The interoperable solution that bridges evolving identity needs with the data demands of advertisers, marketers, and analysts

We Are Constructing the Largest Cookieless Interest and Intent Offering for the Open Internet

The ShareThis Advantage:

Deep Integrations

Atlas rests upon a dynamic, proprietary identity map built from seamless integrations within the publisher and programmatic ecosystem.

Unique Data Access

Atlas is powered by our unique access to over 3M publisher 1P cookies to store privacy-centric user IDs, further enhanced by our proprietary Interest Vector built on user content consumption patterns.

Our Key Collaborators

ShareThis is working collaboratively with leading identity service providers and ID agnostic partners to lead the industry’s evolution to a cookieless future.

We leverage server-to-server data sharing to ensure continuity for partners that require proprietary identifiers.

Ready for the Future of Identity

Atlas connects to public and private IDs, such as MAIDs, hashed email, and Universal IDs, to ensure accuracy and continuity of high quality data services for targeting, customer acquisition, and analytics.

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Committed to Strict Privacy Guidelines

ShareThis takes compliance seriously and provides respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical and self-regulatory processes.

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