What Is Meta Verified? Meta Verification Guide

For those wondering, “What is Meta Verified?” here’s the short answer: It’s a subscription service that gives subscribed Facebook and Instagram accounts verified blue checkmarks and a few other perks non-subscribers don’t get. However, it may not be a necessary service for all users to spend money on. 

In this Meta verification guide, we get into more detail about the Meta Verified program and what it means for Meta users. We’ll discuss:

What Is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription service Meta first introduced in February to Instagram and Facebook users as a beta program. Select users could subscribe to Meta Verified to get a verification badge — the well-known blue checkmark — by their names, plus exclusive features not available to accounts not using Meta Verified.

As of June 27th, 2023, Meta announced that it would be rolling out the program to most global markets for non-business users aged 18 and older. Currently, Meta Verified is priced at $11.99 per month when you subscribe on the web or $14.99 per month when you subscribe on the app.

The Benefits of Subscribing to Meta Verified

Meta Verified’s primary draw is its blue checkmark that many social media users look for when seeking authentic accounts to follow. However, the subscription service comes with some additional perks:

  • Prove yourself to your audience: When someone signs up for Meta Verified, they need to prove they are who they say they are by sharing their government identification to receive a verification badge. Users who follow them can feel secure knowing they’re real, which may help verified users establish a presence on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Direct account support: Meta provides live chat support to Meta Verified subscribers for quick and convenient assistance, something not offered to non-subscribers. The support team for Meta Verified is also well-versed in specific issues related to the service.
  • High-level account security: Not only can Meta Verified subscribers protect their accounts from fraudulent use with two-factor authentication, but they also get regular monitoring to prevent unauthorized use of their accounts and suspicious activity.
  • Support other creators: Meta Verified subscribers receive 100 free Stars per month to support their favorite creators. Stars are a form of Facebook currency that lets users “pay” creators during their live streams.  
  • Exclusive Stories and Reels features: Creators using Meta Verified can access stickers and other features for Stories and Reels only available to subscribers, allowing unique opportunities to create fun and interactive posts for their audiences. 

Another feature early Meta Verified subscribers once benefited from was increased reach and exposure on Facebook and Instagram, potentially placing their posts in more ideal spots on newsfeeds. However, Meta removed that feature before the program’s rollout in the United States, and it’s unclear whether it will return in the future. 

How To Become Meta Verified

Meta Verified is available for Facebook and Instagram users who are 18 or older and live in an applicable region. Follow these steps to sign up for Meta Verified:

  1. Sign up for a subscription: Choose the Instagram or Facebook account you’d like to use with Meta Verified. Go to Settings, Accounts Center, Meta Verified to begin the signup process. If you don’t have the Meta Verified option in your account, then your account is currently not available to sign up for the service.
  2. Set up a payment method: Choose a payment method for your subscription. This payment method will be used each month for automatic payments.
  3. Verify your identity: Now, you’ll follow the instructions to verify your identity. Meta Verified asks for a photo of your government-issued identification and, for some, a selfie video to prove your identity. The name on your identification must match the name on your account to be approved. 

Is Meta Verified Worth It?

Prior to Meta Verified, Twitter Blue, and other forms of paid social media verification, social media platforms reserved verified checkmarks only for verified accounts for celebrities, internet personalities, and other well-known influencers. The designation helped distinguish official accounts from parodies and impersonations.

With the introduction of paid verification systems, the original intent of a verification badge is no longer. Now, anyone who can verify their identification and doesn’t mind paying for a subscription can become Meta Verified on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, the checkmarks have become less significant to social media users. In fact, one 2022 study found that the verification badge had a negative impact on trust when advertising a product on social media.

Getting verified by Meta could be a good idea for people and businesses that worry their social media accounts could be copied. It also has some features that non-verified accounts don’t, like direct account support and exclusive features for Reels and Stories.

However, signing up for Meta Verified is not guaranteed to improve your social media performance, so you’ll need to implement other social media strategies and best practices to continue growing your audience. For instance, install social media share buttons on your blog or website. This simple step helps to grow your social media presence by enabling your visitors to share your content with a simple click.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meta Verified

Can anyone use Meta Verified?

Anyone aged 18 or older who lives in an area where Meta Verified is available can sign up for a Meta Verified account. Subscribers must also be able to verify their identity before being approved.

How much does Meta Verified cost?

Meta Verified is a monthly subscription costing $11.99 per month for users who sign up online or $14.99 per month for users who sign up on the Facebook or Instagram app.

Can I get Meta Verified for just Facebook or Instagram?

Yes. When you sign up for Meta Verified, you sign up for just Facebook or Instagram. You’ll need a separate subscription for each if you’d like to use Meta Verified with both platforms.

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