Super Bowl Marketing: Score Big with Behavioral Data

Want to score a game-winning touchdown for your brand this Super Bowl Sunday? You’ll be going head-to-head against your competition—which means your brand needs to stand out in the weeks-long marketing blitz that forms the core of the Super Bowl season for marketers across the nation. 

And if you’re aiming to score big, you need a game-winning play in your marketing game day playbook. The good news is, you already have one: behavioral data. Using behavioral data to drive your Super Bowl marketing campaigns is the game changer that lets you do more to leverage one of the biggest marketing events in America today.

Why Super Bowl Sunday Is a Marketer’s Dream

Super Bowl Sunday has long been a major advertising event for the big brands, with people just as likely to watch the Big Game for the ads as they are for the iconic gameplay moments. In fact, 42% of Super Bowl viewers say they’re there specifically for the ads—a rarely voiced consumer opinion that highlights the marketing opportunity provided by this one big sporting event that takes place every February. 

And while few brands today have the marketing budget for the $7 million 30-second Super Bowl primetime ads, you don’t need a big budget to get your brand’s offensive line in gear for the Big Game. 

Here’s why: No matter what niche or industry your brand is in, a certain portion of your target audience will be watching the Super Bowl. Take the 2022 Super Bowl stats, for example. The estimated audience of over 208 million viewers was made up of more than just avid football fans. In a survey leading up to Super Bowl Sunday last year, 80% of casual NFL fans and 20% of non-NFL fans said they planned to watch the game. 

This means the big event is a prime marketing opportunity for your brand, no matter what demographics make up your target market. And behavioral data provides you with the key information you need to get your Super Bowl marketing campaigns in front of the game viewers that matter most to your brand. 

Get Your Brand Into the End Zone

Today’s Super Bowl is a star-studded extravaganza that goes beyond mere sport, and chances are, you’ll have avid fans, casual fans, and curious non-fan onlookers alike within each of your marketing segments. 

Tap into behavioral data segments to transform the Big Game into the perfect opportunity for your brand to stay relevant and reach your target market at scale. With the right data, you can easily access the information you need to reach the right audience from among the sea of viewers tuning in to watch the game—a much better use of your team’s time and your marketing spend.

Use Behavioral Data for a Game-Winning Marketing Drive

Using behavioral data as a guide, your marketing team can craft standout Super Bowl creative tie-ins that elevate your message above the noise. For example, Super Bowl seasonal segments can include:

  • auto shoppers
  • beer buyers
  • football fans
  • movie enthusiasts
  • party hosts
  • technology fans
  • TV upgraders

Your behavioral data lets you zero in on the things that matter most to your audience—all while tapping into the fun and excitement that forms the cornerstone of viewers’ Super Bowl experiences. 

Personalization for the Win

Personalization is an extremely powerful way to help your brand stand out from its competitors. According to a recent McKinsey survey, 71% of consumers say they expect personalized interactions from companies and brands—and on the flip side, effective personalization led 76% of consumers to consider purchasing from a brand. 

Behavioral data places the personalized marketing approach at your fingertips, providing you with easy access to the what, the where, and the how behind your audience’s why—information that’s key to successful personalization.

Score Big with Real-Time Data

Behavioral data gives you the real-time data you need to tailor your marketing messages for each of the following key Super Bowl marketing campaign moments:

Before the Big Game. When it comes to the Big Game, anticipation can be nearly as fun as the game itself—which means the lead-up to game day is a great time to begin associating your brand with the big event. For example, in the weeks before Super Bowl Sunday, you can:

  • optimize your existing content for Super Bowl-related terms
  • craft new content to build excitement for the big event
  • generate buzz for in-game giveaways and contests
  • release teasers for game-day discounts tied into key in-game stats
  • create paid ads that leverage pre-game hype

During the Big Game. It’s estimated that 46% of viewers will watch the Super Bowl with a second, mobile screen in hand, giving you the chance to be a part of your market’s game day interactions. For example, on game day your team can keep your brand top-of-mind by:

  • monitoring game-related social media conversations for opportunities to authentically include your brand voice
  • sharing memes in real time connecting key in-game moments with your products
  • offering promotions or giveaways tied to specific game scores or stats
  • live streaming game play discussions that tie into your brand
  • using fun polls relevant to both game play and your products to encourage fan engagement

After the Big Game. There’s a winning team every Super Bowl Sunday, but even when the game ends, your campaigns don’t have to. For example, you can keep the post-game connection with your brand alive in the following ways: 

  • engaging in game-related conversations relevant to your brand through social media, email, and text
  • posting content highlighting how important game moments relate to your products
  • creating video spoofs of popular Super Bowl ads using your brand
  • sharing memes featuring your products that relive iconic game moments 
  • live streaming post-game analysis that ties into your products

Behavioral data also has the ability to turn your Super Bowl marketing campaigns into the play that keeps on winning. How? By tracking metrics across each of your key Super Bowl campaign moments, you can see what’s resonating with specific market segments. For example:

  • What parts of your campaign did your audience interact most with? 
  • Where was your audience when these interactions happened?
  • What devices did they use to perform these interactions?
  • How long and how often did they interact with your campaigns?

These metrics provide you with a goldmine of new behavioral data that can be used to inform future marketing campaigns, personalize brand communications and interactions, and craft marketing messages that stand out from the rest of your competitors.


By using behavioral data from providers like ShareThis, as a key component of your Super Bowl game day playbook, you’ll have the opportunity to score more than just a few field goals. Your data can help you leverage your marketing campaigns during the biggest marketing event in America—so your message stands out from all the noise and gets in front of the viewers that matter the most to your brand. 

The result? With ShareThis behavioral data, you can tap into that touchdown and go for the two-point conversion for the win.

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