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Add the blogger share button on your widget today and loop in new audiences back to your website. Blogger is a microblogging website which allows you to publish writings and tidbits. Our blogger share button makes it easier for your content to be reposted and found within their network. Try it out today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why add a Blogger share button?

There are two basic understandings of the Blogger share button (more on each, below): The first is a button that allows you to easily share to Blogger, in order to extend your reach. The second are share buttons added to your Blogger site, to enable sharing to various social networks. Both are easy with ShareThis share buttons.

Either way, the goal is simple: Make it easy for your site visitors to seamlessly share your content in one click – no copy+pasting, tab-switching, or app-switching required.

What are share buttons?

In a nutshell, share buttons are floating and/or sticky buttons, usually rectangular or square, that allow for one-click sharing to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, yes, Blogger. These buttons enable sharing for almost any type of content: if it has a URL, it can be shared via these easily coded buttons. Of course, sharing can also be done via each individual platform. The beauty of share buttons is, your website visitors can share your content in a single click AND they don’t have to navigate away from your site to do that sharing. Everyone wins.

What is the Blogger share button?

There are two basic types of Blogger share buttons: 1) share buttons that include a Blogger button, making it easy to share to Blogger and easier for your content to be found within the Blogger network; and 2) share buttons (to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) that exist on your Blogger site.

How do you add a share button on Blogger?

To add a share to Blogger button (to enable simple sharing within the Blogger network):

1.     Navigate to the ShareThis Blogger share button;

2.     Choose whether you’d like an inline (pinned to a specific location) or sticky (fixed to the side of the screen) Blogger share button;

3.     Choose Blogger, to share within network;

4.     Customize the button’s look;

5.     Get your code and plug it into your site.

To add social share buttons to your Blogger site:

(Hint: It’s the same process as above.)

1.     Open the ShareThis Blogger share button;

2.     Choose whether you’d like an inline (pinned to a specific location) or sticky (fixed to the side of the screen) share buttons;

3.     Choose the channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and, of course, Blogger – that you’d like to enable for sharing;

4.     Customize the buttons’ look;

5.     Get your code and plug it into your site.

How do you gain followers on Blogger?

The easiest way to gain followers on Blogger is simply to make your content more shareable. Yes, of course you want visitors to share your Blogger content via email, Facebook, and other social channels. But the real power is in sharing within the Blogger network: make your content easily visible within Blogger, and Blogger visitors will find you. To do that, just add a Blogger share button (instructions, above) and you’ll enable one-click sharing to the Blogger network. Also, consider adding a Blogger follow button to your site to encourage your existing site audience to follow you on Blogger.

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