The Best Movie Blogs to Keep Up with New Releases, Ratings & More

By following the best movie blogs on the web, movie enthusiasts can say up-to-date on new movie releases, critic reviews, ratings, and more. Whether you need inspiration to start a movie blog of your own or want to find the best resources to share with your movie-loving audience on Instagram, YouTube, or another social platform, this list of movie blogs will guide you toward numerous options to bookmark.

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What Do the Best Movie Blogs Offer?

Watching movies is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and reading movie blogs is an excellent way to keep up on industry news, entertainment, and your favorite industry influencers — and become a go-to expert on movies and filmmaking yourself. The best movie blogs give audiences something unique that sets them apart from others, like exclusive interviews with film stars and production or rankings of the latest movies in specific genres.

We’ve rounded up 50 of the best movie blogs that touch upon topics movie enthusiasts love, including:

  • Movie industry news
  • Upcoming releases
  • Movie summaries and trailers
  • Wrap-ups of movie premiers and events
  • Rating guides
  • Classic movies
  • Actor interviews

The following movie blogs are listed in alphabetic order but otherwise aren’t ranked or rated in any way.

The 50 Best Movie Blogs

1. AwardsWatch


This magazine-style blog is an excellent choice for movie buffs who also enjoy watching award shows. Not only does it include movie news and reviews, but it also has entire sections dedicated to award show predictions and winners. There’s also a podcast for those who want audio summaries of all the latest movie news.

3 posts we enjoyed:

2. CBR


Although CBR covers everything from TV to comics, it has a whole category of movie articles that’s updated multiple times a day. Find news about your favorite actors and movies, behind-the-scenes looks, just-for-fun reads, and updates about upcoming releases.

3 posts we enjoyed:

3. Chicago Reader


Chicago Reader’s Film section offers readers exclusive interviews and intriguing reviews of new movies. The section is updated multiple times per week.

3 posts we enjoyed:

4. Cinema Blend


CinemaBlend is a go-to for TV and movie enthusiasts, but if you’re just visiting for the movie articles, you’ll have plenty to choose from with behind-the-scenes information, celebrity news, and box office updates.

3 posts we enjoyed:

5. Cinephilia & Beyond


This blog is for filmmakers, screenwriters, and others who enjoy reading about the artistry of film. Cinephilia & Beyond articles often touch on classic movies and pioneers in the film industry as its writers intertwine modern moviemaking with memories of the past. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

6. Collider


Collider is a mish-mosh of content for movie fans, including fun character roundups, deep dives into upcoming releases, and movie reviews and opinion pieces. We also enjoy its occasional lists of movies to watch on various streaming platforms.

3 posts we enjoyed:

7. Common Sense Media


Common Sense Media is an informative blog for parents of kids who love to watch movies and TV or play games. Parents or guardians can check the site for other parent movie reviews to learn whether a movie has appropriate content for their child’s age. The website also includes other blog posts with helpful tips and guides for child safety and wellness, like limiting screen time or suggesting child-friendly books.

3 posts we enjoyed:

8. Current


Current comes from the Criterion Collection and offers an intimate look at films spanning multiple generations. Daily posts include exclusive interviews, personal essays, and visual analyses, which explore characters and scenes with video and discussion.

3 posts we enjoyed:

9. Deadline


Deadline has it all for movie enthusiasts, including international movie coverage, awards show news, movie festival updates, and movie reviews.  

3 posts we enjoyed:

10. Dread Central


If you enjoy watching horror movies, Dread Central is for you. This blog is entirely focused on the horror genre with new movie reviews, horror scene roundups, and editorials.

3 posts we enjoyed:

11. Empire


Dive into movie news, reviews, and feature articles on Empire, which also includes other entertainment categories, like TV and gaming. Each movie review has an easy-to-spot star rating system before clicking on a post, so you can quickly scan movie lists to find one you want to watch. Check out the Empire Podcast if you can’t get enough movie updates.

3 posts we enjoyed:

12. Entertainment Weekly


Known best for its magazine, Entertainment Weekly also has a full-fledged entertainment blog with plenty of movie news to consume. Be prepared to find lots of exclusive interviews with your favorite stars and directors, plus sneak peeks at new releases, in-depth movie reviews, and film festival news. Its Movie Reunions section is a must for anyone feeling a bit nostalgic.

3 posts we enjoyed:

13. /Film


/Film posts numerous movie-focused stories a day, each with an entertainment focus for movie enthusiasts who enjoy the fun behind movies. Its articles go in-depth with favorite movies from the past and present and provide engaging round-ups for fans of any genre.

3 posts we enjoyed:

14. FilmBook


Learn why various movies were casted the way they were and what movie watchers think of the choices in FilmBook, a blog with multiple new posts each day. It also has loads of trailers, reviews, and news.

