50 Best Survey Creators to Gain Valuable Feedback for Your Business

It’s invaluable to gather opinions from the people your business works with the most. Getting feedback from employees can help you make sure you’re doing what’s best for them while moving your business forward. And hearing from your customers ensures that you create products and services that make a difference in their lives. Good news: There are dozens of easy to use survey creators to help you quickly create effective and visually appealing surveys that your target audience will happily participate in.

When done right, surveys can make your employees or customers feel like you value their opinions and care about how well you’re meeting their needs. Taking steps to gather feedback and improve employee satisfaction helps you retain your best team members, and making your customers happy reduces customer churn and fosters loyalty. Satisfied customers who feel valued by your business are more likely to become brand advocates who will help you market your brand by providing customer testimonials, recommending your business to friends, family members, or their professional networks, and making repeat purchases.

Now that you know how surveys can benefit your business, how do you get started? Online survey creators let you ask the right questions to the right people to get the answers you need to improve your business. You don’t need coding or graphic design expertise to use a survey creator, and many provide data visualizations to help you understand your results and share them with your team.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 50 of the best free and paid survey creators to help you collect that all-important feedback. For your convenience, we’ve listed these survey creators alphabetically in each category. Otherwise, they aren’t ranked or rated in any particular order. 

Free Survey Creators

1. AidaForm



AidaForm’s survey creation tool lets you create engaging surveys with simple, attractive layouts with a few clicks of your mouse. Or, drag elements where you want them using the drag-and-drop editor. Choose between a traditional survey with multiple questions, or add more engagement with conversational surveys. The free version allows up to 100 responses per month and 500 MB storage, making it a good option for smaller audiences. Paid plans are available for those who need to gather a larger number of responses.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • 500 MB storage for free users
  • Video and audio surveys

Paid Plans: Start at $8/month

2. Crowdsignal



Build by the creators of WordPress, Crowdsignal is a WordPress plugin designed to bring crowdsourcing to surveys. Make one survey with Crowdsignal and share it on your social media channels, website, or emails, and get responses from anyone with the link. Then, use the dashboard to see the results of your surveys as they come in. Export your data to your choice spreadsheet tool to analyze as needed. With Crowdsignal, you can collect up to 2,500 signals per month. If you need more, paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive survey builder
  • Multi-language support
  • Compatible with WordPress 

Paid Plans: Start at $15/month, paid annually

3. Delighted



Brands like Instacart and Peloton rely on Delighted to get feedback when they need it. Start with a premade template to get your survey up and running quickly. Delighted’s analytics dashboard lets you organize data by keywords, scores, and other metrics to make your data work for you. Free plans give access to three team members and allow up to 1,000 monthly survey sends using one delivery platform (email, web, link, or SDK). For a larger survey send limit and the ability to use all delivery platforms, paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Follow-up questions
  • Survey scheduling
  • Detailed survey reporting

Paid Plans: Start at $224/month, billed annually

4. Formaloo



Formaloo is an intelligent form builder with several survey templates that you can customize to your business’s needs. For example, Formaloo has customer feedback, online survey, and team evaluation templates to use. Free plans include unlimited survey responses, but paid plans are also available for those who want to take advantage of other features such as workflow automation and advance fields and blocks.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • WordPress plugin
  • Dozens of survey templates

Paid Plans: Start at $9/editor/month

5. Forms.app



Primarily a form builder, Forms.app’s drag-and-drop tool helps you create surveys just as easily. You can also start with a survey template to customize with your own questions and fields. Free plans give you ten forms with up to 150 responses each month. For a greater volume of forms and responses, there are a number of paid tiers offered as well.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Real-time results
  • Integrations with Zapier, PayPal, and more

Paid Plans: Start at $12/month, billed annually

6. FreeOnlineSurveys


FreeOnlineSurveys is easily one of the best survey creators for small businesses that don’t need anything fancy. Survey elements are simple and clean, and you can fully brand your survey with your brand’s colors, fonts, and imagery. The no-cost plan offers unlimited surveys and up to 1,000 responses. Paid business plans are offered through Kwik Surveys, which is listed later in this guide.

