Value Proposition Examples: 50 Stellar Value Proposition Examples to Inspire Your Own

A value proposition is a statement that tells customers why they can rely on a product, service, or business to give them what they need. Usually, the value proposition solves some kind of problem or need the customer has.

These marketing statements have become incredibly valuable in digital marketing, especially. People have numerous comparable businesses at their fingertips, and the right value proposition can quickly lure them over to the option that attracts them most. You can use your value proposition on your landing pages, in your pop-up ads, on your Facebook cover photo, and anywhere you need a succinct, powerful statement that conveys what your brand has to offer.

Need inspiration for your own value proposition or want to get an idea of how they work? We’ve gathered 50 of the best value proposition examples to help.

We’ve organized the value proposition examples below into the following categories. However, these are not in order of importance or value, and some examples may fit into more than one category.

Customer-Focused Value Propositions

Customer-focused value propositions tell the customer what they can expect from the company’s product or service.  

1. BetterhelpYou deserve to be happy.


Betterhelp — You deserve to be happy.

Betterhelp is an online professional therapy service for adults, teens, and couples. The company uses a simple phrase as its value proposition to encourage website visitors to start the process of getting online therapy.

Why It Works: In only five words, Betterhelp tells potential customers exactly what they can expect when they choose the service: to be happy.

2. UpworkHow work should work


Upwork — How work should work

Upwork is a marketplace for freelance professionals to find work with clients who need their services. The platform has been a leader in the freelance industry, also advocating for the flexibility and rights of freelancers and companies using freelancers.

Why It Works: This value proposition appeals to both freelancers and clients who use Upwork, as the goal of both parties is to make working easier.

3. QuickBooksTools to help your business thrive


QuickBooks - Tools to help your business thrive

QuickBooks offers a complete software suite for business owners, including accounting, inventory management, and payroll tools. It works as a one-stop shop for companies to manage and organize their finances, and it does an excellent job explaining that on its website.

Why It Works: What business owner doesn’t want their business to thrive? This short value proposition tells them that QuickBooks has the tools they need.

4. Nested BeanGive yourself the gift of sleep


Nested Bean — Give yourself the gift of sleep

Nested Bean creates baby sleepwear designed to improve sleep and reduce fussiness. This value proposition indeed sticks out to new, sleep-deprived parents looking for ways to make their lives a little easier.

Why It Works: This witty play on words tells parents two things they want to hear: their baby will sleep better, and they’ll get more sleep.

5. GrammarlyGreat writing, simplified


Grammarly — Great writing, simplified

Writers and non-writers alike can benefit from using Grammarly, a service that uses artificial intelligence to suggest edits for punctuation, grammar, clarity, and more. This short and sweet value proposition tells prospective customers exactly what they want to hear. 

Why It Works: Grammarly’s statement is short, to-the-point, and clearly focused on what a customer can expect from its service.

6. PaychexPayroll, HR, and benefits for today’s workplace


Paychex — Payroll, HR, and benefits for today's workplace

Paychex has digital solutions for businesses to keep track of payroll, group health insurance, and more. It positions its customer-focused value proposition above the fold of the website, detailing its top services for clients.

Why It Works: From the moment you arrive on the Paychex website, you know exactly what its service is designed to do for you.

7. PostmatesYou want it. We get it.


Postmates — You want it. We get it.

Postmates picks food orders up from restaurants and delivers them to your door quickly and reliably. Its value proposition is placed right above where customers input their address for deliveries.

Why It Works: This statement is as simple as can be, almost with a prehistoric format. But, that simplicity is also what makes it attention-grabbing. 

8. SnowflakeWhere your data cloud experience begins 


Snowflake — Where your data cloud experience begins 

Snowflake offers data cloud solutions for various industries. Its value proposition sits near the middle of the landing page with more detailed benefits below. 

Why It Works: Snowflake’s value prop may not be as immediately clear from the get-go as others. However, this ambiguity can intrigue web visitors to learn more by checking out its services. 