3 posts we enjoyed:

15. Film Comment Magazine


Film Comment Magazine is a publication from Lincoln Center with interviews, festival news, and film criticism. It also has a podcast that’s updated multiple times a week.

3 posts we enjoyed:

16. Film Quarterly


As the name suggests, Film Quarterly is a quarterly digital magazine all about movies with issues highlighting editorial features, interviews, and engaging takes on movies and culture. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

17. Film Threat


Film Threat is a fun movie blog with topical movie lists, news, videos, and more. The site also presents unique and interesting editorials.

3 posts we enjoyed:

18. GeekTyrant


GeekTyrant is a leading website for news of all things multimedia, including comics, art, technology, and movies. The site’s journalists take a creative approach to movie reviews, opinions, and news.

3 posts we enjoyed:

19. Heroic Hollywood


Heroic Hollywood is a place for superhero movie fans to congregate, get behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite superheroes and supervillains, and learn what movies to get excited about next. Find reviews, news, trailers, and editorial pieces here.

3 posts we enjoyed:

20. IndieWire Film Blog


IndieWire releases multiple new posts each day to give movie fans all the information they need to feel satiated. Although the website began with coverage for independent films and festivals, it’s since expanded to span today’s most popular genres.

3 posts we enjoyed:

21. In My Opinion Flicks


IMO Flicks is a different kind of movie blog than most in that it not only reviews movies, but it also teaches others how to review movies and start their own movie blogs. The site also offers helpful tips for movie watchers, like how to track watched movies and gifts to send to other movie lovers.

3 posts we enjoyed:

22. Jay’s Classic Movie Blog


Dig into your favorite old movies or discover ones you should watch on this blog, which writes about a new classic must-watch movie every couple of weeks. The writer numbers each post and suggests readers watch the films as presented. Each blog post includes information about the film’s actors, history, music, and other elements.

3 posts we enjoyed:

23. JoBlo


JoBlo has existed on the web since 1998, releasing news and editorial pieces about movies and TV. Its movie posts cover box office news, reviews, free movie roundups, new releases, and more. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

24. Letterboxd


Letterboxd coins itself as a “social network for film lovers,” allowing movie enthusiasts to track the movies they watch and find new movies to watch by following others. Although it doesn’t have a blog of its own, per se, the site also curates movie-related posts from other blogs, making it easy to stay on top of industry news.

3 posts we enjoyed:

25. Little White Lies


This minimalistic website looks much different than other movie blogs, but its content is what truly sets it apart. The digital magazine digs deep into unique movie-focused topics, connecting film with culture, society, and human interests, in addition to releasing opinionated movie reviews.

3 posts we enjoyed:

26. Looper


Looper is packed with entertaining features and reviews on movies across all genres. The blog also explores movie ratings for kids, streaming platform offerings, and teasers.

3 posts we enjoyed:

27. Los Angeles Times Movie News


The Los Angeles Times’ digital publication has a comprehensive movie section with reviews, interviews, industry news, and hot takes. Readers can also find helpful information to feed their love for movies, like streaming platform recommendations and where to find movie festivals and events. Side note: This pub does require a subscription if you read more than a couple of articles per month, but it could be worth the low cost for true movie buffs.

3 posts we enjoyed:

28. MovieMaker Magazine


Movie Maker magazine provides a lot of content for aspiring filmmakers, but movie fans of all kinds can appreciate its frequently updated movie news, reviews, festival coverage, and more. The blog’s exclusive interviews with celebrities are truly must-reads for fans of all genres.

3 posts we enjoyed:

29. MovieWeb


Expect to see thorough coverage of just about every new movie to hit theaters on MovieWeb. This blog updates multiple times a day with the latest news, features, and “What to Watch” guides across all genres.

3 posts we enjoyed:

30. NME Film


NME is an entertainment blog with guides, articles, and news on gaming, festivals, TV, and movies. Its Film section does a great job blending fun reads with celebrity and movie news and movie deep dives.

3 posts we enjoyed:

31. No Film School


No Film School is as entertaining for those who like to watch movies as it is for people who like to make them. Find guides, news, and tips on filmmaking and production while you browse reviews, plot guides, and movie ending overviews scattered throughout.

3 posts we enjoyed:

32. Out of the Past Blog


Founded in 2007, Out of the Past features book and movie reviews of classics. Check out the Film Reviews tag to find new classics to indulge yourself in.

3 posts we enjoyed:

33. Plugged In

Plugged In comes from Focus on the Family, a company that emphasizes a family’s place in society. This blog breaks down its movie reviews into categories, like spiritual elements, drug and alcohol content, violence, and positive elements, to help families determine what movies are right for them.