Key Features:

  • No tracking cookies on surveys
  • 22 question types
  • Report filtering and exporting

Paid Plans: Start at $12.99/month, billed annually

7. Google Forms


Google Forms

If you’re looking for free free, Google Forms is it. This survey creator is completely free with a Google account, and your surveys can work on any device on which Google products work. The simplified analytics display in easy-to-read charts and graphs for quick reviews. Turn off responses at any time with the toggle of a button. Google Forms is part of Google Workplace, which does have paid plans if the free plan isn’t adequate for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Set rules for responses
  • Mobile creation and responses 

Paid Plans: Start at $12/user/month

8. Hotjar



Hotjar’s survey tool helps you create surveys in minutes to get feedback on your products or services. When you sign up, you’ll also get access to Hotjar’s other products to help you learn more about your customers through feedback, visual recordings, and heatmaps. On the free plan, you get 35 daily sessions and can store up to 1,050 sessions per month. If you need more, Hotjar also offers paid plans.

Key Features:

  • Question bank for inspiration
  • Space for up to 3 surveys
  • Simple script installation for websites

Paid Plans: Start at $31/month, billed annually

9. Involve.me



Get up to 100 responses a month with Involve.me’s free plan plus access to its huge database of templates to get started. Customize the look of your surveys with Google Fonts and the element survey builder. Paid plans are also available for larger response volumes.

Key Features:

  • Email follow-ups for survey respondents
  • Turn surveys into landing pages
  • 200+ templates 

Paid Plans: Start at $19/month, billed annually

10. Jotform



Jotform connects to more than 150 other apps and services to keep your workflow moving. Use its form builder to create customer feedback surveys, follow-up surveys, employee surveys, and more. Move respondents quickly through your surveys with conditional logic that react to each answer. If you do decide to scale up to a paid plan, you can get 50% off as a nonprofit or educational institution and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • 872 survey templates
  • Storage for 500 submissions
  • 24/7 customer support

Paid Plans: Start at $24/month, billed annually

11. MoboSurvey



MoboSurvey’s website might look somewhat outdated, but it’s also incredibly simple to use. Create a survey in minutes by dragging and dropping fields into the editor and customizing your questions. Unlimited polls and surveys with up to 100 responses per month are included in the free plan. There’s also an affordable paid plan offering up to 10,000 responses per month.

Key Features:

  • Conditional logic surveys
  • Free templates
  • Stripped-down settings and customization 

Paid Plans: Start at $5/month

12. Qualtrics



Qualtrics enlists the help of survey experts to design its survey templates. Choose from eight question types, like form fields, text entry, and multiple choice. The tool sends you recommendations as you build your surveys to make sure you include everything you need for reliable data collection. Qualtrics also offers paid products for a variety of use cases if you’re looking for a more comprehensive customer feedback solution.

Key Features:

  • More than 50 survey templates
  • 500 responses per survey
  • Custom themes

Paid Plans: Contact Qualtrics for a quote on other products

13. QuestionPro



QuestionPro caters to businesses of all sizes, even on its free plan, which includes unlimited surveys with up to 300 responses each. Create custom paths with your surveys based on previous answers with the tool’s skip logic branching. In addition, 24/7 support is available to free accounts. Paid plans are offered for businesses that require a larger volume of responses.

Key Features:

  • 25+ question types
  • Branding capabilities
  • Shareable analytics dashboards 

Paid Plans: Start at $129/month, billed annually

14. SmartSurvey



Count on SmartSurvey to create simple yet beautiful surveys that people will want to take. Get unique links to your surveys to share them how you see fit. Free plans are somewhat limited with 15 questions and up to 100 responses per month, but if you need a one-off survey here and there, SmartSurvey could be a viable option. Paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Automation tools for quick survey creation
  • No credit card to sign up for free accounts

Paid Plans: Start at £30/month, billed annually

15. SurveyMonkey



If you’ve taken a survey online from another business, you’ve probably been introduced to SurveyMonkey at some point. This tool is one of the most popular of its kind, thanks to its story-like surveys and powerful analytics. Free plans get up to ten questions and unlimited surveys, and paid plans are also available if you need more.

Key Features:

  • Expert templates
  • Integrations with workflow and analytics apps
  • Discounts for students and educators on paid plans

Paid Plans: Start at $25/user/month, billed annually for teams and $16/month, billed annually for individuals

16. SurveyNuts



Find some of the most unique ways to make surveys, polls, and quizzes with SurveyNuts. The tool offers picture and text polls, open-ended forms, interactive surveys, and more. There’s also a printer-friendly option if you’d like to distribute paper copies of your surveys. The free plan offers up to 10 questions and 100 responses per survey, and paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Answer word clouds
  • IP filtering
  • File uploading 

Paid Plans: Start at $17/month

17. SurveyPlanet



For simple surveys without logic branching and reporting filters, use SurveyPlanet’s free plan. You’ll get unlimited surveys and responses, over 90 templates, and the ability to share surveys via social media or email. SurveyPlanet also lets you duplicate surveys with a click to save time creating multiple surveys. There are also paid plans available if you want to take advantage of custom themes, question branching, and other features.

