ShareThis Data for CPG Solutions

Achieve the Deepest
Levels of Customer Understanding

Leverage rich purchase intent data from across the global web to maximize personalization, build customer trust, and reach record-breaking sales.

The world today is undeniably digital and customers are demanding more. The future of retail, CPG, and e-commerce will rely on real-time consumer interest data and insights to power next-generation shopping experiences.

ShareThis Data Solutions Can Fuel:

Insights & Analytics

  • Forecast demand and optimize supply chains
  • Improve sales inventory, selection, and assortment
  • Inform product research & development
  • Predict changing consumer preferences and market shifts

Targeting & Activation

  • Reach ideal customer segments
  • Convert engaged, high-intent buyers
  • Test creative targeting solutions
  • Reduce digital ad waste

Enrichment & Personalization

  • Personalize content, pricing, and promotions
  • Tailor product recommendations and bundles
  • Deliver meaningful customer experiences
  • Re-engage dormant customer segments

Unparalleled Scale for Peak Performance


CPG-Related Global Events


Global Users Consuming
CPG Content


CPG Domains

Yes, We’re Different

Compliant & Ethical Data Collection

Our data is directly sourced from a vast publisher network in a consented manner. The in-flow of data is regularly cleansed and monitored for appropriate use.

Real Human Signals
in Real-Time

Our data is proprietary and based on real human signals (think 1st party data at scale) across the open web, all collected in real-time for faster time to actionable insights.

Proven Quality & Performance

We commit to the highest standards of data privacy, compliance, and transparency, with proven quality certification from some of the industry’s leading organizations.

Best In-Class
Data Science

Our data is directly sourced from a vast publisher network in a consented manner. The in-flow of data is regularly cleansed and monitored for appropriate use.

Flexible Data Solutions
at Scale

We automate the creation of Curated Data Feeds and Audience Segments to deliver solutions for an array of business use-cases, across verticals, at high frequency.

Products That Actually Solve Your Pain Points


Audience Segments

ShareThis offers 50 CPG-specific segments and over 1000 standard off-the-shelf segments — spanning topics like retail, home goods, and apparel — for immediate activation on over 40 platforms.

Prefer to customize a target audience? We can build it based on your requirements, sent and ready for activation in less than one day.


Curated Data

ShareThis can curate a wide selection of predictive user attributes and interest scores, covering over 150 CPG product categories, ready to be ingested for faster, up-to-date insights.

Prefer to customize your user attributes? Work with us to build a solution that fits your exact needs and start driving strategic decisioning right away.

Committed to Strict Privacy Guidelines

ShareThis takes compliance seriously and provides respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical and self-regulatory processes.

More Ways to Harness ShareThis Data Solutions

Targeting & Activation

  • Reach Ideal Customer Segments
  • Convert Engaged, High-Intent Buyers
  • Reduce Digital Ad Waste
  • Test Creative Targeting Solutions

Insights & Analytics

  • Track Market Changes & Competitor Activity
  • Measure Advertising & Marketing Impact
  • Optimize Product Research, Development & Inventory
  • Expand Customer Knowledge & Intelligence

Enrichment & Personalization

  • Personalize Digital Campaigns and Messaging
  • Improve Customer Segmentation & RecommendationsReduce Digital Ad
  • Optimize Sales Outreach & Efficiency
  • Enhance Customer Experience & Reduce Churn

Build a Successful Future without Third-Party Cookies

ShareThis Atlas Global ID will ensure the continuity of high quality, future-proofed data services

One thing that doesn't change is that everything is always changing. Don’t fall behind — follow ShareThis Trends to keep up with shifting consumer preferences and new patterns of behavior