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The Twitter share button is known as one of the most used social buttons on our widget today. The share button allows your audience to quickly share the webpage they’re viewing with all their followers. Try it out today and find out why Twitter is one of the best ways to attract a nature audience to your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Twitter share button?

The basic definition of the Twitter share button is a button on your website or blog, that allows visitors to share to Twitter in just one click to share your articles, blog posts, and other content with their followers. In practice, the Twitter share button is much more: It’s a one-click invitation to make your content spread far, fast, and wide.

In other words, it’s a must-have for any brand, website, and blog.

How do you share a post on Twitter?

There are two ways to share a blog post, website, or other content on Twitter: the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is via a Twitter share button, which allows you to share to Twitter in just one click:

1.     On a site that has enabled the Twitter share button, you’ll see the Twitter logo button either pinned to the post or floating down the left side of the page;

2.     Click that button, add your comment, and you’ll immediately share to your logged-in Twitter profile.

Super simple. If a website hasn’t enabled the Twitter share button, the process involves a few extra steps:

1.     Copy the URL of the post or page you’d like to share;

2.     Navigate to Twitter in a separate tab;

3.     Paste the URL into the Twitter compose box (“What’s happening?”);

4.     Add your comments.

5.     Click “Tweet” and cross your fingers that the URL truncates well, and that the URL preview displays well.

How do you add a Twitter share button?

Adding the Twitter share button is not only extremely easy, but enabling your visitors to share to Twitter from your blog or website is one of the best things you can do to boost shares of your content and increase traffic. Once enabled, your site visitors will be able to share your content to Twitter with a single click. And, easy for them means more shares for you.

Here’s how to add a Twitter share button to your website:

1.     Navigate to the ShareThis Twitter share button;

2.     Select either inline (pinned to a specific location) or sticky (fixed to the side of the screen) buttons;

3.     Select Twitter as your social channel (although, while you’re here, feel free to choose other channels, as well);

4.     Design your buttons to complement your site;

5.     Grab your code and plug into your website or blog.

Et voilà! You have now enabled one-click Twitter shares from your website or blog.

How do I share my Twitter link?

It depends on what you mean by your Twitter link, but for most people the question is, “how do I share my Twitter [follow] link?” And that’s an easy question to answer.

ShareThis follow buttons are an easy way to ask for and encourage social media follows. Once you’ve installed these buttons, visitors to your website will be able to follow your various social accounts via just a click or two. For example, in the case of Twitter, install the Twitter follow button to your site and watch as new visitors follow you with a single click.

You may also have been asking about how to share your link via Twitter. The easiest answer to that question, as outlined above, is to install the ShareThis Twitter share button; once activated on your website or blog, visitors will be able to share any content link (to a site page, to a post, to a photo, to a video) with a single click – no separate tabs, secondary app, no navigating away from your page required.