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The Flipboard share button is a great way for your audience to share your content onto another platform. Flipboard is able to bring together news, popular stories and conversations around any interest or passion. Add the Flipboard share button to your widget today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flipboard Share Button?

The Flipboard Share Button lets users easily share to Flipboard to add your content to one of their Flipboard magazines. It’s ideal if you have visitors who enjoy curating and sharing content. 

You can create a share button using Flipboard’s button creator, but if you want to integrate the share button with others on your site (and you want to avoid fiddling with HTML code), then you can simply use a share button provided by a third-party service like ShareThis.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard lets users create their own online magazine using stories they’ve found on the web. You can use it through the website or the app (though, as Flipboard was designed primarily with a mobile experience in mind, you may feel that the app offers a better user experience). 

Users can create public or private magazines, normally themed around a particular topic. Quite a few companies and brands create magazines on Flipboard, too. In fact, the most popular user-created magazine is one by food brand Dole. If you want to check out some other Flipboard magazines, there’s a good list of ones to try here.

How do I create a Flipboard magazine?

To create a Flipboard magazine, open up the app on your mobile (or login through a browser on your desktop) and tap the “New” button. You’ll need to enter a title and choose whether you want your magazine to be private or public: if you want other people to be able to see your magazine, make sure you leave it as public. You can also, optionally, add a description for your magazine.

Once you’re done setting up your magazine, click the “Create” button, and your new magazine will appear on your profile tab. You can then add articles to your magazine (either from your web browser or from searching on Flipboard) – and you can even invite other people to contribute to your magazine if you want to.

You can add your content to multiple magazines, too, so you may want to create several different magazines with different focuses. 

How can I use Flipboard to promote my content?

As a Flipboard user, you can connect Flipboard to your Facebook and Twitter feeds so that you don’t need to upload the content you’re promoting into lots of different places. 

As well as adding your content to your own magazine(s), you’ll want to make sure you’ve got an easy way for your website visitors to use it in their magazines. The simplest way to do this is to use a Flipboard share button, which you can easily integrate with other sharing buttons to enable your visitors to share to Flipboard with just one click. 

Some content marketers have found Flipboard a very effective way to promote their content, as the Flipboard platform is designed for an audience that enjoys discovering and consuming content.

Who uses Flipboard?

Flipboard describes their audience as an even split between millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers, and also an even split between male and female. They explain that their users are “influential, curious, and affluent” – so Flipboard could be a great network to target if you’ve got a premium product or service.