Auto trends 2023
Electric Vehicle Adoption Depends on Affordable and Accessible Solutions
The electric vehicle (EV) industry is divided into two major markets—mass-market vehicles and luxury vehicles. Consumers... 7m read
With Adoption Interest Slowing, Pet Owners Focus on Health and Longevity
The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects. While reverberations in industries such as medicine and travel... 4m read
Education Is Facing A Reckoning
The Covid-19 pandemic has made its mark on many of our social institutions, and education is... 5m read
Holiday Consumer Insights 2022
Inflation and Rising Costs Put Holiday Spending On Hold
The economy has been making headlines for good reason—inflation is a major national issue affecting the... 6m read
Consumer Product Goods Trends (CPG)
Essential Consumer Product Choices Are Influenced by Daunting Climate and Inflation Concerns
Consumer behavior can be volatile—anyone who has seen rows of empty shelves at the grocery store... 7m read
Housing Market Trends 2022
The Housing Market is Back on Ground Level
In the last few years, the housing market has been quite the roller coaster. As it... 4m read
Political Trends 2022
Hot-Button Issues Are The Key to Political Traction
People are more interested in politics than ever these days, and it definitely shows up in... 5m read
Travel Trends in 2022
Chaos in the Travel Industry is Fueling Public Opinion
After years of travel restrictions, many people are ready to get out of the house for... 5m read
Consumers are trending between affordable and trendy for Back to School retail.
Back to School is a Battle Between the Trendy and the Affordable
As our audiences prepare to go back to school this fall—whether themselves or their children—consumers are... 5m read
Consumers are trending on the healthy side for food and beverage
Food & Beverage Consumers Are More Health-Conscious Than Ever Before
If there’s anything we’ve come to treasure more over the last few years, it’s our health,... 4m read
How the Auto Industry Can Address Consumers’ Changing Relationships With Cars
Like so many things in our day-to-day lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people... 4m read
Mixture of Pharmacy Pills and Medications
Pharma: The Importance of Prescription Accessibility
Hidden behind the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, health issues in general have not... 4m read
Crowd of people with masks
Two Years of COVID: Positive Trends in Human Behavior
Two years after the initial pandemic lockdowns, COVID has instigated its share of societal changes for... 6m read
Connecting the Dots
An Entrepreneurship Boom is Personalizing B2B Solutions
The business world has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting the way many... 5m read
Political Priorities in Finance: The Public is Asking for Big Changes
From new government spending plans to supply chain interruptions, the financial world has experienced its share... 7m read
2021 Year in Review
2021 Year in Review: The Topics that Topped the Charts
We’re coming to the end of 2021, and it’s time to take a look at the... 6m read
Makeup brushes, color pallets, and foundation
Beauty Glow Up: Trends, Products, and Brands Having a Moment
They say, “fashion is always changing,” and the beauty industry is just as volatile. Keeping up... 7m read
Pandemic Music Trends: What’s Changed?
Music can make a good day great, a bad day tolerable, and turn a group of... 6m read
Tis the Season to Shop Early: How COVID and the Global Shipping Crisis Will Impact Holiday Consumer Behavior
Christmas might come early this year—or later, depending on when you choose to shop. Due to... 6m read
Summer CPG Trends Reflect Desire Over Necessity
Consumer packaged goods have had a wild ride over the course of the pandemic. But what... 5m read
Back to School: Are Families Ready?
After a summer filled with ready-to-drink beverages and outdoor getaways, the time has come for students... 5m read
Streaming Trends in the CTV Landscape
Everyone knows Netflix is king in the streaming space. Will any service ever catch up? In... 5m read
Row of colorful cocktails with straws
Alcohol Trends: Cocktails-To-Go or “Go-Tails” Are Making a Splash this Summer
The summer season has arrived and after a year of hesitation, the world is slowly stepping... 4m read
White Car Driving into the Sunset
Polk Takes ShareThis Auto Audiences for a Test Drive
In a first-of-its-kind study, Polk Demand Signals by IHS Markit were used to measure a cross-section... 3m read
Travel Category Growth: Global Trends and Predictions
Over the last year, the travel industry has seen the lowest of lows while the world... 3m read
How Retail Has Evolved Through the Pandemic
We’ve reached the grim anniversary of one year since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit us, and... 4m read
Data For Good: Standing Against AAPI Hate, Honoring Black History, and Celebrating All Genders
Diversity, equity, and inclusion should always be top-of-mind, no matter the time of year, no matter... 3m read
Seeking Sustainability: Observing an Eco-Friendly Audience
With Earth Day on the horizon (mark your calendar, Earth Day is April 22nd!), we decided... 2m read
The 2021 Home Trends Winning Over Online Engagement
How can you make your home functional, comfortable, and enjoyable as a living space, office, gym,... 3m read
Voter Engagement: Key Insights and Resources
The right to vote is the foundation of any democracy. Regardless of what side of the... 2m read
Where Consumer Interest is Surging, Stabilizing, and Lagging Right Now
A look at content engagement patterns reveals higher consumer interest in some categories than even before... 2m read
Key Insights into Streaming TV Users at a Time of Rapid Growth
Note: The insights below are based on U.S. online activity within the ShareThis network, from February... 2m read
How Consumers are Adapting to a New Normal
As consumers settle into something of a routine and adapt to current social distancing measures, ShareThis... 2m read
Automotive Interest Rises for Some Brands and Categories Indicating a Pent up Demand
With Shelter-in-Place mandates across the majority of the country, product categories like automotive sales will likely... 2m read
What You Need to Know About Changing Consumer Behavior During COVID-19
ShareThis data captures real human behavior directly from content sources across the open web. With that... 2m read
ShareThis 2019 Year In Review
From the TV hit Stranger Things to a resurgence in national parks as travel destinations, here is a... 1m read
ShareThis 2018 Year In Review
Our 2018 Year In Review recaps some of the best and worst moments of this unforgettable... 4m read
Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns
Which Valentine’s Day Marketing Channels & Ideas Really Work?
Love is in the air – and on the internet. From couples to singles, many people... 7m read
ShareThis 2017 Year In Review
A Year in Share 2017 surprised us all. It was the year of unprecedented sports wins,... 4m read
Inside the World of Private Sharing and Dark Social
We’ve been stuck in an age of oversharing. Everything from your high school yearbook photo to... 3m read
When Summer Ends, School Begins – Meet the Back to School Shoppers
Summer’s on the way — and that means Back to School season will be here before... 3m read
Mothers Fathers Feature
Spring Holiday Insights: Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
Every year, Americans spend billions on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. According to the National... 3m read
ShareThis 2016 Year in Review
2016 has come and gone. In it’s wake, our esteemed data wranglers mined a few interesting nuggets... 3m read
Five Things You Should Know About Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers
Black Friday shoppers plan ahead. Cyber Monday shoppers wait until the last minute. Black Friday shoppers... 2m read
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