9. ZoomDesign more engaging virtual events


Zoom — Design more engaging virtual events

Zoom is undoubtedly known best for its video conferencing service. But the company also features plenty of others, like collaborative whiteboards and virtual event hosting. This value proposition points toward its virtual event solutions.

Why It Works: People who want an easier way to bring entertainment and engagement to their virtual events know that they can make it happen with Zoom. 

10. CJ —  More brands. More opportunity. More growth.


CJ —  More brands. More opportunity. More growth.

CJ connects brands with publishers who share about them with their audiences. On its publisher landing page, you’ll find this three-in-one value proposition targeting some of the company’s benefits for affiliate marketers. 

Why It Works: CJ lists out three of its top benefits for affiliate publishers with quick, snappy statements to get right to the point.

11. SlackOne platform for your team and your work


Slack — One platform for your team and your work

Slack helps teams stay on track via a digital platform that’s part workflow organizer and part communication tool. The company poses this value proposition on its Features landing page to give potential users an overview of the impact Slack can have on their teams.

Why It Works: From one sentence alone, Slack’s website visitors know that this one tool should take care of most — if not all — of their collaboration needs.

12. Oats OvernightPrep tonight. Win tomorrow.


Oats Overnight — Prep tonight. Win tomorrow.

Oats Overnight offers prepackaged overnight oats in a mix of classic and fun flavors. The company focuses on making breakfast simple with an easy way to prep oats the night before and have a protein-packed meal in the morning. 

Why It Works: This value proposition basically tells the company’s whole mission of healthy and easy breakfasts in two quick sentences. It leaves just enough to the imagination for people to want to hit the Shop Now button, too.

13. TruGreenA healthy outdoor living space made easy 


TruGreen — A healthy outdoor living space made easy 

TruGreen’s lawn services are among the most well-known in the country. Not only do they have lawn care and maintenance services, but they also customize plans for each customer based on their lawn’s needs. As a result, customers have somewhat of a hands-off approach to lawn care, which is what the “made easy” part of the value proposition alludes to.

Why It Works: Homeowners coming to TruGreen for help are looking to get results in a straightforward way and would likely find this value proposition highly appealing.

14. AsanaWork on big ideas, without the busywork


Asana — Work on big ideas, without the busywork

A project management tool that boosts productivity through organized workflows, Asana features multiple board types for businesses to find the right layout for their tasks. Everyone stays in the loop via alerts and communication tools, while automation helps repetitive tasks keep moving. Asana’s value proposition tells customers that they can get some extraneous tasks off their hands by using it.

Why It Works: Project management tools are all about productivity, and Asana promises to make work easier with its statement.

15. HootsuiteSocial is your superpower


Hootsuite — Social is your superpower

Hootsuite lets users schedule social media content and track their social media engagement and conversations. The helpful tool gives people with a decent understanding of how social media works some extra help. Its unique value proposition is all about the customer and their expertise.

Why It Works: This value proposition butters up potential customers, enticing them to learn more. Still, the statement has an underlying hint urging them to rely on Hootsuite to take time off their hands.

16. Fiverr WorkspaceAutomate your business’s back office with Workspace


Fiverr Workspace — Automate your business's back office with Workspace

Businesses can create and send invoices, make contracts and proposals, and get other business tasks organized with Fiverr Workspace. The company’s value proposition focuses on making it all easier with automation.

Why It Works: This statement speaks to Fiverr Workspace’s ideal customer, who would probably love to save time and energy by automating redundant tasks.

17. Stitch FixDiscovering styles you love just got easier


Stitch Fix — Discovering styles you love just got easier

Stitch Fix is a clothing service that uses real stylists to help customers put together outfits or find new pieces to add to their wardrobe. It draws in customers by letting them know they can bring style to their closets in a simple way.

Why It Works: This value proposition leaves a little bit of mystery. Customers will want to know how Stitch Fix can help, which might encourage them to take the style quiz. 