Key Features:

  • SSL security
  • Anonymous response option
  • Survey archiving 

Paid Plans: Start at $20/month

18. SurveyRock



Get the exact answers you need with SurveyRock’s multiple question types and social media sharing. With the free plan, you can have unlimited surveys with 15 questions and 125 responses each. Upgrade to a paid plan for survey logic, custom URLs, and more sharing and reporting options. 

Key Features:

  • QR code sharing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Survey themes 

Paid Plans: Start at $15/month, billed annually

19. SurveySparrow



SurveySparrow’s survey-building interface is as intuitive as its surveys. Use the drag-and-drop builder to add questions and create visual workflows for question responses and triggers. Free accounts get three active survey projects at a time, and paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Conversational surveys
  • Embed and QR codes for sharing
  • Unlimited account users 

Paid Plans: Start at $99/month, billed annually for business accounts and $19/month, billed annually for personal accounts

20. Survs



Use the Survs clean and organized interface to create surveys with multiple question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and matrix. Super detailed reporting helps you analyze results. You can even share reports on the web with your audience that include only the data you’d like them to see. You get 5 questions and 100 responses per survey on the free plan, or you can upgrade to a paid plan for more responses and unlimited questions.

Key Features:

  • Pre-populate survey answers
  • GDPR compliant
  • File upload capability

Paid Plans: Start at €19/month

21. Typeform



Typeform makes some of the most interactive and engaging surveys on the web. The conversational stories move users from one question to another seamlessly in a way that keeps them interested. Free accounts get unlimited surveys with up to ten questions each and up to ten responses per month, making it a good option for quick product feedback or small focus studies. Paid plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Embed codes
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Airtable, and more
  • Custom survey endings 

Paid Plans: Start at $21/month, billed annually

22. Zoho Survey


Zoho Survey

If you have a few questions to gather customer feedback, try Zoho Survey’s free plan, which gives you unlimited surveys with ten questions each. Start with one of over 250 survey templates to customize your survey quickly. There’s even an option for pop-up surveys that can display when someone visits your website. Paid plans are available for unlimited questions and responses and other advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Several question types
  • Support for 26 languages
  • Email survey embedding

Paid Plans: Start at $25/month, billed annually

23. Alchemer



Formerly SurveyGizmo, Alchemer caters to businesses with frequent surveying or market research needs. Get unlimited surveys with an unlimited number of questions plus survey logic, raw data reports, and URL sharing with any paid plan. 

Key Features:

  • Dozens of question types
  • Browser redirects after survey completion
  • Advanced logic conditions 

Cost: $49-$249 per user, per month

24. AskNicely



AskNicely helps you ask the right questions to your clients or customers to learn more about what they love or think you could improve on. It also has tools for employee feedback, recognition, and feedback workflows. 

Key Features:

  • Mobile and SMS surveys
  • Publish feedback in real-time
  • Responsive support team 

Cost: Starts at $199/month

25. Block Survey


Block Survey

BlockSurvey is all about privacy. The tool keeps your data safe through end-to-end encryption and doesn’t use trackers or other data collection tools to gather information from survey participants. Choose from dozens of survey templates to get started quickly.

Key Features:

  • Free from ads and trackers
  • Increased completion rate with conversational surveys
  • Branding kit creation 

Cost: $25-$65/month

26. Doodle



Doodle’s unique service lets you create quick surveys for employees to suggest scheduling for meetings, events, and other company happenings. Once you create a poll and get the responses you need, you can have Doodle book the event and send out invites automatically. 

Key Features:

  • Calendar integrations
  • Confidential answers and participation
  • Deadlines and auto-reminders

Cost: $6.95-$8.95 per user, per month

27. Feedback Loop


Feedback Loop

Use Feedback Loop to gather opinions and suggestions about products before you start creating them. Use survey templates to get the right setup and questions you need depending on your specific situation, like feature feedback or early-stage discovery. Detailed reporting can help you decide which route to take.

Key Features:

  • Data exporting
  • One-click report sharing
  • Test completion in as little as three days 

Cost: $1.5k-$4.8k/month

28. Formstack



Formstack offers solutions for businesses to make creating and organizing their documents easier. Its online survey creator available in its Forms plan lets you use premade themes to create surveys quickly. Conditional logic, A/B testing, and drag-and-drop building help you make engaging surveys and get the results you need. 

