Data Marketplaces Will Drive Innovation and Competitive Advantage for Early Adopters (VentureBeat)

A significant increase in data accessibility is right around the corner, and for companies that embrace it, it can pave the way to improvements across every business function. There’s a shift taking place, driven by an increase in online consumer behavior, businesses shifting to virtual demand, and technology innovations, that makes the traditional data warehouse – a static data repository – a relic of the past. In its place are data marketplaces like Snowflake, which holds the record for the largest software IPO to date. These data marketplaces break down silos to make data more accessible across teams, business units, and the enterprise as a whole, as well as enable businesses to access a vast volume of data from other companies outside their own perimeters.

Michael Gorman, SVP of Product Development and Marketing for ShareThis, predicts that this seismic shift will break down the barriers that currently exist when leveraging external data and substantially impact how companies optimize customer experience and engagement. Read more about Michael’s predictions on future innovations arising from the emergence of the data marketplace in Data marketplaces will open new horizons for your company at VentureBeat.

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