18. Constant ContactGrow your business with email and more 


Constant Contact — Grow your business with email and more 

A leading email marketing service, Constant Contact generates leads from various sources around the web, including social media platforms. Its value proposition tells potential customers that email is central to its service, but also hints at “more.”

Why It Works: It leaves just enough to the imagination for website visitors to want to know what “more” the company offers.

19. FedExManage your shipments and returns


FedEx — Manage your shipments and returns

Above FedEx’s shipment management options is a short value proposition that points customers to the services, like package returns and package drop-offs. These services solve most problems customers would come to FedEx for.

Why It Works: This statement is simple and tells customers what they can do with FedEx shipment management tools, almost like a CTA. 

20. RingSecure home, secure network


Ring — Secure home, secure network

Ring’s smart home security products include video doorbells, security cameras, and smart lighting. The company uses this value proposition to advertise its Alarm Pro Security Kit with a built-in Wi-Fi router and secure connection. 

Why It Works: These four words tell potential customers that the kit will protect both their home and internet network, covering two primary security concerns for homeowners. 

21. BraunPermanently smooth skin all year


Braun — Permanently smooth skin all year

Braun makes grooming and hair removal products for men and women. As you scroll down the main website page, you’ll come to this statement advertising one of the brand’s at-home hair removal systems for women. 

Why It Works: Who doesn’t want to waste time shaving when they don’t have to? This value proposition speaks right to the women who would be shopping for this Braun product.

22. TruliaDiscover a place you’ll love to live


Trulia — Discover a place you'll love to live

Find rentals, homes for sale, and sold properties in your area with Trulia. The company’s motto doubles as a value proposition it uses across its website, including right above its primary search tool for people to plug in a location. 

Why It Works: The line tells customers what they can get from Trulia in an engaging, memorable way.

23. FreshbooksSupport for whatever stage of business you’re in


Freshbooks — Support for whatever stage

Freshbooks is accounting software for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and businesses. This value proposition sits above a section that explains how the Freshbooks support staff can help its clients.

Why It Works: Catering directly to a pain point of your prospects is an excellent way to grab their attention.

Product-Focused Value Propositions

These value propositions are product-focused, meaning that they tell the customer how the product, service, or company differs from competitors.

24. Acure100% vegan. 0% pretentious.


Acure — 100% vegan. 0% pretentious.

This beauty company sells vegan products that are also free of sulfates, parabens, and other toxins commonly found in the industry’s products. Acure sets itself apart with its value proposition, which lets customers know that it’s truly as vegan-friendly as it claims.

Why It Works: Shoppers visiting Acure might be tired of companies saying their products are vegan-friendly but finding that they aren’t. This value proposition gives them some hope that they can find what they need with Acure. 

25. Ollie —  Freshly cooked, human-grade


Ollie —  Freshly cooked, human-grade

Ollie makes fresh-cooked food for dogs, then delivers it to your home with a meal plan subscription. It offers both fresh and baked foods formulated by veterinary experts, and it uses its human-grade quality to appeal to customers.

Why It Works: Noting one of the primary features customers might look for in your service is an excellent way to bring them on board.

26. Orkin —  The Orkin pros. The best in…


Orkin —  The Orkin pros. The best in…

Orkin’s value proposition changes at the top of its website to include different pests it treats, like mosquitoes and ants, noting that it’s “The best” in the business.

Why It Works: Orkin shows that it’s the best at tackling various different pests, casting a wide net of people who could benefit from the company’s services.

27. ShareThisUnlocking the power of global digital behavior


ShareThis — Unlocking the power of global digital behavior

ShareThis puts the spotlight on its ability to help people make the internet work for them. Below the value proposition are CTAs to learn more about its website tools, data compliance solutions, and other offerings.

Why It Works: Its headline format catches the eye as soon as people visit the website, and it leads right into naming its helpful tools.

28. Apple iOS 15In touch. In the moment.


Apple iOS 15 — In touch

Apple updated its iOS to strengthen connections and enhance its technology. The company’s In touch. In the moment. value proposition hints at what the new update includes without giving too much away.

