1. Choose your type of buttons
    Select relevant website tool(s) to grow your website traffic
  2. Customize the design
    Select social networks and tailor the buttons to match your brand
  3. Add the code to your site
    Insert your unique ShareThis code to the header section of your website
  4. Copy and paste the placement code
    Add placement code wherever you want the tool to appear

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

What is the Pinterest pin share button?

The Pinterest Pin share button allows your audience to save your photos, videos, and other content onto their Pinterest boards. More specifically, it makes it possible to share to Pinterest in a single click – no new tab, no app-switching, no navigating away from your page required. You want to avoid all that, because you want your audience to stay on your page.

The Pin It button is an awesome way to make your brand discoverable via Pinterest and drive back new visitors to your site: Your audience pins your content, then a new audience finds it on Pinterest and opens your site to read more. It’s exactly how social sharing is meant to work. And it’s easy, thanks to the ShareThis Pinterest pin share button.  

How do I share a pin on Pinterest?

If you’re a frequent pinner, the easiest way to share a pin on Pinterest is via the platform’s browser button. The catch: You’ll have to download the button (provided it’s compatible with your browser), peg it to your favorites and/or browser bar, and then find it whenever you want to use it.

An even easier way to share to Pinterest requires a bit of brand savvy: If a website, blog, or brand has installed a Pinterest Pin share button on their website, then all of their pages, posts, photos, video, and other content are automatically pinnable, in a single click. Just look for the Pinterest share button, either pegged to a certain location (ex. below the lead photo) or stuck to the left-hand side of the page.

How do I get the Pin It button?

If you’re a savvy brand, smart marketer, or socially hip website or blog, you know you need a Pinterest Pin share button. Luckily, it’s easy to get.

Here’s how to install the Pin It button on your website:

1.     Navigate to the ShareThis Pinterest Pin share button;

2.     Choose whether you’d like inline (pegged to a specific location) or sticky (floating, fixed to one side of the screen) buttons;

3.     Select Pinterest (and any other social network your site visitors use);

4.     Then, design your buttons to complement your website;

5.     And finally, copy your code, paste it into your site, and deploy. That’s it!

How do I add Pinterest to my website?

Well, that depends on what you mean by adding Pinterest to your website. If you’re looking to embed your Pinterest feed into your website so visitors can see a specific board or all your pins, then you’ll need a widget or some sort of shortcode, plus a section where you’ll add that.

But, if you’re asking how to add a Pinterest “Pin It” button to your site – in other words, how to enable readers to share to Pinterest from your website or blog – then, the answer is easy. All you’ll need is the ShareThis Pinterest Pin share button (see installation instructions, one question up) and you are all set for onsite pinning.

How do I get more Pinterest followers?

The absolute, dead-easiest way to get more Pinterest followers is to invite the people who already follow you to also follow you on Pinterest.

Instead of putting all your efforts into getting Pinterest followers, merely invite people already on your website, reading your blog, ogling your photos, and watching your videos – in other words, the people who already enjoy your content – to follow you on Pinterest. The Pinterest follow button makes it simple: Install the button on your site, and your visitors can follow you in one, single click.

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