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Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media buttons?

The easiest way to make your content shareable is to add social media buttons to your website or blog. You’ve seen them before: inline (pinned to a specific location) and sticky (fixed to the side of the screen) buttons that allow one-click sharing to your favorite social media sites.

What is social media sharing?

Social media sharing is very much what it sounds like: sharing content – photos, videos, blog posts, website pages, etc. – via social media. In terms of marketing, there are two basic kinds of social sharing: 1) content shared by brands, to their own pages; and 2) content shared by visitors, to their personal pages.  

The first type is important to your brand, of course, but the second is extremely powerful: When visitors, fans, and other social media users share your content because they love it – well, that speaks volumes. Your only two jobs: create excellent content and make it shareable.

Why should I add social media buttons?

There are a few different types of social media buttons, but the two most common are social media buttons that enable one-click sharing and social media buttons that enable simple follows. Each do exactly what they promise: make it easy to share your content and make it easy to follow your social media accounts.

Social media is a valuable tool for any brand or business: Not only does social media allow you to share your content, but it also enables your fans to share your content. With this (and, especially the second point) in mind, your job is to make sharing easier, because the easier your content is to share, the more people will share it.

How do I add social media buttons?

In order to make it easy for website visitors and fans to share your content, follow the steps below:

Steps to add social media buttons to your website:

1.     Navigate to the ShareThis social media share buttons;

2.     Choose either inline (pinned to a specific location) or sticky (fixed to the side of the screen) buttons;

3.     Select social channels – everything from the most popular (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, etc.) to more niche channels, including WhatsApp, Weibo, and WeChat;

4.     Design your buttons to complement your site;

5.     Grab your code and plug into your website or blog.

Now, your site visitors can easily share your content, anywhere they socialize online.

How do I link social media to my website?

Social media is integral to your brand marketing strategy. Clearly, you want (and need) to link your social media channels to your website – and make it easy to link your content to visitors’ preferred social media channels.

There are two basic (and very different) ways to go about this. The first: Enable ShareThis follow buttons, and give all your website/blog visitors one-click access to your social media accounts. The second: Use ShareThis social media share buttons to allow website visitors to share your content in one click, to the social media channel(s) of their choice.

Better yet, do both. Either way, you’ve now linked your social media to your website – and linked your website to your visitors’ social media. Win-win. Let the shares roll in.

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