An Overview of Social Media Advertising

It seems that social media has taken over the internet. From sharing memes to connecting with friends and family, many platforms have become daily go-to spots on the web for today’s internet users. And where the people go, advertising is sure to follow.

If you own a business with a digital presence, it’s necessary to break into social media advertising at some point. This basic guide tells you why you should give it a chance and how to get started on some of the most popular advertising platforms. 

Why Social Media Advertising?

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Advertising on social media offers a lot of benefits to modern businesses. Here are some top considerations:

Social Media Is Where Your Audience Is

More than half the world is on social media (57.6% in 2021, according to Datareportal). In the United States, that number was 82% in 2021, increasing by 2% from the previous year. It’s safe to say that your ideal customers are spending time on at least one social media platform, giving you an easy way to find them and appeal to them through advertising. 

You Can Track Everything

Social media advertising is extremely trackable through built-in platform analytics. Whether you’re advertising through Facebook, Snapchat, or LinkedIn, you can see exactly what’s happening with your ads. View them through the lens of specific metrics to tailor the ads to your business’s needs. 

You Can Retarget Customers

Through social media advertising, one customer doesn’t have to be a customer just one time. Retargeting capabilities allow you to keep finding that customer on other platforms to market to them there, too. Plus, social media lets you get very specific about your ideal customers to begin with, ensuring that you target only the best audience for your business.

How to Advertise on Top Social Media Platforms

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Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were the first social media platforms to open the doors to advertising. Today, just about every platform allows advertising once they get popular enough for that next step. Here’s how to advertise on some of the most well-known social media platforms to date.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook got the advertising ball rolling back in 2006, but it remains an excellent place for businesses of all types and sizes to advertise. Once you get the hang of targeting, Facebook ads can be budget-friendly and reach a significant audience.

To set up ad campaigns on Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook business page. Then, head over to Facebook Ads Manager to create a campaign. You can choose to start one from scratch or have the guide walk you through it.

Check out these Facebook ad examples for tips to create successful campaigns on the platform.

Advertising on YouTube

Video ads do great on YouTube, which tends to play ads related to the videos users watch.

Start advertising on YouTube by signing up for YouTube Ads. Then, use YouTube’s advanced targeting options to get in front of your ideal audience.  

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram offers sponsored ads, Story ads, and boosted posts for you to reach more people on the platform. 

To advertise, you’ll need an Instagram Business account. Then, walk through the process to set up a campaign, define your budget, and target your audience. 

Learn more about creating successful Instagram ads.

Advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat advertising is perfect for businesses that target younger crowds between 15 and 35 years of age. Its fun and modern interactions allow customers to get up-close and personal with their favorite brands. 

Begin by creating a Snapchat Business account. Then, use Ads Manager to set up your campaigns.

Businesses can also get creative with other forms of advertising, such as sponsored Filters and Lenses. 

Advertising on Twitter

With a Twitter Business account you can create sponsored ads that show up within a user’s Twitter feed. Ads look just like regular posts, so they don’t take away from the overall user experience, which is a major plus for many social media users.

To get people interested in your ad, consider offering a discount or freebie and have an engaging photo.

Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest is great for advertising with photos or videos that do the talking. 

Set up a Pinterest Business account to start an ad campaign. Then, consider creating video or interactive ads that stand out from a user’s regular feed. 

Advertising on TikTok

TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms to enter the scene, but it’s soared in popularity since it started.

With a TikTok for Business account, you can get started on campaigns that get in front of its one billion active users.

When setting up campaigns, be sure to choose the right type of ad for your goals. TikTok allows different types of advertising, like branded filters, carousel ads, and topview ads.  

Check out our Ultimate Guide to TikTok Ads to learn more.

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best for business-to-business advertising with its professional vibe.

Choose from various forms of ads, like video or event ads, to show to like-minded professionals on LinkedIn. You can also engage prospects through LinkedIn Message Ads and Sponsored Messaging

Get the Most from Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media platforms offer creative ways to advertise your business to the people who are most likely to be interested in it. While managing social media advertising campaigns across multiple social media networks can be complex, it’s not the only way to grow your social media presence. Install social media share buttons on your blog or website to give your visitors a quick, easy way to share your powerful content with their networks across all their favorite social media networks. They’re easy to install in just minutes, and totally free to use!

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