Key Features:

  • Branded surveys
  • Over 60 integrations
  • Mobile-responsive surveys 

Cost: $50-$208/month

29. GetFeedback



Get valuable feedback from your customers with GetFeedback’s online survey creator. All plans integrate with Salesforce so that you can use your sales data to target the audience you need to provide feedback.

Key Features:

  • Website survey embedding
  • Survey templates
  • SMS and chat feedback 

Cost: Contact GetFeedback for a custom quote

30. Kwik Surveys


Kwik Surveys

With Kwik Surveys, you can make surveys or quizzes in minutes. Customize surveys using your company’s branding, and invite as many as five users to collaborate, create, and analyze. Students and nonprofits can register accounts for as little as $2.99 per month when paid annually.

Key Features:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Email invite builder
  • Automated scoring for quizzes 

Cost: Starts at $12.99/month for most users if paid annually

31. Latana



Latana is for businesses that want to make mobile-optimized surveys for customer feedback. Use Latana’s in-house team to assist you in asking the right questions and setting up your surveys for the best results. 

Key Features:

  • Custom branding
  • Simplified mobile surveys
  • Optimized question flow 

Cost: Contact Latana for custom pricing

32. MightyForms



MightyForms is an online form builder that also has survey-making capabilities. Start with one of its many premade templates, like interview evaluations, customer feedback surveys, and business plan questionnaires. Integrate with Salesforce, Asana, and other tools your company uses to improve your workflow. 

Key Features:

  • Custom plans available
  • Responsive forms
  • NPS calculator 

Cost: Starts at $15 per month

33. Phonic



Phonic is the leading survey creator for audio and video surveys. Consider Phonic for user testing surveys, such as website tests or mobile app tests, where hearing or seeing instant feedback can come in handy. Use your analytics to build shareable reports for your audience or clients.

Key Features:

  • 15 unique question types
  • Audio, video, and screen recordings
  • Embed surveys into your website

Cost: $36-$79/month

34. Picreel



Exit surveys are much simpler than regular feedback or market research surveys. If exit surveys are all you need, try Picreel. Make quick exit popups to improve your leads and sales, and learn what you can do it improve based on customer feedback. The creator walks you through each step, so no design or coding experience is necessary.

Key Features:

  • Pop-up timer
  • Mobile integration
  • 3-day free trial 

Cost: Starts at $14/month

35. ProProfs Survey Maker


ProProfs Survey Maker

Make surveys from over 100 templates with ProProfs. Add your branding to engage respondents and use skip logic and branching to help you get the answers you need. Multiple survey types, like website sidebars and pop-up surveys, give you the opportunity to engage survey-takers in the ways that make sense for your business.

Key Features:

  • Over 20 types of questions
  • Social sharing
  • Conversational or traditional surveys

Cost: Starts at $0.05/response

36. Qualaroo



Start with one of Qualaroo’s templates to build a survey in minutes. Whether you need feedback on your website, products, or user experience, Qualaroo has a template with helpful questions to get your survey off the ground. Analyze results with in-depth reporting and export them with a click.

Key Features:

  • Curated questions for quick setup
  • Advanced user targeting
  • Auto NPS calculation 

Cost: Starts at $80/month

37. Refiner



Refiner offers customizable widgets to place in your apps or websites for quick feedback in the places where your customers frequent. Choose from multiple data collection types and feedback systems, including NPS, CES, and PMF. 

Key Features:

  • In-app surveys
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Customized survey flows

Cost: Starts at $79/month

38. SoGoSurvey



Provide surveys to customers, employees, and clients with SoGoSurvey’s easy-to-use survey creator. It also includes an assessment tool to prequalify job candidates using your scoring system. With its broad range of survey templates, businesses in almost any industry can benefit from SoGoSurvey’s solutions.

Key Features:

  • Mobile app for creating and analyzing
  • Answer recommendations
  • Multi-language support 

Cost: Starts at $25 per month

39. SuperSurvey


Unlike other survey makers that use a drag-and-drop builder or separate tool to do the job, you can create a survey in minutes on SuperSurvey’s front page. Add your questions, choose a theme, tweak the settings, and share your survey all from the simplified tool. Despite its minimalistic survey creation tool, its in-depth results with filtering and segmenting help you get all the data you need for informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • Premade and customizable themes
  • Simple, on-website creator
  • Filterable data  

Cost: Starts at $23/month

40. SurveyAnyplace



When you need various types of feedback, try SurveyAnyplace. Here, you can not just create surveys but also quizzes, tests, and assessments, depending on your needs. It’s an excellent all-in-one solution for businesses needing customer feedback as much as onboarding quizzes and employee assessments for staff. 