Why It Works: Visitors will probably want to keep scrolling through the landing page to learn more about it.

29. BitlyShort links, big results 


Bitly — Short links, big results 

Bitly shortens links to make them simpler and cleaner, ideal for sharing on social media platforms. Because these smaller links are often more shareable, Bitly’s play on words is perfect for boosting its image.

Why It Works: Probably not everyone who visits Bitly knows that shortened links can be helpful for social media growth, but this value proposition might entice them to learn more. 

30. Misfits MarketNot your normal grocery store 


Misfits Market — Not your normal grocery store 

Misfits Market is an online grocery store with affordable pricing on organic produce and sustainable pantry items. It also sells items that are a bit too imperfect to sell in typical grocery stores, making it “Not your normal grocery store.”

Why It Works: Together, the company name and value proposition are an excellent combination to show customers that it offers something unique.

31. RobinhoodInvesting is simple here 


Robinhood — Investing is simple here 

Investing platform Robinhood tells potential investors that it has the power to simplify money management right before leading into its call-to-action button.   

Why It Works: This statement is definitely compelling for people who want an easy way to invest, and it entices them to learn more. 

32. ZendeskChampions of…


Zendesk — Champions of…

Zendesk uses its primary value proposition space to switch out phrases, creating propositions like, “Champions of customer service” and “Champions of social messaging.” This gives potential customers an idea of the many tasks Zendesk can handle.

Why It Works: The multi-proposition approach really works wonders when you have various types of clients who could use your service.

33. Mosaic FoodsVeggie-packed meals in minutes 


Mosaic Foods — Veggie-packed meals in minutes 

Mosaic Foods is a plant-based meal subscription box focusing on real ingredients and saving time in the kitchen, and its value proposition is succinct, to the point, and perfectly in sync with what the company offers.

Why It Works: This value proposition hits two birds with one stone by mentioning vegetables and quick meals, both of which cater to the brand’s ideal audience.  

34. Mrs. Meyer’sRooted in goodness 


Mrs. Meyer's — Rooted in goodness 

Scroll down a little on the Mrs. Meyer’s website, and you’ll find this value prop right above several key features of the brand’s cleaning products, like being cruelty-free and made with essential oils.

Why It Works: Mrs. Meyer’s uses a clever play on words to hint at its plant-based ingredients, something its customer base keeps coming back for. 

35. ShopifyThe platform commerce is built on


Shopify — The platform commerce is built on

Shopify is a building and marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. Its headline value proposition is solely to tell others how awesome Shopify is. 

Why It Works: Shopify tells people that it’s the go-to e-commerce platform, which can build trust with potential customers.

36. SquiblerWhere writers get serious


Squibler - Where writers get serious

Squibler is an editing platform and project management tool for writers. Above the call to action is its value proposition, which tells writers that it’s the tool to use if they’re serious about writing.

Why It Works: The claim makes people feel as though they’re missing out if they don’t have Squibler.

37. VimeoUnlock the power of video


Vimeo — Unlock the power of video

With its value statement, Vimeo hints that there’s a lot to uncover from its video creation tools without giving too much away.

Why It Works: It’s a bit mysterious, but it still gives website visitors just enough knowledge about Vimeo that would make them want to hit the ‘Join for free’ or ‘See plans’ buttons. 

38. Catalina CrunchDelicious snacks made healthy


Catalina Crunch — Delicious snacks made healthy

Catalina Crunch makes keto-friendly snacks and cereals that are low in sugar and big on protein and real ingredients. This value prop is very product-focused, stating, “That’s our passion,” while also giving customers a reason to buy (they’re healthy). 

Why It Works: In one line, customers know what kind of snacks they can expect from the company.

Budget-Focused Value Propositions

Budget-focused value propositions use money as the primary way to capture their audience’s attention.

