How to Get Followers on Twitter (10 Simple Tips)

Twitter is perfect for getting personal with your audience, engaging with them and their content, and offering them perks like giveaways and discount codes. But it’s also a fast-paced social media platform where tweets can disappear in a feed as quickly as you tweeted them out. Growing your Twitter following can seem challenging for this reason. Fortunately, there are several simple strategies you can use to boost your follower count.

How to Get Followers on Twitter: 10 Tips

Keep in mind that it’s more important to focus on getting followers who genuinely love your content and want to interact with it than simply growing your follower number. This guide offers tried-and-true tips for growing an authentic audience on Twitter.

1. Make Your Bio Stand Out

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People visiting your Twitter profile will see your bio right at the top. More importantly, they can see it in their Twitter feeds and search results as well, in the “Who to follow” section. Twitter users can follow you from there without ever having to visit your profile. So, you’ll want to pull them in with a bio that they can’t help but love. Let them know what you do and use some industry keywords that make you easy to find. But keep it short — Twitter bios only allow 160 characters.

2. Add a Follow Button to Your Website

Install a Twitter follow button on your website to display in your sidebar or on pages and blog posts. If someone loves your site’s content, there’s a good chance they’ll want to follow you on Twitter, too. A follow button makes it simple for them to do so without leaving your site. Add ShareThis follow buttons to your website in minutes.

3. Pin an Engaging Tweet

Twitter users can pin one tweet to their profile, keeping it at the top of the profile even when you send out new tweets. This tweet can be witty, a tweet that already has a lot of popularity, or some freebie for your followers. No matter what, make sure it will entice people to click the follow button when they see it on your profile.

4. Tweet Frequently

Because Twitter is always moving — there are literally thousands of tweets posted every second — it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Posting frequently is a must on this platform, unlike Facebook and other platforms with algorithms that dock frequent posters. Use a scheduling app to help you stay consistent. 

However, be careful about posting too much. It’s possible to over-tweet and fill up your followers’ feeds to the point of causing unfollows. Although research varies, a good rule of thumb is to tweet between 5-10 times per day.

5. Know Your Best Twitter Posting Times

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Like any audience, your audience is on Twitter more at some times than others. Often, the best posting times depend on your business and when your audience is more likely to hop on the social media platform. It’s always best to tweet during optimal audience hangout times to get in front of their feeds. You can check your Twitter analytics to determine which posting times seem to bring you the most traction.

If you’re not able to post during those times, you can always schedule your tweets (on Twitter directly or by using a social media scheduling tool) to go out at the best times while keeping your feed fresh.

6. Offer Freebies

People on any social media platform will love getting free stuff, but Twitter is one of the best for offering quick, limited-time deals because of its speedy posting model. Tweet about giveaways, discount codes, and other free goodies to get more followers your way.

7. Get Twitter Verified

The blue verification badge tells Twitter users that you are who you say you are. People are likelier to view your business as a legitimate one with the blue check by its name. Twitter says that you must be authentic, notable, active, and in good standing with the platform to get verified

Don’t apply for verification right away; instead, build your audience, gain a following, and be consistent with posting. Then, apply for verification once you feel you’re ready to get your badge.

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a popular feature on Twitter. They help users find topics they’re interested in. Some brands even make their own hashtags for their audience to find relevant posts easily. 

Be strategic in using hashtags, but use them. Pick just one or two that match your post. Or, bank on trending hashtags if you feel they can somehow fit your business or interest your audience.

9. Engage with Others Like You 

Finding and engaging with your competitors or other like-minded business people on Twitter is an excellent way to put yourself on the map. Consider retweeting or quote tweeting their tweets to tap into their audience, too. You might even get some follows from well-established people in your industry from taking this approach.

10. Embed Tweets in Your Blog Content

Easily let Twitter users interact with your content by embedding relevant tweets in your blog content. It’s a simple way to get more likes, retweets, and potential follows by syndicating your tweets with your blog. 

To do it, find the tweet you want to embed. Then, click the three dots at the top and choose Embed Tweet. Twitter will take you to another page to copy a code to place within your blog post. Blog visitors will see your Twitter handle, and a quick click on your name takes them to the platform for a follow. 

Getting more followers on Twitter comes down to two key things: Giving your audience a reason to follow you (your amazing tweets and informative content) and making it easy for them to do so. Install ShareThis’ Twitter follow button on your blog or website to make it easy for visitors to follow you on Twitter with a single click. It’s easy to install in just minutes and totally free to use – it couldn’t be simpler!

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