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The Reddit Share Button is the best way to get visibility on the “front page of the internet.” Your audience will be able to share content via their Reddit username to specific sub-reddits which will bring more exposure back to your site. Known as one of the most influential community based websites, having the Reddit share button will garner attention in a heartbeat! Learn how to deploy the button today!

Reddit Share Button

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What is the Reddit share button?

The Reddit share button is a button that lets Reddit users share to Reddit quickly and easily. With a Reddit share button, readers can share your content to a subreddit, in a post with their username attached – all with a single click. This can help bring clicks and attention to your site, particularly if that post gets upvoted and commented on a lot.

While experienced Reddit users won’t have difficulties in sharing your content, those who are newer to Reddit (or simply pushed for time) will be well served by having a convenient Reddit share button that they can simply click to create their post and select their subreddit of choice.

What is Reddit?

Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the internet”: if you go to the Reddit homepage, you’ll see a bunch of Reddit threads that have gathered lots of comments and attention. 

Even if haven’t used Reddit yourself, you might have heard of their “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) feature, where celebrities and other high-profile individuals answer Redditers questions.

Who uses Reddit?

There’s a good chance that some of your friends and family are regulars on Reddit: it is the sixth most popular site in the U.S. (and the 18th most popular in the world). That puts it ahead of Twitter, Instagram, and even Netflix!

Demographically speaking, Reddit looks quite different from other sites like Twitter or Facebook: around two thirds of users are male. The majority of Reddit users are aged under 29, and only a few are over 50. 

What are “subreddits”?

Reddit is split into over a million different communities (or you could think of them as online forums) called “subreddits.” Each of these covers a different topic, and these can be quite broad or very specific and niche. You could think of them a bit like Facebook groups, as any Reddit user can create a new one.

Subreddits have moderators who can edit the appearance of the subreddit, and remove posts or even ban users if necessary. Reddit itself can remove subreddits from the site if they are considered to be in breach of Reddit’s rules. 

Is Reddit considered to be a social network?

The language of Reddit is a little different from other social networks. Instead of “liking” posts, users can “upvote” or “downvote” them, and individual user accounts can be given “karma” from other users – improving their standing in the Reddit community. 

Reddit is a unique social network, and you might prefer to see it as a community or even a site for social news aggregation (a lot of Reddit posts aren’t related to news stories, though).

However, Reddit still has a lot in common with other social networks: users create accounts there and share content, which could include text, images, or links. One key difference is that Reddit users don’t tend to use their own names at all, just a username.

A wildly popular community where people gather to discuss niche topics ranging from the mundane to the outrageous, Reddit is a valuable social platform for marketers. By installing the Reddit share button, you’ll make it easy for your readers to share to Reddit with a single click and get their communities talking about your content.