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Travel Trends in 2022
Chaos in the Travel Industry is Fueling Public Opinion
After years of travel restrictions, many people are ready to get out of the house for... 5m read
Social Media
How to Mute Someone on Instagram
Instagram's algorithm aims to show you posts that you'll probably find interesting. When your feed caters... 5m read
Computer with Contextual Advertising on it
Contextual Advertising vs. Interest-Based Advertising in a Cookieless World
Once upon a time, the emergence of third-party cookies forced contextual advertising to take a backseat... 9m read
Social Media
50 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps
Instagram's priority is beautiful photography that stands out in its feed. The good news is that... 18m read
Social Media
Instagram Repost: 5 Ways to Share Content from Other Users
Reposting Instagram content is an excellent way to fill gaps in your content calendar, give shout-outs... 6m read
Intent data is among the latest advantages being leveraged by business-to-business firms.
How to Use Intent Data to Find and Convert B2B Leads
Savvy organizations of all sizes harness any advantage to win a sale. Intent data is among... 7m read
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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags
It's clear that Instagram hashtags are an important part of the platform, judging by the multiple... 12m read
phone with walmart app and more
Lessons Learned from Walmart Connect as Retail Giants Become Media Giants
Thanks to the success of Walmart’s transition into ad selling, retailers and corporations with highly trafficked... 5m read
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How to Create an Instagram Content Calendar (and Why You Need One)
Instagram engagement rises when you use the right hashtags and include captions that are relevant, long,... 5m read
Consumers are trending between affordable and trendy for Back to School retail.
Back to School is a Battle Between the Trendy and the Affordable
As our audiences prepare to go back to school this fall—whether themselves or their children—consumers are... 5m read
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How to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram
Instagram may have started as a simple photo-sharing platform, but over the past several years, it's... 5m read
Social Media
50 Tips to Increase YouTube Views: How to Grow Your YouTube Audience
Short, witty videos have increased in popularity, thanks to TikTok and Reels on Instagram. However, there's... 14m read
Natural language processing (NLP) lets you extract useful, meaningful information from your data.
5 NLP Techniques That Tap into the Riches of Your Data
Feel like you’re floundering to stay afloat in a sea of data that grows larger every... 5m read
How to Write a Privacy Policy for a Small Business 
Small businesses are just as responsible as large businesses for being transparent with their customers and... 5m read
What Is Pay Per Click? Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is probably something you've heard time and time again. This form... 5m read
Data enrichment can help CPG companies expand their customer knowledge and gain important customer insights.
4 Ways CPG Companies Can Win with Data Enrichment
CPG companies have many challenges in improving customer acquisition. The data collected from past customers tells... 6m read
How to Develop a Marketing Strategy: 6 Steps to Success
Effective marketing sits at the cusp of a successful business. With the right strategy, you can... 5m read
Great Place to Work Named ShareThis One of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area 2022
We’re once again honored to be recognized as one of Fortune’s 2022 Best Small Workplaces in... 2m read
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Instagram Giveaways: How to Run a Successful Instagram Giveaway
You've likely seen many blog and website giveaways over the years, but social media giveaways might... 5m read
Beginner’s Guide to Meta Descriptions: How to Write Effective Meta Descriptions
SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for any website to gain visibility today. A broad concept,... 5m read
50 Effective Ways to Advertise a Product
As long as you're creative or have a creative team behind you, there are virtually endless... 12m read
Connecting different data sources and applying interest data to enrich the understanding of your consumer
How Interest Data Can Enrich a Variety of Data Sources
If you’re a data-driven marketer tasked with efforts like targeting, personalization, campaign strategy, and product development,... 7m read
4 Examples of Microblogging (and How to Use It to Promote Your Business)
An effective content strategy consists of multiple types of content, such as blogging, video, and social... 5m read
50 Best Survey Creators to Gain Valuable Feedback for Your Business
It's invaluable to gather opinions from the people your business works with the most. Getting feedback... 21m read
Marketing Analytics 101: Improving Marketing Strategy with Data
You can't have a clear marketing strategy without analyzing your marketing efforts. Data analytics is a... 5m read
What is a Value Proposition? How to Develop Your Value Proposition
The purpose of a business is to deliver something helpful to its customers, whether that's a... 5m read
Cookies are going in the trash - identity solutions for cookieless marketing & advertising.