Key Features:

  • Various scoring options
  • Support for surveys, quizzes, and tests
  • 7-day risk-free trial 

Cost: Starts at $33/month

41. SurveyCTO



SurveyCTO optimizes mobile data collection through easy-to-design surveys and forms. Create a survey in minutes using the intuitive builder, and monitor the data you’ve collected in real-time. SurveyCTO even sends data quality-check reports to keep you on top of your results.

Key Features:

  • Integrations with Google Sheets, Zapier, and more
  • Drag-and-drop designer
  • 24/7 technical support 

Cost: $198-$220/month

42. SurveyKiwi



SurveyKiwi makes it incredibly easy to share your surveys after you’ve designed and customized them. You’ll get a simple URL to share via email or social media, or you can embed surveys to your website or use a pop-up to encourage people to participate. 

Key Features:

  • File uploads
  • Email embedding
  • Customizable thank-you screens 

Cost: Starts at $7/month

43. SurveyLab



Use SurveyLab from your web browser to create surveys and questionnaires in minutes. All paid plans come with themes, report filtering, and survey logic, but you’ll need a higher-tier plan to get advanced metrics, data trends, and dashboards. 

Key Features:

  • Works on mobile devices
  • NPS, CSAT, and CES scoring
  • Multi-language support

Cost: Starts at $40/month

44. SurveyLegend



Use one of SurveyLegend’s premade templates designed for multiple industries and use types to create a survey quickly. Choose from several question types, including multiple choice, picture selections, ratings, and opinion scales. 

Key Features:

  • Unique URLs for sharing
  • Advanced branching and logic
  • Spam-bot protection 

Cost: Starts at $15/month

45. SurveySensum



Don’t have time to create surveys yourself? Let SurveySensum do it for you. Let the team know your research topic and goals, and they’ll put together a survey that will get you the answers you need from its already-made panel of consumers. Note that this particular panel is made up of Indonesian consumers, so it may not meet your needs if you’re looking for a different demographic.

Key Features:

  • 24-hour insights
  • More than 2 million panelists
  • WhatsApp survey capabilities 

Cost: Starts at $49/month

46. Survicate



Survicate is one of the most intuitive survey creators you’ll find, thanks to its guided builder that helps you every step of the way as you set up your surveys. Additionally, every time you add a question, you can preview the survey to make sure it looks just right from a respondent’s view.

Key Features:

  • 15 question types
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Guided building process 

Cost: Starts at $65/month

47. Survio



Survio is a fully customizable survey creator with more than 70 design options and several templates to kick things off. Templates target all kinds of feedback, including product pricing, candidate assessment, and patient satisfaction. 

Key Features:

  • More than 100 templates
  • Fast, 24/7 support team
  • Data exportation

Cost: Starts at $16.58/month

48. Tripetto



Tripetto is a plugin for WordPress that lets you create surveys from right within the WordPress dashboard. Choose between classic surveys, conversational surveys, and chat-based surveys to meet your feedback needs. Your data also gets stored in WordPress, so you won’t have to leave the platform to get the information you need.

Key Features:

  • Storyboard form and survey creator
  • Fully customizable designs
  • More than 1,000 connected services 

Cost: $99-$799 per year

49. VerticalResponse



Make mobile-optimized surveys using VerticalResponse. Add helpful automation like skip logic and question randomization to change the behavior of your surveys. Pricing for this service depends on your email list size, as it’s primarily an email marketing platform. 

Key Features:

  • 11 question types
  • Email marketing features
  • Real-time results and reporting 

Cost: Starts at $11/month

50. Wufoo



Wufoo comes from the same creators as SurveyMonkey, but its free plan only includes up to five forms or surveys. Otherwise, the services offer similar features, but Wufoo focuses more on form building and e-commerce hosting with the additional benefit of creating online surveys. If you need more than just surveys, Wufoo is the better option.

Key Features:

  • Google Analytics tracking on select plans
  • Up to 20 GB of cloud storage
  • Stores data safely in the cloud 

Cost: Starts at $14.08/month

Creating surveys is half the battle when it comes to market research or customer feedback. The other part is having an engaged audience who elects to participate in your surveys. Grow your audience with the help of ShareThis by installing our follow buttons and share buttons on your website. 

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