How do you write a privacy policy?

What if you’re writing your own privacy policy without the help of an online tool or a lawyer? It’s important that:

  • Your policy is clear, direct, and easy to understand. 
  • Your policy accurately reflects how your website collects and uses data. 
  • You clearly state what types of information you collect. This might be names and addresses of individuals (e.g., if you sell products) or it might include information like IP addresses (e.g., if people comment on your site).
  • You clearly explain why you collect this information.
  • You tell visitors how you collect information. This could be through cookies, web forms, product orders, newsletter signups, and so on.
  • You should explain how the information will be used and who will be able to access it (e.g., if you’ll share it with third parties).
  • You let users know how they’ll be involved if your privacy policy changes.
  • You provide an easy way for users to get in touch if they have questions.
  • You make it clear how your visitors’ personal data is kept safe. This could be through the use of an SSL certificate, for instance. 

For more help, take a look at these tips about writing a privacy policy from scratch.

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