50 Great Copywriting Examples (and Why They Work)

Copywriting can often be an underappreciated part of website design, content marketing, and even social media marketing. Even the top brands in the world don’t get their messaging right 100% of the time, but when writing is unique, relevant, and motivating it can have a powerful influence over your audience. Customers these days expect to be heard and presented with content that matters to them. Data collected by HubSpot, for example, shows that a personalized call-to-action (CTA) can result in a 202% increase in conversions versus traditional CTAs.

To better understand how leading brands approach their content marketing, we have compiled this list of 50 copywriting examples. You can find some excellent ideas among these selections and use them to better design your own content strategies. Examples are included from landing pages, websites, social media posts, and advertisements.

Our list is simply grouped by category for easy browsing (in other words, they’re not ranked or rated in order of importance or value). Take a look at these copywriting examples:

Article & Landing Page Copywriting Examples

1. ConvertKit



ConvertKit is a marketing conversion platform designed for content creators and a good example of the many content creation apps worth checking out. As experts in landing pages themselves, it’s no surprise that their website does an excellent job of conveying a lot of information in a small space. They directly address their desired audience of musicians, authors, podcasters, and coaches while offering them a free trial to get started.

Why It Works: Creating a unique offering for specific target markets helps increase engagement.

2. Dropbox



Dropbox provides file storage and collaboration tools to users worldwide. The copy on their landing page starts with the conversational statement, “Keep life organized and work moving—all in one place.” This is followed by a large blue button that presents a clear call to action, “Find the right plan for you,” making it easy for visitors to make a selection.

Why It Works: Combine an appealing opening statement with a call to action to create a compelling offer.

3. James Clear


James Clear

James Clear has become a popular influencer who recently released the book Atomic Habits. The email newsletter signup at the bottom of his landing page does an excellent job of presenting a clear value proposition. Users can sign up for his newsletter and receive 11 free email lessons to help them develop new habits in 30 days.

Why It Works: Visitors are most likely to sign up for an email list if they receive a clear gift or benefit.

4. Lyft



The rideshare platform Lyft has the unique challenge of catering to two distinct audiences at the same time – riders and drivers. The copy they use at the top of this landing page is perfect because it can speak to either audience. The rest of the landing page is packed with relevant information for riders and drivers to better understand the value that Lyft provides.

Why It Works: A landing page can cater to distinct audiences if the copy is clearly formatted and thoughtfully written.

5. Mailchimp



The integrated marketing platform Mailchimp helps individuals and businesses connect more closely with their audiences. They place a focus on clarity, and the messaging in this landing page is well-written and clearly defines the Mailchimp value proposition. The screenshot shows the start of a “We’ll help you—” section that lays out tangible goals that customers can achieve with the software.

Why It Works: Clearly presenting product features is a must for high-value conversions.

6. Moosejaw



Moosejaw is an outdoor apparel and sporting goods brand that takes a unique approach to branding. Rather than copying the look and style of other major brands, the writing team at Moosejaw infuses interesting copy and images throughout their website pages. This current sale features a mockup of a dressed bear that stands out and is a memorable sight.

Why It Works: Graphics and copy that are funny and unexpected will get more attention.

7. Old Spice


Old Spice is a popular manufacturer of cologne and other men’s grooming products. Their website landing page has a minimal amount of copy and includes just enough information to get visitors interested in the products being offered. The writers clearly present the offers of free shipping, discounted bundles, and online-only savings.

Why It Works: Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to landing page design.

8. Purple



Purple designs innovate sleep products including mattresses, pillows, and bed frames. Scrolling down the main page of the website will bring you to a video and text that describes the benefits of the Purple mattress technology. This section combines an intriguing video clip showing stone blocks landing on the mattress with copywriting that explains why consumers should trust the company.

Why It Works: Demonstrate competence using social proof and clear product benefits.

9. QuickBooks



Quickbooks, from Intuit, does the work of turning complex financial management into simple tasks. Right in the middle of the main page, visitors will see five tabs that are directed at specific tools their target market may be interested in. Clicking on each one takes you immediately to a description and pricing information without the need to scroll any further.

Why It Works: Provide customers with the information they desire as simply and quickly as possible.

10. Sephora



The international cosmetics retailer Sephora knows that their customer base is most interested in their products. They don’t waste time describing their brand on the website homepage; they simply share a ton of individual products. They also include four excellent visual advertisements at the bottom of the page with writing that is concise and compelling.

Why It Works: Visual product ads work just as well on a website as on other platforms.

