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Expand your social following and engagement by streaming posts on your website.

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You decide what your audience needs, your tools make it happen

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Select from 9 different languages to ensure our tools fit right in

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Seamless integration with your favorite website platform

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Simple and digestible insights into what resonates with your audience

  1. Customize your Social Feed
    Connect to any social media network and tailor the design to match your brand
  2. Add the code to your site
    Insert your unique ShareThis code to the header section of your website
  3. Copy and paste the placement code
    Add placement code wherever you want the tool to appear

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

How many posts can I display in Social Feed?

The number of posts you can display in your Social Feed depends on your plan. View here.

Why can’t Social Feed find my account?

This typically happens due to the account being private. Learn how to troubleshoot here.

​​Why are my most recent posts not showing up?

This typically happens when the most recent entry is not a public post – it’s a retweet, @mention, shared post, shared event. Learn more here.

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Build your social following and engagement by streaming posts to your site.