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Social Media
How to Find Old Tweets from Other Users
Twitter is a fast-moving social media platform that prioritizes fresh content with frequent feed updates. After... 5m read
30 Finance Bloggers & Blogging Experts Share Their Top Tips for Growing a Finance Blog
Navigating their finances is something that many people find challenging, so there's plenty of interest in... 27m read
Sustainable food production
Consumers Consider Agriculture and Energy To Be Key Elements For Limiting Climate Change
ShareThis observed energy use, food production, and efforts to limit global warming standing out in our... 1m read
Social Media
How to Use the Instagram Link in Bio (+ Useful Link in Bio Tools)
If you’ve browsed Instagram, you’ve likely seen references to the Instagram link in bio. The Instagram... 6m read
The Best Healthcare Blogs on General Wellness, HealthTech & More
The healthcare world is perhaps one of the most complex industries today, and the best healthcare... 29m read
The Rapidly Changing Future of Data Privacy and How to Prepare for It
If the current state of data privacy feels like a bit of a trainwreck to you,... 12m read
Social Media
6 Tips for Using Subliminal Advertising in Your Social Media Campaigns
Subliminal advertising wasn’t a technical term until the 1950s when researcher James Vicary coined it after... 5m read
Social Media
6 Instagram Giveaway Templates to Kickstart Your Contest
A successful Instagram giveaway can build your audience, encourage engagement, and even lead to more sales... 4m read
27 Entertainment Bloggers & Blogging Experts Share Their Top Tips for Growing an Entertainment Blog
Starting a blog on any topic takes work, but growing an entertainment blog poses some unique... 27m read
People Based Marketing with Data
People-Based Marketing: 5 Steps to Get You Started
When executed well, people-based marketing enables brands to reach the right people with the right content... 7m read
Lookalike Modeling
Look under the Hood of Lookalike Modeling
In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, staying ahead of the competition is a top priority. This means,... 7m read
Custom dimensions in GA4 (and custom definitions & metrics)
GA4 Custom Dimensions (Definitions & Metrics) Guide
If you search for “GA4” on Twitter, you will quickly learn that a lot of marketers... 7m read
A/B testing statistical significance calculator in Excel
A/B Statistical Significance Calculators in Excel
If you’re building split tests for anything from conversion optimization to tests for social media platforms... 5m read
GA4 custom dimensions,
GA4 Custom Events: How to Track and Report
As more and more website owners and marketers are transitioning to do all of their reporting... 8m read
Data Privacy Laws
The Era of Data Privacy Laws: A Comprehensive Guide
Gartner estimates that by the end of this year, 65% of people across the world will... 15m read
Social Media
9 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers & Boost Engagement
Despite content creators turning their attention to TikTok, Instagram, and other lively social media platforms, Facebook... 5m read
Social Media
How to Share on Instagram: 6 Ways
While Instagram was once a single-method platform for sharing photos, it has since expanded to allow... 5m read
25 (Stealable) A/B Testing Examples & Ideas for 2023
A/B testing can be a relatively quick and effective way to increase lots of leading KPIs... 15m read
5 Key Components for a Successful Directory Website
To understand what goes into a well-executed website, you need to understand the different types of... 6m read
Decoding the Streaming Alphabet Soup: Let’s Unravel the Acronyms.