11. Trello



Trello has created a virtual collaboration software platform that is designed to help teams be more productive. The landing page of the Trello website is an excellent example of clean and effective writing. Each section includes just the right amount of words to make a point without being overly descriptive. The entire landing page can be viewed in less than a minute.

Why It Works: Conveying more information with fewer words is a hallmark of great copy.

E-commerce Copywriting Examples

12. Apple



Apple has been a manufacturer of quality technology products for decades. One of their most recent offerings is the AirTag, and this screenshot from their e-commerce store is a great example of providing what their customers want. There is minimal copy on this page but just enough description to highlight the fact that each AirTag purchase comes with a free engraving.

Why It Works: Offering customers a unique service, such as engraving, can be a differentiator for certain products.

13. BarkBox



Barkbox is among a new style of business that offers monthly subscriptions contain a box of products, in this case, dog supplies. The team uses attractive website animations and cartoon-style graphics to help explain their service. The writing is clearly written with lots of bold text used to highlight key points.

Why It Works: A website should be visually appealing with text that does not detract from the aesthetic.

14. Burt’s Bees


Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees makes beauty and household products that are natural and free from artificial ingredients. This popup appears when first visiting the site and offers new visitors the chance to join their customer loyalty program, called The Hive. Getting the wording and presentation of an introductory popup right is critical if you hope to convert visitors to buyers.

Why It Works: A full-screen popup is a direct way to present an important message.

15. Dyson



Dyson offers innovative home products including vacuum cleaners, fans, and hair dryers. The website does an incredible job of describing highly technical details in a way that is accessible to everyday people. This screen capture from a product page shows practical real-world examples of how this vacuum can be used in a home.

Why It Works: Write a description that helps the customer visualize using the product.

16. Everlane



Everlane creates footwear and apparel products that are sustainably sourced and made from recycled materials whenever possible. This commitment to the environment shines through in all parts of their website. This section describes an excellent visual product breakdown showing the sources and design of each major shoe component.

Why It Works: Your product designs should reflect the values and vision of your business.

17. Firebox



The online e-commerce shop Firebox sells unusual gifts with options for just about anyone. The writing used on their product description pages, like the one shown, is clean and to the point. You’ll find the product features listed near the top of the page, and customer reviews are visible at the bottom of the page for further social proof.

Why It Works: Product features should always be prominently displayed on product pages.

18. Jo Malone


Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a London-based company that sells high-end products for the home including candles and diffusers. Selling products at this price point requires an ability to tell a story with each product. This screenshot of the product page for a new Wild Berry & Bramble diffuser does a nice job of describing how the product can add a touch of class and pleasant fragrances to any room.

Why It Works: High-end product pages should use a descriptive and visual storytelling style.

19. ModCloth



The online clothing retailer ModCloth features fashion selections from all over the world. Their product pages make great use of social proof statistics by showing visitors how many people have viewed each item. This helps increase urgency and highlight the popularity of items, which can help boost sales.

Why It Works: Place social proof data near your product descriptions and key features.

20. NOVO Watch


NOVO Watch

NOVO Watch designs and builds high-end custom timepieces. They have a truly unique brand story and can create watches using family heirlooms and other materials provided by the customer. This creates a brand identity that values quality, and their product copy shares important specifications, purchasing details, and instructions without becoming boring.

Why It Works: Share a unique brand story that will dazzle customers.

21. Simply Chocolate


Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate specializes in chocolate gift boxes, baskets, and towers. The website has a pleasant, minimalist design, and they include a detailed and enticing description for each product. When browsing an item you’ll see a short description and a longer section of text that describes the contents of each gift package and what’s included with your purchase.

Why It Works: Always tell customers exactly what they’ll receive with each purchase.

22. Tesla



Tesla sells luxury electric vehicles, and it has become a household name through the company’s intense dedication to quality and service. The product page for their Model S sedan is sleek and modern with lots of technical data supported by short paragraphs with additional information. It’s possible to scroll through the entire page in seconds with additional buttons available for viewing details.

Why It Works: Your website and copy should share the same design aesthetic as your products.

23. The North Face


The North Face

The North Face has sold outdoor apparel and gear for decades. One of the most important choices when creating an e-commerce website is standardizing your product page design. At The North Face, the team uses sections for the Description, Features, and Details, which works perfectly for their entire product portfolio.

Why It Works: Make it easy for new and repeat customers to find product information.

24. WaterField



WaterField Designs makes high-end travel bags and device accessories. In addition to high-quality photographs and elegant copywriting, they also do an excellent job of describing their company values. This includes close engagement with their community of followers and the sharing of numerous reviews for each item, which helps demonstrate social proof and increase sales.