How Identity Solutions Are Evolving for a Cookieless Future—What You Need to Know for 2022, 2023, & Beyond
Website cookies. Safari and Firefox have already stopped allowing them and Chrome is eliminating cookies by... 8m read
What Is Data Privacy (and What You Need To Know About It)
Data privacy is the process of protecting collected data. Data privacy includes the rights of consumers... 5m read
Comparing competing home-supply products via competitive analysis
How to Strengthen Strategies with Competitive Analysis Strategies
Staying on top of market shifts that boost or weaken a brand’s market position is a... 4m read
An Overview of Social Media Advertising
It seems that social media has taken over the internet. From sharing memes to connecting with... 5m read
Examples of different types of lifestyle attributes pictured
Lifestyle Marketing: Your Personal Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition and Targeting
In our increasingly saturated digisphere, gaining and retaining consumers’ attention can be tough — even with... 4m read
Consumers are trending on the healthy side for food and beverage
Food & Beverage Consumers Are More Health-Conscious Than Ever Before
If there’s anything we’ve come to treasure more over the last few years, it’s our health,... 4m read
Walled Garden examples include Google, Facebook and Amazon
Harness Data Beyond the Walled Gardens, It’s Easier Than You Think
The ad buying platforms of Google and Facebook are magnets for ad dollars, and there’s not... 4m read
Value Proposition Examples: 50 Stellar Value Proposition Examples to Inspire Your Own
A value proposition is a statement that tells customers why they can rely on a product,... 19m read
Social Media
How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story
Did you know that you're no longer limited to just including a link in your Instagram... 5m read
Account Based Marketing (ABM) Data Driven Strategies
The Key Data You Need for a Data-Driven ABM Strategy That Outperforms
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the latest business development strategy that is working to cut through... 8m read
What Is Affiliate Marketing, and How Does It Work?
Affiliate marketing has skyrocketed in popularity with internet-savvy people. To its core, it's a relatively simple... 5m read
How to Write a Blog Post in 9 Steps
People who don't blog might see blog posts as words on a screen that give helpful... 11m read
What Are Terms and Conditions? (+ Template)
When you sign up for an account on a new app you downloaded or apply for... 5m read
How to Write an Effective Follow Up Email (+ Examples)
A few days have passed since you emailed your contact. Should you send a follow-up email?... 5m read
Social Media
Instagram Notifications 101: What Marketers Need to Know
Instagram is filled with features and settings that might seem overwhelming at first as a new... 5m read
Frustrated business women with crumpled paper from mistakes
Want to Run a Successful ABM Strategy? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes
Before we talk about Account Based Marketing (ABM) pitfalls, let’s talk about what a great ABM... 5m read
How the Auto Industry Can Address Consumers’ Changing Relationships With Cars
Like so many things in our day-to-day lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people... 4m read
Optimizing CTR: Why Your Click-Through Rate Matters and How to Improve It
With the many acronyms in marketing, CTR is one of the most important. Short for click-through... 5m read
ShareThis Ranked 2nd out of 250 data providers in Neutronian's NQI Transparency Ranking
ShareThis Ranked as a Top Transparent Data Provider (#2) by Neutronian’s NQI Ranking
In April 2022, Neutronian announced their first official NQI Transparency Rating Report and we are thrilled... 3m read
Social Media
The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Ads
TikTok is seemingly all the rage right now. This one app has content creators dancing, cracking... 12m read
ShareThis Introduces New Privacy Policy Generator Tool
Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed a suite of tools to help content creators reach... 2m read
What is the Google Quality Score? (And How to Improve Your Score)
Getting the most bang for your buck is crucial when it comes to any form of... 5m read
Why First Party Data Should be Enriched with Real-Time Interest Data
Why First-Party Data Should Be Enriched with Real-Time Interest Data
What may have started as a prediction has evolved into a truism: The impending death of... 5m read
Mixture of Pharmacy Pills and Medications
Pharma: The Importance of Prescription Accessibility
Hidden behind the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, health issues in general have not... 4m read
Social Media
50 Most Popular and Trending TikTok Hashtags
If there's one thing TikTok is known for, it's the ability to make videos go viral... 11m read
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