Data for Good Program

At ShareThis, we’re committed to leveraging our most valuable asset – our data – to advance real change in our society. That’s why we created Data for Good audience segments on key social issues so brands can align with audiences who actively support these topics in real-time.

For each audience activated by clients, ShareThis will donate 10% of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations that align with relevant causes.

Our Data for Good audience segments include topics such as:

Animal Welfare

& Philanthropic

Climate Change
& Environment


Gender Equality

Poverty & Hunger

Social Issues
& Advocacy

Social Justice
& Empowerment


Veteran Support


Diversity Equity
& Inclusion

Well Being

Women’s Rights

Since 2021, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting:

Total Donation Amount Since 2021


Interested in reaching audiences that actively support social causes and give back to society?

Activate ShareThis Data for Good segments in over 40 platforms across the programmatic media ecosystem including LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, Xandr, Yahoo!, and DV360.

We look forward to working with you to drive real change in our society with data.

Engage with Data for Good audience segments for your next campaign