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    50 Effective Ways to Advertise a Product
    As long as you're creative or have a creative team behind you, there are virtually endless... 12m read
    Connecting different data sources can enrich the understanding of your consumer
    How Interest Data Can Enrich a Variety of Data Sources
    If you’re a data-driven marketer tasked with efforts like targeting, personalization, campaign strategy, and product development,... 7m read
    4 Examples of Microblogging (and How to Use It to Promote Your Business)
    An effective content strategy consists of multiple types of content, such as blogging, video, and social... 5m read
    50 Best Survey Creators to Gain Valuable Feedback for Your Business
    It's invaluable to gather opinions from the people your business works with the most. Getting feedback... 21m read
    Marketing Analytics 101: Improving Marketing Strategy with Data
    You can't have a clear marketing strategy without analyzing your marketing efforts. Data analytics is a... 5m read
    What is a Value Proposition? How to Develop Your Value Proposition
    The purpose of a business is to deliver something helpful to its customers, whether that's a... 5m read
    Cookies are going in the trash - identity solutions for cookieless marketing & advertising.
    How Identity Solutions are Evolving for a Cookieless Future—What Advertisers Need to Know for 2022, 2023, & Beyond
    Website cookies. Safari and Firefox have already stopped allowing them and Chrome is eliminating cookies by... 8m read
    What Is Data Privacy (and What You Need To Know About It)
    Data privacy is the process of protecting collected data. Data privacy includes the rights of consumers... 5m read
    Comparing competing home-supply products via competitive analysis
    How to Strengthen Campaigns with Competitive Analysis Strategies
    Staying on top of market shifts that boost or weaken a brand’s market position is a... 4m read