3 posts we enjoyed:

34. Popflick


Popflick is a streaming movie platform with a spectacular movie-focused blog with unique takes about movies, many of which you won’t find on some of the more well-known streaming services. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

35. Regal’s Movie Blog


Regal Cinema’s movie blog is just what you’d expect from a movie theater company: chock-full of exclusive interviews, character guides, and new movie release information. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

36. Roger Ebert


Famous movie critic Roger Ebert has one of the best movie blogs on the web, with a full section dedicated to Ebert’s top movie picks. Also, check out written and video interviews with some of your favorite movie actors.

3 posts we enjoyed:

37. Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone’s TV and movies section releases daily news, event recaps, and editorial features for movie enthusiasts. We especially enjoy Rolling Stone’s movie roundups for different genres and occasions, like the best Cannes Festival picks or best summer movies.

3 posts we enjoyed:

38. Rotten Tomatoes


Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most popular places to go to find movie reviews before you spend money on watching a flick in the theater. In addition to in-depth reviews and fun ratings, Rotten Tomatoes also includes showtimes, movie news, and movie trivia. Each week, return for a new “What to Watch” roundup.

3 posts we enjoyed:

39. ScreenCrush


Although movie reviews and trailers are found here, ScreenCrush is more of a casual browsing site that movie fans can head to when they want entertaining reads about new releases, like behind-the-scenes looks and opinion pieces. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

40. Screen Rant


ScreenRant publishes exclusive movie stories every day, touching on everything from production secrets to things you never knew about your favorite classic movies.

3 posts we enjoyed:

41. Short of the Week


Short of the Week focuses on short films. Filmmakers can submit their short films for review on the site, but Short of the Week also publishes frequent blogs letting readers know about upcoming shorts and opinions of current releases.

3 posts we enjoyed:

42. Slate Movie Blog


As a publication, Slate centers itself on society and culture. Its Movies section falls right in line, presenting movie news in a way that makes connections to modern society. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

43. Taste of Cinema


Taste of Cinema is known for its movie roundups, allowing movie fans of practically any genre to discover something new to watch. You can also find roundups of movies by actors and directors and reviews of new and classic movies.

3 posts we enjoyed:

44. The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club is a pop culture digital publication with movie rankings, reviews, and news. Check out the Watch section, too, for quick video blurbs about movie and actor updates.

3 posts we enjoyed:

45. The Film Stage


The Film Stage is a review and news site for independent and international films. You’ll find a lot of festival coverage here, as well as interviews, movie reviews, and interesting closer looks at films.

3 posts we enjoyed:

46. The Guardian Film Blog


As a leading news site, you can expect The Guardian to have loads of movie news for you to consume each day, including opinion pieces on new films, news about upcoming releases, and everything you need to know about your favorite movie stars.

3 posts we enjoyed:

47. The Hollywood Reporter


The Hollywood Reporter really digs its heels deep into Hollywood to bring movie-watching enthusiasts some of the best journalism in the business. This blog is a treasure trove of interviews, in-depth reviews, and intriguing editorials incorporating classics, new releases, and independent films alike.

3 posts we enjoyed:

48. The Movie Blog


Several contributors write for The Movie Blog, offering numerous takes on new movies, production companies, upcoming releases, and more. Stay tuned to the site’s Contests, which occasionally give away movie tickets and premier appearances to lucky readers.

3 posts we enjoyed:

49. Variety


Variety offers a variety of information across multiple avenues of entertainment and technology, with film being one of its prime focuses. Find exclusive interviews with today’s hottest actors and first looks at upcoming films alongside movie reviews and news. 

3 posts we enjoyed:

50. We Got This Covered


We Got This Covered does have just about everything covered in the movie world with its movie reviews, celebrity interviews, box office updates, and more. We enjoy its ‘Latest News’ pieces that update Marvel, Netflix, and other fans on their favorites.

3 posts we enjoyed:

These 50 top movie blogs only touch the surface of what’s available on the web, but they provide a solid mix of movie teasers, criticism, festival and event coverage, and movie news to keep you updated and entertained. 

If you’re interested in turning your passion for movies into a side gig or career, consider reaching out to movie blogs to become a contributor. Several of them welcome movie enthusiasts as writers. Look for a ‘Write for Us’ page in the menu or the footer of the website, or contact the website to see if it’s open to contributions.

After launching your movie blog, follow best practices such as posting content regularly, engaging with your audience, and installing social media share buttons so your readers can share your content across all their favorite social media networks and help you grow your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I follow movie blogs? Some of the best movie blogs release new blog posts each day or multiple times a week to update movie fans about upcoming or new releases, celebrity news, reviews, and what’s happening on sets. Consider bookmarking your favorite movie blogs for easy and quick access when you want to catch up.

What are some of the best movie blogs? There are easily hundreds of excellent movie blogs that exist on the internet, but some of the best are those with frequent updates, detailed and fair reviews, and exclusive interviews, including:

Do any movie blogs rank movies? Yes, several movie blogs rank movies in different ways, such as listing the best movies of all time or the worst movies in a specific genre, like comedy or horror. Here are a few movie blogs that rank movies:

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