Why It Works: Strong customer reviews and community engagement are pillars of a great brand.

Google Ads Copywriting Examples

25. AllPosters



All Posters is the largest online source for posters and art prints. This Google Ads display packs a lot of important points into only three lines of text and then offers more specific details about various product lines in subsections. The writing used in a description snippet should be short and focused on the points that will best connect with your audience. In this case, All Posters mentions impressive figures about their catalog and generous shipping terms.

Why It Works: The description text is the first place that most viewers will look after the title.

26. Casper



Casper is one of the most well-known names in the mattress and bedding industry. The copywriting used in this advertisement does an excellent job of using relevant keywords and taking advantage of the additional sections below the main text to highlight a new mattress, the Casper Wave Hybrid. The overall messaging of this ad is clear and to the point.

Why It Works: Highlighting additional products or services helps attract more clicks.

27. Forever 21



Forever 21 is a trendy fashion retailer with a massive online presence and retail shops throughout the world. This Google Search ad shares four different discount offers within a single advertisement. Displaying multiple discounts is a useful strategy for retailers as each offer may be targeted at a specific audience or customer type.

Why It Works: Sharing multiple offers in a single ad can generate more overall interest.

28. Geico



Geico is a recognized insurance provider with plans for auto, home, and property. This ad is a perfect example of saying more with less. Writing only two short sentences in the description makes it easy for readers to understand that they may be able to save money on their insurance if they switch to Geico.

Why It Works: A clear value proposition shouldn’t require a long explanation.

29. Kate Spade


Kate Spade

The New York fashion retailer Kate Spade continues to be a dominant force in the industry. They have chosen to run a Google Ad structure that uses categories to describe the subheadings clothing, handbags, and shoes. This creates an uncluttered and familiar navigation structure that is similar to the company’s branded website.

Why It Works: Use words and phrases that are familiar to your customer base.

30. Semrush



Semrush is an online visibility management platform that can be used to analyze website performance and optimize search engine rankings. The copywriter who wrote this ad description highlights several statistics about Semrush that paint an impressive picture of their dominance in the market. This wording can help convince viewers to explore the offering in more detail.

Why It Works: Statistics and other social proof are excellent resources for influencing buying decisions.

31. Shutterstock



Shutterstock is one of the world’s most recognized websites for royalty-free images and stock photography. Within the short 90-word description, they manage to express nine distinct points. When you also combine four additional subheadings, this advertisement becomes a full description of Shutterstock’s brand and product offering.

Why It Works: Describing clear product categories is vital to attracting a wide audience.

32. Fiverr



Fiverr is a leading global platform that connects freelancers with project opportunities in the gig economy. The copy for this Google Ad starts with the sentence, “Get Those To-do Tasks Done.” This is a great introduction that’s relevant to companies that are seeking to access this talent.

Why It Works: Use words that are relevant to your entire audience when making an introduction.

33. Verizon



Verizon has become a leading provider of cellular, wireless, TV, and phone plans. They understand that their customers desire local service and access to company resources. The writers have highlighted free in-store pickup and also embedded a location services display that reminds the viewer of local store locations.

Why It Works: Google is an excellent place to highlight local storefronts and services.

Headline Copywriting Examples

34. Fizzle


Fizzle is an ed-tech and community platform for independent creators who wish to build an audience online. They use the headline, “Earn a living doing something you love,” as an effective introduction to their services. This statement appeals to the main motivation that draws creators to their website.

Why It Works: Statements that appeal to customer motivations are powerful.

35. Mixbook


Mixbook Photo Co. produces graphic products such as photo books, cards, and calendars. The title, “Beautiful Designs Made Easy,” is catchy and reminds anyone visiting this website of their own cherished memories. Custom products and services that are based on a customer’s own life reinforce this idea.

Why It Works: Remind customers why they need your products or services.

36. Oscar



Oscar is a health insurance platform that connects individuals with plans provided by brokers and providers. Using the headline, “Get health insurance that just makes sense,” speaks directly to their target audience and anyone in the market for a new plan. This is a great example of highly relevant and timely copywriting that can lead to action.

Why It Works: Your copywriting should inspire action.

37. Pinterest



Pinterest is a social media platform that involves finding, sharing, and “pinning” pictures to curated boards. The website requires users to log in before viewing any content, and the screenshot above shows an example of an excellent headline. The phrase “Get your next…” is used with a scrolling message that cycles between some of the site’s most popular topics.

