People Based Marketing with Data
People-Based Marketing: 5 Steps to Get You Started
When executed well, people-based marketing enables brands to reach the right people with the right content... 7m read
Lookalike Modeling
Look under the Hood of Lookalike Modeling
In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, staying ahead of the competition is a top priority. This means,... 7m read
Data Privacy Laws
The Era of Data Privacy Laws: A Comprehensive Guide
Gartner estimates that by the end of this year, 65% of people across the world will... 15m read
Decoding the Streaming Alphabet Soup: Let’s Unravel the Acronyms.
Since the disruption of cable TV, the streaming space continues to get more and more confusing... 6m read
Evaluating Data Quality
Testing Data? Ask These Questions to Evaluate Data Quality
Marketers no longer need to be convinced about the benefits of taking a data-driven approach to... 4m read
Super Bowl Advertising
Super Bowl Marketing: Score Big with Behavioral Data
Want to score a game-winning touchdown for your brand this Super Bowl Sunday? You’ll be going... 7m read
Diverse and Inclusive Marketing Campaigns
13 Inclusive Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your 2023 Marketing Strategy
DEI stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and chances are you’ve been hearing the acronym everywhere... 8m read
Data Driven Marketing Strategy
Want a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy? Follow These 5 Steps.
Great marketing plans are made better with data. As the annual planning season begins, it is... 7m read
Travel Advertising
How to Drive Spring Break Success with Advanced TV Advertising
By Stanley Lin, Director, Marketing, ShareThis and Brett Sanderson, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cadent Travel has... 4m read
People Based Marketing
What Role Does Data Play in People-Based Marketing?
The term “people-based marketing” can be downright confusing. Who else would brands be marketing to other... 6m read
Topic Modeling
NLP Technique: Topic Modeling Is the Key to Gaining Rich Insights
If you’re like most brands, you have access to an abundance of data, whether it’s first-party... 8m read
Which DSP Should you Choose?
How to Select the Best DSP for Your Needs
A demand-side platform (DSP) is a type of software that uses automation to help advertisers run... 9m read
Environment Impacts of Online Advertising
What Are the Hidden Environmental Impacts of Online Advertising?
Online ads aren’t printed on paper or vinyl. They’re not transported to physical locations either. Yet,... 7m read
Turn up and down the dials
Paid, Owned, and Earned: Why You Need a Mix of Media
In a future without third-party cookies, a marketing strategy that contains a mix of media—paid, earned,... 11m read
Difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 0 party data
What Is 1st Party, 2nd Party, 3rd Party, and Zero Party Data?
Gaining an understanding of the different data types has never been more important for advertisers. With... 7m read
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Everyone’s Talking about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs): Here’s Why
Today’s marketers need to create personalized campaigns and engaging experiences across channels to win and retain... 7m read
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
NLP Technique: Improve Consumer Experiences with Named Entity Recognition (NER)
It's a bit of a conundrum. In today's digital age, data makes the business world go... 6m read
What Is Programmatic Advertising?
What Is Programmatic Advertising? [Brief History & Future]
Programmatic advertising has a few definitions depending on the context of how it is used. The... 18m read
NLP Technique: Sentiment Analysis
The NLP Toolbox: Sentiment Analysis for Easy Customer Feedback
What if you could tap into how your market feels about your product, in real-time, from... 8m read
Computer with Contextual Advertising on it
Contextual Advertising vs. Interest-Based Advertising in a Cookieless World
Once upon a time, the emergence of third-party cookies forced contextual advertising to take a backseat... 9m read
Intent data is among the latest advantages being leveraged by business-to-business firms.
How to Use Intent Data to Find and Convert B2B Leads
Savvy organizations of all sizes harness any advantage to win a sale. Intent data is among... 7m read
phone with walmart app and more
Lessons Learned from Walmart Connect as Retail Giants Become Media Giants
Thanks to the success of Walmart’s transition into ad selling, retailers and corporations with highly trafficked... 5m read
Natural language processing (NLP) lets you extract useful, meaningful information from your data.
5 NLP Techniques That Tap into the Riches of Your Data
Feel like you’re floundering to stay afloat in a sea of data that grows larger every... 5m read
Data enrichment can help CPG companies expand their customer knowledge and gain important customer insights.
4 Ways CPG Companies Can Win with Data Enrichment
CPG companies have many challenges in improving customer acquisition. The data collected from past customers tells... 6m read
Connecting different data sources and applying interest data to enrich the understanding of your consumer
How Interest Data Can Enrich a Variety of Data Sources
If you’re a data-driven marketer tasked with efforts like targeting, personalization, campaign strategy, and product development,... 7m read
Cookies are going in the trash - identity solutions for cookieless marketing & advertising.
