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    Consumer Trends
    Streaming Trends in the CTV Landscape
    Everyone knows Netflix is king in the streaming space. Will any service ever catch up? In... 5m read
    E-commerce Marketing
    Digital Shopping Cart Abandonment: How to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Boost Sales
    Did you know that about eight out of ten customers who add your products to their... 5m read
    Alcohol Trends: Cocktails-To-Go or “Go-Tails” Are Making a Splash this Summer
    The summer season has arrived and after a year of hesitation, the world is slowly stepping... 4m read
    Tips & Trends
    What Is Brand Awareness? 6 Tips and Best Practices to Build a Solid Brand
    Building a brand is so much more than finding the perfect name and brand colors. Your... 5m read
    Tips & Trends
    What Is Direct Response Marketing? 5 Tips and Best Practices
    Advertising has always been at the front and center of everything we do, whether it's checking... 5m read
    Digital Strategy
    Ad Copy Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
    Ask any marketing expert, and they'll probably tell you that sprucing up your ad copy is... 6m read
    Email Marketing
    What Are the Best Times to Send Emails for the Best Open Rates and Clicks?
    As the owner of an email newsletter, you probably send out emails several times a week,... 5m read
    Data Solutions
    Polk Takes ShareThis Auto Audiences for a Test Drive
    In a first-of-its-kind study, Polk Demand Signals by IHS Markit were used to measure a cross-section... 3m read
    Tips & Trends
    What are Banner Ads? Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
    Today's websites display different forms of advertising, like pop-up ads, in-feed ads, and video ads. And... 6m read
    Tips & Trends
    12 Types of Survey Questions: Best Practices, Tips & Examples
    With so many excellent survey platforms available, it's easier than ever to conduct market research online... 20m read

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