Since the disruption of cable TV, the streaming space continues to get more and more confusing... 6m read
What is the Global Site Tag (gtag)? (How to Install & More)
With the introduction of GA4 there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding Google’s free analytics product.... 6m read
Evaluating Data Quality
Testing Data? Ask These Questions to Evaluate Data Quality
Marketers no longer need to be convinced about the benefits of taking a data-driven approach to... 4m read
Auto trends 2023
Electric Vehicle Adoption Depends on Affordable and Accessible Solutions
Download Insight Report The electric vehicle (EV) industry is divided into two major markets—mass-market vehicles and... 7m read
9 Examples of Subliminal Advertising (and Why They Work)
Subliminal advertising shares specific messages in subtle ways through various forms of media, including logos or... 6m read
New Partnership Announcement with Yahoo ConnectID
ShareThis Partners with Yahoo’s ConnectID to Scale Cookieless Identity Solutions
Consumers today are navigating a convoluted and fast-evolving digital world using a variety of devices and... 2m read
Super Bowl Advertising
Super Bowl Marketing: Score Big with Behavioral Data
Want to score a game-winning touchdown for your brand this Super Bowl Sunday? You’ll be going... 7m read
Social Media
9 Instagram Giveaway Examples for Every Type of Giveaway
Most people enjoy getting something for free, and hosting an Instagram giveaway is an excellent way... 5m read
Social Media
How to Pin a Post on Your Facebook Business Page (+ What Types of Posts to Pin)
Pinning a post to your Facebook business page is an excellent way to make sure that... 5m read
29 Retail Bloggers & Blogging Experts Reveal Their Top Tips for Growing a Retail Blog
The retail market is saturated with competitors — both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce — and consumers want... 24m read
Diverse and Inclusive Marketing Campaigns
13 Inclusive Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your 2023 Marketing Strategy
DEI stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and chances are you’ve been hearing the acronym everywhere... 8m read
50 Inspiring Marketing Quotes to Motivate Your Marketing Team
Could your marketing team use a few encouraging words as they build their marketing strategy or... 14m read
Social Media
How to Expand Your Reach with an Instagram Collab Post
Are you exploring new ways to expand your reach on Instagram? Collaborating with other creators has... 5m read
How to Make Money Online for Beginners: 50 Tips & Best Practices to Get Started
With more and more people turning to the web to research and shop for services and... 14m read
Social Media
How to Make a Green Screen Video on TikTok
If you frequent TikTok, several videos have probably come across your For You page using an... 5m read
New Hire Anthony Psacharopoulos
ShareThis Appoints Data Industry Veteran Anthony Psacharopoulos as SVP of Enterprise Data Sales
ShareThis, a leader in global, online, real-time consumer behavioral data, today announced the hire of Anthony... 3m read
Social Media
How to Pin a Comment on Instagram
Have you seen Instagram posts with pinned comments at the top of the comment area? Pinned... 5m read
50 Best Passive Income Ideas to Earn Money without Ongoing Effort
Passive income refers to money you make with little to no ongoing effort. Technically, there aren’t... 15m read
Social Media
50 Best Instagram Growth Services to Jumpstart Your Instagram Success
Creating an Instagram content calendar and following best practices is the surest path to success on... 17m read
4 Reasons You Should Care About Social SEO
Does social media affect your search ranking? You’ve probably seen the stories circulating that social media... 7m read
With Adoption Interest Slowing, Pet Owners Focus on Health and Longevity
Download Insight Report The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects. While reverberations in industries such as... 4m read
Data Driven Marketing Strategy
Want a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy? Follow These 5 Steps.
Great marketing plans are made better with data. As the annual planning season begins, it is... 7m read
Social Media
How to Create Reels on Instagram
Instagram makes it easy to create Reels using its tools. But if you’re completely new to... 5m read
Social Media
How Many Followers Do You Need on TikTok to Go Live?
TikTok Live, one of the most popular TikTok trends, gives users the opportunity to interact with... 5m read
Social Media
TikTok Dimensions: How to Optimize Your TikTok Video Size
TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms, but getting your videos to stand... 6m read
Travel Advertising
How to Drive Spring Break Success with Advanced TV Advertising
By Stanley Lin, Director, Marketing, ShareThis and Brett Sanderson, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cadent Travel has... 4m read
Social Media
What’s the Best Time to Post Instagram Reels?
Drilling down an effective social media strategy is rewarding and for more reasons than simply getting... 5m read
People Based Marketing
What Role Does Data Play in People-Based Marketing?
The term “people-based marketing” can be downright confusing. Who else would brands be marketing to other... 6m read
50 Best Small Business Ideas to Transform Your Career
If you've been thinking about starting a small business, there are lots of considerations, such as... 12m read
Social Media
TikTok Bio Ideas to Make Your TikTok Profile Stand Out
A TikTok profile is the hub for all the content you post on the platform. Your... 6m read
Social Media
50 Instagram Post Ideas to Engage Your Audience
Engaging your audience on Instagram is the key to continued growth, but it's not always easy... 12m read
Topic Modeling
NLP Technique: Topic Modeling Is the Key to Gaining Rich Insights
If you’re like most brands, you have access to an abundance of data, whether it’s first-party... 8m read
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