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Holiday Consumer Insights 2022
Inflation and Rising Costs Put Holiday Spending On Hold
Download Insight Report The economy has been making headlines for good reason—inflation is a major national... 6m read
How to Write a Privacy Policy for a Website
With privacy laws and regulations constantly emerging around the world, it's crucial for every website to... 5m read
The Best Magento Hosting Options to Power Your eCommerce Website
Magento, now known as Adobe Commerce, is a multi-channel commerce platform built for brands to scale... 5m read
Consumer Product Goods Trends (CPG)
Essential Consumer Product Choices Are Influenced by Daunting Climate and Inflation Concerns
Download Insight Report Consumer behavior can be volatile—anyone who has seen rows of empty shelves at... 7m read
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Everyone’s Talking About Customer Data Platforms (CDPs): Here’s Why
Today’s marketers need to create personalized campaigns and engaging experiences across channels to win and retain... 7m read
Social Media
7 Tips for Choosing the Best Instagram Profile Photo
Whether you're just starting your Instagram account or your profile photo needs an update, choosing the... 6m read
Introducing Smarter Share Buttons to Accelerate Your Sharing and Website Engagement
We’re thrilled to be releasing Smart Share Buttons, a new feature for our Inline and Sticky... 2m read
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
NLP Technique: Improve Consumer Experiences with Named Entity Recognition (NER)
It's a bit of a conundrum. In today's digital age, data makes the business world go... 6m read
How to Set Up Cloudflare for WordPress
Having a secure and fast website is crucial to building a business in a modern economy.... 5m read