What Is Twitter Verified? Twitter Verification Guide

Twitter Verified has evolved in recent years. Originally, it was intended to authenticate the accounts of celebrities, influencers, politicians, businesses, and people in the public eye.

Since then, it’s transitioned into Twitter Blue, a paid subscription with additional benefits for Twitter users. Now that Twitter has rebranded to X, there have been more changes made to the service.

If you feel out of the loop or are new to Twitter/X and aren’t sure whether to become verified, this guide will walk you through what being verified means and how you can earn a blue Twitter Verified checkmark.

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What Is Twitter Verified?

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Let’s start by saying that although Twitter is now officially X, we know that the rebrand has been challenging for long-time Twitter users. Therefore, for simplicity’s sake, we’re going to refer to the new platform as Twitter/X in this guide.

Twitter Verified was Twitter’s initial verification system. To verify an account, a user needed to fill out a form for Twitter’s verification specialists to review. A person also had to have some proof that they were a public figure in some way, such as media articles written about them. 

Once verified, the user earned a blue checkmark for their profile. This checkmark signified that the account has been verified and is, therefore, an official account for that person. Verification made it more difficult for parody and fake accounts to resemble public figures and businesses.

Changes to Twitter & Twitter Verified

In 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter and made changes to the verification system, transforming it into a paid subscription. For $8 a month, Twitter users could subscribe to Twitter Blue to get a checkmark and other features, like Tweet editing and high-quality uploads. 

In 2023, anyone who previously earned verification through Twitter lost their verified status and checkmark unless they subscribed to Twitter Blue. Because anyone could pay for Twitter Blue to get a blue checkmark on their account, there was no longer a way to determine whether an account was authentic.

Fast forward to later in 2023, when Twitter became X. Twitter/X has maintained the Blue subscription model, but it appears that new features may be in the works following the rebrand. For instance, the first change, announced in August 2023, allows Blue subscribers to hide their checkmarks if desired.

What are Gold & Grey Checkmarks on Twitter?

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If you’re browsing Twitter/X, you might also notice profiles labeled with gold and grey checkmarks. Here’s what they mean:

  • Gold Checkmark: The gold checkmark is used for official business accounts through Twitter Verified Organizations. Users can sign up for Twitter Verified Organizations here. This is a paid membership and fees vary, but in the U.S. a base subscription is $1,000 per month and affiliate seats are $50 per month for each additional affiliate.
  • Grey Checkmark: The grey checkmark represents government/multilateral organizations and government/multilateral officials. These checkmarks are complimentary for eligible accounts, although users must apply to receive one using this form.

How to Become Twitter Verified

Since the switch to the Blue premium subscription model, the only way to become a verified account on Twitter/X is to subscribe. Twitter/X no longer has a verification form for users to fill out to verify their accounts.

To sign up for Twitter/X Blue:

  • Visit Twitter/X
  • Tap the Verified link on the left sidebar
  • Choose whether you’re an individual or a business
  • Tap Subscribe
  • Choose a monthly subscription for $8 or an annual subscription for $84
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Screenshot via Twitter

Once you sign up, Twitter/X will review your account. Accounts subscribed to Blue must be active and have a display name, verified phone number, and profile photo. An account must also be at least 90 days old.

Is Twitter Verification Necessary?

Having a blue checkmark on your Twitter/X account might help your account stand out from the pack. For example, the checkmark can make it easier for your posts to catch the eye of someone scrolling. Therefore, it can help you expand your reach, increase impressions, and grow your Twitter followers.

However, with the swap from traditional verification and true authentication of accounts to the Twitter/X Blue subscription model, Twitter/X verification has lost its primary benefit of helping Twitter/X users distinguish real people from fake personas. Although each subscribed account still goes through a review process, this is more of a general review to keep spam accounts from signing up rather than an in-depth evaluation of the account or person behind it. 

Twitter/X Blue does come with a few benefits—namely, the option to edit tweets and have longer posts—but if true verification is your primary reason for subscribing, the service may disappoint.

It’s also important to remember that the ultimate recipe for success remains the same, regardless of whether you have a blue checkmark next to your handle or not. This includes:

Finally, don’t forget to install social media share buttons like the Twitter share button on your blog or website, enabling your followers to share your content to their Twitter profiles with a simple click. Essentially, when users share your content, it’s like a word-of-mouth recommendation. It’s an excellent way to get more exposure while simultaneously getting a boost in credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter Verified

How much is it to get verified on Twitter?

The current Twitter/X Blue subscription model costs $8 per month or $84 per year when paid annually. The subscription automatically renews until canceled, which users can do from their Twitter/X accounts. 

Who can get a blue tick on Twitter?

Anyone who signs up for Twitter/X Blue and meets the basic rules of the program, such as having a non-deceptive account with a display name and profile photo, can get a blue tick next to their display names.

Can I hide my blue checkmark on Twitter?

Yes. A recent change to the Twitter/X Blue subscription program now allows subscribers to hide their blue checkmarks if they choose. The option should be available in subscribers’ Twitter/X Blue dashboards.

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