Facebook Live 101: How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Facebook Live joined the streaming scene back in 2016, and it’s only gained popularity since. Not only do Facebook users stream live video for their friends and family, but businesses have also adopted it as a way to connect with customers in a more personal way. About 25% of Facebook users watch Facebook Live videos to stay informed, and they watch them for as much as three times longer than non-live videos. Those stats should be enough to convince you that Facebook Live is the perfect spot for more marketing.

The Benefits of Facebook Live for Business

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The primary selling point of Facebook Live for businesses is that it increases brand awareness, plain and simple. The more you’re in front of your audience getting personal and sharing your brand’s personality in an authentic way, the better people will recognize your business and what it stands for.

Facebook Live also builds personal connections with Facebook followers that other avenues can’t. Sure, you can respond to comments on your Facebook posts or send an email to a customer. But nothing quite beats being able to respond to them live as they ask questions during your livestream.  

A few other benefits:

  • Gives your audience a behind-the-scenes view of your business
  • Allows people to comment and ask questions in real-time
  • Time-saving with no editing time required
  • Can be saved for future viewing
  • Allows an audience to attend events remotely for convenience

How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

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Facebook Live is a powerful tool for creating a close-knit community around your business. The following are some ideas for using the platform to engage your audience.


Giveaways create an opportunity to show appreciation for your customers and followers. And, they’re perfect for driving more eyes to your business page, as they often ask people to like, share, comment on, and tag people in posts for entries. Use Facebook Live for all aspects of the giveaway, including letting people know about it, streaming the giveaway itself, and announcing the winners.

Product Tutorials

Share how your product, software, or app works with an in-depth live video on Facebook. The good news about Facebook Live is that these videos can run for much longer than your average video. When people join a Live, they’re likely to watch for 20+ minutes willingly, giving you an opportunity to present a product and give a walk-through. Be sure to have someone overseeing comments, which can give you questions to answer about the product.


Host a question and answer session on a Facebook livestream to connect with your audience, learn more about them, and educate them on your business. People can come to you with questions about your business, products, or services, and get their questions answered quickly. You might ask your audience to provide some questions beforehand to give you a few to start with, followed by taking more questions during the Live. 

Tips, Insights, and Valuable Content

Fit Facebook Lives into your overall content marketing strategy in addition to blogs, email blasts, case studies, etc. These videos can help you present new tips and insights to your viewers in different ways, appealing to those who aren’t into reading lengthy articles. Showcase demos of products or software, teach people how to use features in new ways, or go behind the scenes of your company to give viewers a “day in the life” walk-through.


Invite employees, happy customers, or industry experts into Live videos for interviews. If the person isn’t close enough to travel for the video, you can use Facebook’s co-broadcasting feature to let them join remotely and have you both on screen. This is a great opportunity for pulling in more people that your audience will enjoy seeing in your videos to add to your content rotation.

Live Events

Facebook Live has made it easier than ever for businesses to broadcast live events to their audience from afar. Whether you’re hosting a presentation, a networking event, or a new product launch, your fans can join from wherever they are in the world to get a glimpse of the action. These events can garner a lot of comments and shares, which is always good news in the world of Facebook.

If this year is the one you’ve devoted to growing your Facebook marketing strategy, then you’re probably looking for easy ways to grow your Facebook audience. Install the Facebook share button on your blog or website to provide visitors with a simple, one-click way to share your top-notch content with all their connections on social media. It’s a hands-off, simple way to get your content in front of a larger audience and attract more viewers to your Facebook Live videos.

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