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Value Proposition Examples: 50 Stellar Value Proposition Examples to Inspire Your Own
A value proposition is a statement that tells customers why they can rely on a product,... 19m read
Social Media
How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story
Did you know that you're no longer limited to just including a link in your Instagram... 5m read
Account Based Marketing (ABM) Data Driven Strategies
The Key Data You Need for a Data-Driven ABM Strategy that Outperforms
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the latest business development strategy that is working to cut through... 8m read
What Is Affiliate Marketing, and How Does It Work?
Affiliate marketing has skyrocketed in popularity with internet-savvy people. To its core, it's a relatively simple... 5m read
How to Write a Blog Post in 9 Steps
People who don't blog might see blog posts as words on a screen that give helpful... 11m read
What Are Terms and Conditions? (+ Template)
When you sign up for an account on a new app you downloaded or apply for... 5m read
How to Write an Effective Follow Up Email (+ Examples)
A few days have passed since you emailed your contact. Should you send a follow-up email?... 5m read
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Instagram Notifications 101: What Marketers Need to Know
Instagram is filled with features and settings that might seem overwhelming at first as a new... 5m read
Frustrated business women with crumpled paper from mistakes
Want to Run a Successful ABM Campaign? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes
Before we talk about Account Based Marketing (ABM) pitfalls, let’s talk about what a great ABM... 5m read
How the Auto Industry Can Address Consumers’ Changing Relationships With Cars
Download Auto Insights Report Like so many things in our day-to-day lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has... 4m read
Optimizing CTR: Why Your Click-Through Rate Matters and How to Improve It
With the many acronyms in marketing, CTR is one of the most important. Short for click-through... 5m read
ShareThis Ranked 2nd out of 250 data providers in Neutronian's NQI Transparency Ranking
ShareThis Ranked as a Top Transparent Data Provider (#2) by Neutronian’s NQI Ranking
In April 2022, Neutronian announced their first official NQI Transparency Rating Report and we are thrilled... 3m read
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The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Ads
TikTok is seemingly all the rage right now. This one app has content creators dancing, cracking... 12m read
ShareThis Introduces New Privacy Policy Generator Tool
Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed a suite of tools to help content creators reach... 2m read
What is the Google Quality Score? (And How to Improve Your Score)
Getting the most bang for your buck is crucial when it comes to any form of... 5m read
Increase audience
Why First-Party Data Should Be Enriched with Real-Time Interest Data
What may have started as a prediction has evolved into a truism: The impending death of... 5m read
Mixture of Pharmacy Pills and Medications
Pharma: The Importance of Prescription Accessibility
Download Pharma Insights Report Hidden behind the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, health issues... 4m read
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50 Most Popular and Trending TikTok Hashtags
If there's one thing TikTok is known for, it's the ability to make videos go viral... 11m read
SEO Keywords 101: How to Find the Best Keywords for SEO
Keyword research is a key component of search engine optimization, or SEO. With the right SEO... 5m read
Social Media
The Marketer’s Guide to Snapchat Marketing
You've probably heard plenty of reasons to market on Facebook and start Google ad campaigns. These... 5m read
Marketer analyzing different datasets
In Search of the Right Data: It’s Gotta Be Real
Data is literally everywhere, and it’s increasing. To quote CloverDX, “74 zettabytes of data will be... 6m read
What is ROAS? (and How to Improve It)
When an advertising campaign brings in several more customers, you might be inclined to say it's... 5m read
SMART Goals: Examples and How to Develop Them
It's one thing to set a goal for your business; it's another thing to set actionable... 5m read
What are SERPs and Why Do They Matter for SEO?
