Shaping the New Era of Cookieless Audience Targeting
ShareThis, Eyeota, and ID5 Drive the Shift to Cookieless Audience Targeting
The move to a cookieless future just got one step closer with a new integration between... 3m read
Neutronian Data Privacy Scores
ShareThis in Top 1% of Neutronian’s Data Privacy Rankings for Third Consecutive Quarter
According to Neutronian's quarterly released Data Privacy Scores, ShareThis consistently ranks as one of the leading... 3m read
Digital Behavioral Data for B2B: AI-Enriched Digital Behavior That Provides Unmatched Insights and Predictive Power for B2B Marketing
ShareThis B2B Data: Taking B2B Marketing to New Heights
The proliferation of data in today’s world has provided both benefits and challenges. Benefits are summed... 3m read
Unleashing The Power to Predict: Introducing ShareThis Predictors
Harness the predictive power of real-time global online behavior by utilizing ShareThis Predictors—the next best thing... 3m read
New Partnership Announcement with Yahoo ConnectID
ShareThis Partners with Yahoo’s ConnectID to Scale Cookieless Identity Solutions
Consumers today are navigating a convoluted and fast-evolving digital world using a variety of devices and... 2m read
New Hire Anthony Psacharopoulos
ShareThis Appoints Data Industry Veteran Anthony Psacharopoulos as SVP of Enterprise Data Sales
ShareThis, a leader in global, online, real-time consumer behavioral data, today announced the hire of Anthony... 3m read
Introducing 9 New Share Buttons: Grow Your Website Engagement Through 45+ Popular Social Channels
We’re releasing 9 new share buttons, making it easier for you to reach a wider audience... 1m read
Introducing Smarter Share Buttons to Accelerate Your Sharing and Website Engagement
We’re thrilled to be releasing Smart Share Buttons, a new feature for our Inline and Sticky... 2m read
Announcing New Platform Integrations for Share Buttons
Ever since we launched Share Buttons back in 2007, we’ve been committed to developing free website... 2m read
Great Place to Work Named ShareThis One of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area 2022
We’re once again honored to be recognized as one of Fortune’s 2022 Best Small Workplaces in... 2m read
ShareThis Ranked 2nd out of 250 data providers in Neutronian's NQI Transparency Ranking
ShareThis Ranked as a Top Transparent Data Provider (#2) by Neutronian’s NQI Ranking
In April 2022, Neutronian announced their first official NQI Transparency Rating Report and we are thrilled... 3m read
ShareThis Introduces New Privacy Policy Generator Tool
Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed a suite of tools to help content creators reach... 2m read
Woman caring and giving back on the computer.
Social Good Campaign ‘Data for Good’ Sees Strong Brand Adoptions
Since its launch in August 2020, our Data for Good offering has experienced significant demand from advertisers. As... 3m read
IPad with Interest Icons
Using AI to Turn Sharing into Business Growth (ClickAI Radio with Grant Larsen)
ShareThis accumulates approximately 500 million unique online events per day from 600 million monthly webpages. So... 1m read
ShareThis Recipes - Sharing From Our Kitchen To Yours
ShareThis Cookbook
In ShareThis’ 2020 End of the Year Insights Report, we discovered that the ShareThis Online Audience... 1m read
New Share and Follow Button Features: Color Customization and Additional Language Options
Since ShareThis pioneered share buttons nearly 15 years ago, we have been on a mission to... 2m read
ShareThis and Snapchat Are Making it Easier for Web Publishers to Reach Gen Z
It’s now easier than ever to bring website content into Snapchat.  ShareThis and Snapchat have partnered... 2m read
Computer and Puzzle Peice
Piecing Together a Holistic Consumer Picture with AI (TechCrunch)
A brand’s top priority should be building meaningful relationships with its consumers. Instead, brands are finding... 1m read
Hands together in the shape of a Heart
ShareThis Gives Back
In 2020, ShareThis established ‘ShareThis Cares’, an employee-lead program focused on promoting equality for all members... 5m read
ShareThis Named among Fortune’s Best Small Workplaces for 2021 by Great Place to Work
We’re proud to be recognized by our employees as one of Fortune’s 2021 Best Small Workplaces.... 2m read