39. ExpediaWhen you save more you see more 


Expedia - When you save more you see more 

Expedia saves travelers money by finding them the best deals on hotels, flights, and more. The company shares this value prop right above its login to encourage customers to collect travel points.

Why It Works: This value proposition relates directly to the service by connecting traveling with saving money, making it perfectly on-brand.

40. WeeblyBuild a free website that grows with your business


Weebly — Build a free website that grows with your business

Weebly is a popular website builder for various types of sites, including commerce. Its value proposition tells potential customers that the service easily scales with them.

Why It Works: Adding ‘free’ to your promise will usually go a long way (as long as you deliver, of course).  

41. EveryplateMake affordable, crowd-pleasing meals at home


Everyplate — Make affordable, crowd-pleasing meals at home

Right under the headline of ‘Meet Affordable Meals’ is the company’s value proposition noting that Everyplate gives customers what they need to make budget-friendly meals in their own kitchens.

Why It Works: Everyplate sums up its whole service in a few words, which is all customers need to make a decision.

42. Capital One ShoppingAutomatically get better deals when you shop online


Capital One Shopping — Automatically get better deals when you shop online

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that helps you save when online shopping. 

Why It Works: This value proposition incorporates money and time savings, two big pain points for many online shoppers. 

43. Unbounce —  Boost your ROI with smarter landing pages


Unbounce —  Boost your ROI with smarter landing pages

Unbounce is a landing page builder that helps clients create high-converting landing pages, and this value proposition clearly states that.

Why It Works: It hits a top concern for the marketers likeliest to use this service: increasing ROI. 

44. Thrive MarketSave on top brands and healthy picks, personalized for your diet and lifestyle


Thrive Market — Save on top brands and healthy picks, personalized for your diet and lifestyle

Thrive Market is a subscription grocery service that saves customers up to 30% off their favorite health-focused and organic products.  

Why It Works: In addition to saving money, it promises personalization, which people looking for specific lifestyle products will appreciate.

45. BudgetCar rentals that fit your budget


Budget — Car rentals that fit your budget

A leading car rental company, Budget includes this value proposition above its deals section, giving customers even more ways to save.

Why It Works: People come to Budget looking for rentals and savings, and this statement covers both concisely and understandably.

46. OverstockSave on fresh styles to update your space 


Overstock — Save on fresh styles to update your space 

Overstock is known for offering excellent deals on furniture and home decor. This is one of several value propositions on its homepage, attracting customers looking for ways to refresh their decor.

Why It Works: It catches the exact people it’s targeting by using keywords like fresh and update

47. PestieSave hundreds on pro-grade pest control


Pestie — Save hundreds on pro-grade pest control

Pestie is a subscription pest control service that homeowners can apply themselves. It’s designed to save customers money over professional services.

Why It Works: This value proposition tells it like it is, letting customers know they can get the same results without the high costs by taking over their pest control. 

48. LennoxYour new system. Our best offer.


Lennox — Your new system. Our best offer.

Lennox sells residential and commercial air conditioning and heating equipment. This value prop leads into a financing offer with rebates.

Why It Works: Customers want to know they’re saving a lot of money, and promising “Our best offer” is a great way to do it.

49. Affordable Health InsuranceEnsuring everyone has access to affordable health insurance

This company helps people find health insurance options they can afford in their state through valuable, in-depth resources.

Why It Works: By saying “everyone,” the company appeals to anyone who may not previously have had access to affordable health insurance. 

50. The Honest CompanyYou pick, you save


The Honest Company — You pick, you save

The Honest Company sells natural baby and beauty products. Find this value proposition where the company advertises its bundling service for diapers and wipes.

Why It Works: The Honest Company’s ideal audience — parents — want convenience and savings, and this value statement includes both.

Value propositions tell customers exactly what they can expect from your company, product, or service. Therefore, they need to appeal to your ideal audience. Like some of the companies do in these examples, it’s 100% okay to have more than one value proposition on your homepage, especially if you target multiple groups of people. Use these statements as inspiration to create your own valuable promises that will get potential customers in your corner.

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