When you type a search query into Google, you end up with a list of results... 5m read
Coworkers shaking hands in a meeting
Real Interest Data Powers the Most Successful B2B Marketing Strategies
Download B2B Data Feed Guide The business-to-business (B2B) marketplace post-pandemic is different. With virtual interactions now... 5m read
Social Media
The Top TikTok Trends You Don’t Want To Miss in 2022 and Beyond
We’ve all heard about those viral TikTok trends that have caught on among users – particularly... 13m read
Crowd of people with masks
Two Years of COVID: Positive Trends in Human Behavior
Download COVID Insight Report Two years after the initial pandemic lockdowns, COVID has instigated its share... 6m read
Social Media
How to Get More TikTok Views
TikTok has one billion monthly active users, which is about double that of Snapchat. Although the... 5m read
28 eCommerce Marketing Experts Reveal the Most Important Ingredients for a Successful eCommerce Marketing Campaign
With worldwide retail eCommerce sales reaching $4.9 trillion in 2021 and expected to grow to $7.4... 24m read
How to Get Customer Testimonials for Your Products or Services
Your business needs testimonials from people who love what you offer to get credibility as a... 5m read
Social Media
What’s the Best Time to Post on TikTok?
TikTok is a social media platform unlike others in that it prioritizes organic reach. While many... 6m read
Connecting the Dots
An Entrepreneurship Boom is Personalizing B2B Solutions
Download B2B Insights Report The business world has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,... 5m read
Social Media
Snapchat Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Creatively Promote Your Business
Snapchat remains one of the most unique and fun social media platforms for non-business users, but... 5m read
Social Media
The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Promotion
Instagram is one of the leading social networks for businesses looking to foster deep connections with... 5m read
Person holding phone and bank card
Deepen Personalization in Financial Services with Real-Time Consumer Interest Data
Financial Services is a dynamic sector, contributing 21.2 percent to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)... 6m read
What Is Outbound Marketing? Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
While inbound marketing is the buzz around the internet, its sibling, outbound marketing, is still alive... 5m read
Crowded grocery check out stations
The Power of Prediction: Using Data as Your CPG Guide
With an estimated 1.145 trillion MB of data created per day—given increasingly digital shopping behaviors from... 5m read
Political Priorities in Finance: The Public is Asking for Big Changes
Download Finance Insights Report From new government spending plans to supply chain interruptions, the financial world... 7m read
50 Excellent Marketing Plan Examples to Model and Modify
Every business that wants to boost brand awareness and generate more leads needs a solid marketing... 20m read
24 Digital Advertising Experts Reveal When You Should Use Automated Bidding
Digital advertising, or online advertising such as cost-per-click campaigns can be highly effective and produce an... 21m read
Woman caring and giving back on the computer.
Social Good Campaign ‘Data for Good’ Sees Strong Brand Adoptions
Since its launch in August 2020, our Data for Good offering has experienced significant demand from advertisers. As... 3m read
How to Advertise on Snapchat
As with most social media channels that start as a fun way for people to interact... 5m read
Warehouse manager monitoring and analyzing inventory using data
Retail Inventory Challenges? Solve Them with Behavioral and Interest Data
Over the last two years, retail has done well as a sector, growing an estimated 6.7%... 4m read
Target Market 101: How to Identify and Reach Your Target Market
Research almost any marketing technique, and you'll learn one thing quickly: they rely on identifying your... 5m read
Social Media
The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags
Instagram and Twitter lead the way for social media networks that prioritize hashtags. At surface level,... 6m read
What Is Online Advertising? Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
According to Pew Research, 85% of Americans use the internet daily, and nearly 31% of American... 6m read
Online shopping cart and data analytics cart in the background
How Real-Time Behavioral Data Can Revolutionize the CPG Industry
After the struggles of 2020 and 2021, 2022 appears to hold a silver lining for the... 6m read
25 Photographers and Digital Marketers Share Their Top Product Photography Tips
Whether you sell products online or you leverage digital marketing to promote products you sell from... 16m read
50 Excellent Landing Page Examples (and Why They Work)
Landing pages have become a standard format for capturing web traffic and converting visitors into buyers.... 23m read
The data quality is excellent
What are Data Quality, Validation and Verification? What Validation Looks Like and Why Data Quality is Important
Programmatic advertising results come down to data—and getting it right. The elements involved in getting it... 6m read
Social Media
How to Grow Your Instagram Followers
Seeing how many incredible and engaged accounts there are on Instagram right now can leave you... 6m read
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