Why It Works: Customers desire to see the relevance of a site’s content before making a purchase or joining.

38. Ramit Sethi


Ramit Sethi, the author of the popular book I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has become a trusted thought leader in the personal finance niche. The headline used on his website, “Do you know your earning potential?” is an excellent way to reinforce the value of taking his custom quiz. This is the primary call to action on this page and an excellent way to accomplish this through quality copywriting.

Why It Works: Start your pages or ads by telling the customer why they should read further.

Social Media Copywriting Examples

39. AirBnB



AirBnB is one of the most popular platforms for booking vacation rentals and unique places to stay. Their Twitter feed has a witty and conversational tone that helps followers connect with their brand messaging. This post introduces a new feature of the site and does an excellent job of combining effective copy with relevant images.

Why It Works: Twitter users must make each word or phrase really count on the platform.

40. Ben & Jerrys


Ben & Jerrys

Ben and Jerry’s is an iconic ice cream chain that has become a worldwide sensation. Their marketing team is able to capture the fun and wittiness of their brand on their social media platforms. This post combines a high-quality image with some interesting writing to create an engaging message.

Why It Works: Speaking to your audience in a casual tone can entice them to interact on social media.

41. Charmin



Charmin is a recognized bath tissue brand owned by Proctor & Gamble. The company’s Twitter feed has a nice mix of funny and informative content. This example, from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, informs customers of their efforts to keep store shelves stocked and also answers frequently asked questions.

Why It Works: Customers want to be informed when there are supply issues and company changes.

42. GoPro


GoPro sells some of the world’s best lifestyle gear for capturing moments using high-quality cameras. This Facebook ad shows how focused their marketing team is on presenting value to their customers. The copy, image, and call-to-action button on this ad are all in sync and make a compelling offer to those who view it.

Why It Works: Seamlessly including product benefits in your ad copy is a very effective technique.

43. Lionbridge



Lionbridge provides translation and localization services for global companies looking to connect more with employees and regional locations. Their Twitter feed has a lot of excellent posts that inform while sharing little bits of the company’s values and value proposition. This example combines simple and elegant copy with a link to one of their own blog posts.

Why It Works: Make your copy conversational so it’s easier for social media users to read.

44. National Geographic


National Geographic
National Geographic

National Geographic is a globally recognized brand with publications that feature stories about people, culture, and nature. They have an exceptional Instagram feed that makes full use of the platform’s best features. This post has a nice description, relevant hashtags, and a high-quality photo that really tells a story.

Why It Works: There are few things more powerful than a well-told story.

45. Pop-Tarts



Pop-Tarts are toaster pastries that have been around for decades and continue to delight kids and families. They are known for using their Twitter account to engage directly with users on a regular basis. These little witty, funny, and joking comments are a great way to engage with customers while also increasing brand recognition.

Why It Works: Engaging directly with customers on social media is a great way to build brand loyalty.

46. Sharpie



Sharpie has been making permanent markers since 1857 that are used by businesses and individuals throughout the world. They’ve taken an interesting approach on Twitter and often feature pictures from their own customers that show them using Sharpie products. Combining these images with a short phrase or quote makes each post interesting for their followers.

Why It Works: Social media followers are looking for brand stories and customer experiences.

47. Starbucks



Starbucks is an iconic coffee house brand that also devotes significant time to environmental and community programs. This post from the business networking site LinkedIn shows that they understand how to speak to the platform’s audience. The paragraph describes their commitment to reusable products with donations to be made to the Ocean Conservancy.

Why It Works: Social media platforms are a great place to write about community programs.

48. Under Armour


Under Armour

Under Armour is an athletic apparel brand with a wide selection of products available for men, women, and children. This simple Facebook advertisement simply states, “Make your fastest, faster.” The Under Armour team deeply understands that their customers use their gear to practice, play, and compete.

Why It Works: Use motivating words in your copy to inspire action.

49. Vans



Vans is an edgy footwear and apparel brand that has a strong following among the skating and skateboarding communities. One thing that some writers overlook is the inclusion of a clear call to action into each post. This Instagram post is a perfect example, clearly directing readers to their website URL where these new shoes are available.

Why It Works: Always include a call to action when promoting a product or service.

50. Virgin


Virgin Records

Richard Branson’s Virgin corporate empire has several distinct businesses, including Virgin Atlantic and Virgin EMI Records. The Facebook page for the brand creates posts that are personal and easy to read in only a few seconds. This is very critical on social platforms given the short attention span that most viewers have while scrolling.

Why It Works: Social media posts should have a simple message, clear title, and interesting image.

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