How Identity Solutions Are Evolving for a Cookieless Future—What You Need to Know for 2022, 2023, & Beyond
Website cookies. Safari and Firefox have already stopped allowing them and Chrome is eliminating cookies by... 8m read
Comparing competing home-supply products via competitive analysis
How to Strengthen Strategies with Competitive Analysis Strategies
Staying on top of market shifts that boost or weaken a brand’s market position is a... 4m read
Examples of different types of lifestyle attributes pictured
Lifestyle Marketing: Your Personal Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition and Targeting
In our increasingly saturated digisphere, gaining and retaining consumers’ attention can be tough — even with... 4m read
Walled Garden examples include Google, Facebook and Amazon
Harness Data Beyond the Walled Gardens, It’s Easier Than You Think
The ad buying platforms of Google and Facebook are magnets for ad dollars, and there’s not... 4m read
Account Based Marketing (ABM) Data Driven Strategies
The Key Data You Need for a Data-Driven ABM Strategy That Outperforms
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the latest business development strategy that is working to cut through... 8m read
Frustrated business women with crumpled paper from mistakes
Want to Run a Successful ABM Strategy? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes
Before we talk about Account Based Marketing (ABM) pitfalls, let’s talk about what a great ABM... 5m read
Why First Party Data Should be Enriched with Real-Time Interest Data
Why First-Party Data Should Be Enriched with Real-Time Interest Data
What may have started as a prediction has evolved into a truism: The impending death of... 5m read
Marketer analyzing different datasets
In Search of the Right Data: It’s Gotta Be Real
Data is literally everywhere, and it’s increasing. To quote CloverDX, “74 zettabytes of data will be... 6m read
Read Interest Data Powers B2B Strategies
Real Interest Data Powers the Most Successful B2B Strategies
Download B2B Data Feed Guide The business-to-business (B2B) marketplace post-pandemic is different. With virtual interactions now... 5m read
Deepen Personalization in Financial Services
Deepen Personalization in Financial Services with Real-Time Consumer Interest Data
Financial Services is a dynamic sector, contributing 21.2 percent to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)... 5m read
The Power of Prediction_ Using Data as Your CPG Guide
The Power of Prediction: Using Data as Your CPG Guide
With an estimated 1.145 trillion MB of data created per day—given increasingly digital shopping behaviors from... 5m read
Retail Inventory Challenges
Retail Inventory Challenges? Solve Them with Behavioral and Interest Data
Over the last two years, retail has done well as a sector, growing an estimated 6.7%... 4m read
How Real-Time Behavioral Data Can Revolutionize the CPG Industry
How Real-Time Behavioral Data Can Revolutionize the CPG Industry
After the struggles of 2020 and 2021, 2022 appears to hold a silver lining for the... 6m read
What are Data Quality, Validation, and Verification
The Significance of Data Quality, Validation, and Verification
Programmatic advertising results come down to data—and getting it right. The elements involved in getting it... 6m read
Data Pricing_ Percent of Media vs CPM Pricing
Data Pricing: Percent of Media vs. CPM pricing
Programmatic ad buying is a complex and technology-rich marketing tool that offers marketers increasingly automated ways... 4m read
Making Sense of the Ever-changing Universal ID Landscape
Making Sense of the Ever-Changing Universal ID Landscape
As the world nears a cookieless future, a literal cornucopia of ID options is unfolding. From... 7m read
Data Marketplaces
Data Marketplaces: A Paradigm Shift for the Big Data Boom
The last 30 years have seen the marketers’ toolkit explode with breakthrough technology. The emergence of... 7m read
How to Improve Data Lead Scoring
How to Improve Lead Scoring with Behavior and Interest Data
Marketers have been scoring leads and customers for decades to progress consumers through their purchase funnels.... 5m read
How to Use Customer Modeling to Improve ROI
How to Use Customer Modeling to Improve ROI
Introduction ROI—return on investment—you could say it’s like winning an Oscar for Upper Funnel Marketing. And... 7m read
What is Email Hashing
What is Email Hashing? The Importance of Hashed Email for Future Success
Introduction With the cookieless future set to arrive now in 2023—when Chrome (and 60% of the... 5m read
US Healthcare Industry Part 2
U.S. Healthcare Industry Part 2: How to Use Behavioral Data to Target HCPs
Introduction This blog post delves into the ways that pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other... 7m read
US Healthcare Industry Part 1
U.S. Healthcare Industry Part 1: How to Use Behavioral Data for Customer Acquisition
Introduction This blog post delves into the ways that pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other... 5m read
TV with AI and Machine Learning
The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Acquiring High LTV Customers
AI is the Marketer’s Secret Weapon Every CMO is under pressure to demonstrate business outcomes for... 5m read
What is a Data Clean Room & Its Use Cases?
Data Clean Rooms: What is a Data Clean Room & Its Use Cases?
Why is Everybody Talking About Data Clean Rooms These Days? Everybody is talking about data clean... 7m read
Person watching TV on Ipad
How to Leverage Addressable TV
While everyone talks about the way the pandemic accelerated 10 years of ecommerce growth into just... 6m read
Mapping Customer Journeys
Campaign Optimization: How Mapping Customer Behavior Can Help You Test and Automate Your Message
Real-time data, such as searches, page views, clicks and shares offer strong signals of user behavior.... 5m read
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