Adapting to The Pandemic, The Cookieless Landscape, and Beyond (The Drum)
In the spring of 2020, consumer interests changed drastically overnight — topics such as healthcare boomed... 1m read
White Car Driving into the Sunset
Polk Takes ShareThis Auto Audiences for a Test Drive
In a first-of-its-kind study, Polk Demand Signals by IHS Markit were used to measure a cross-section... 3m read
ShareThis Announces its Atlas Global ID Solution for the Open Web
Industry disruption always creates uncertainty and prompts major shifts in strategy and innovation, but active players... 2m read
What Google’s Cookie Phase-Out Means for the Open Web (AW360)
Google's announcement that it plans to phase out the use of cookies — and that it... 2m read
ShareThis Expands Partnership With POWR to Include Form Builder and Popup Tools
Back in August of last year, we partnered up with POWR, a leading all-in-one lead collection... 2m read
The Importance of Data Quality During the Identity Resolution Evolution & Other Changes Emerging in 2021 (Neutronian)
The world is shifting, both in the real world and online. COVID-19 posed unique challenges, having... 1m read
Harnessing Behavioral Data From Across the Open Web in 2022 (Eyeota)
ShareThis' ubiquitous content sharing tool — used by more than 3 million websites — enables the... 1m read
Data Marketplaces Will Drive Innovation and Competitive Advantage for Early Adopters (VentureBeat)
A significant increase in data accessibility is right around the corner, and for companies that embrace... 1m read
ShareThis Launches Additional Data For Good Segments
In August, ShareThis released its first Data For Good audience segment focused on racial justice issues,... 3m read
Introducing 9 New Follow Buttons: Grow Your Social Following Through These Popular Channels
We’re excited to release 9 new follow buttons, which will keep your visitors engaged beyond your... 1m read
ShareThis Earns Data Quality Certification from Neutronian
ShareThis is thrilled to announce that we have completed a comprehensive audit of the processes and... 2m read
ShareThis & mParticle: A Whole New Level of Customer Data and Insight
mParticle launches new Data Partner Program with ShareThis as a launch partner In a new partnership... 3m read
Introducing ShareThis Data for Good
At ShareThis, we believe that businesses like ours are in a position of power to address... 2m read
ShareThis and POWR Are Teaming Up to Bring You Social Feed
Today, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with POWR, one of the web’s leading plugin... 1m read
GDPR Compliance Tool: Now IAB TCF v2 Compliant
It’s been two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in Europe... 2m read
Introducing Video Share Buttons
In the last few years, the popularity and consumption of videos has skyrocketed. Many people would... 1m read
ShareThis named among Fortune’s 2019 Best Small Workplaces
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of Fortune’s 2019 Best Small Workplaces,... 2m read
Introducing 20 New Share Buttons: Expand Your Content’s Reach Through These Popular Channels
We’re excited to announce 20 new share buttons, which enable visitors to share your content with... 1m read
A Year in the Life of ShareThis Tools: Products, News, Updates, and Innovations Throughout 2018
This past year brought us a Winter Olympics, a World Cup tournament, and a royal wedding,... 3m read
ShareThis Named One of FORTUNE’s 50 Best Small Workplaces – AGAIN!
We’re proud to say that, for the second year in a row, we’ve been named one of FORTUNE’s... 2m read
Introducing Image Share Buttons: Tools for Your Audience to Share Your Best Visual Content
You know how powerful images can be, and so does your audience. And even though you... 2m read
ShareThis Announces New CEO and Doubles Data Business
ShareThis’ Data DNA and Deep Learning Engines Fuel Year-Over-Year Growth Into Second Year with Digitas, AppNexus... 3m read
Introducing the ShareThis GDPR Compliance Tool: A Streamlined Consent Management Solution
By now, your inbox is probably brimming with notices about the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”),... 2m read
ShareThis Named One of FORTUNE’s 50 Best Small Workplaces
Today, we’re excited and proud to be named one of FORTUNE’s 50 Best Small Workplaces. Among hundreds... 3m read
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