50 Most Popular and Trending TikTok Hashtags

If there’s one thing TikTok is known for, it’s the ability to make videos go viral quickly. While not all of that virality relies on hashtags, the catchy phrases that help with search algorithms certainly help propel videos to the top of the visibility charts. TikTok hashtags can also help you form networks within the social platform, find people interested in your content, tap into hot TikTok trends, inform your ads on TikTok, and get more views on TikTok, and gain inspiration from other TikTok creators. 

While there are no steadfast rules with TikTok hashtags — you can feel free to create your own, for instance — there are benefits to using popular ones. Trending hashtags are ones that TikTok users are taking advantage of right now, so they could give you even more of a boost in the algorithm. Combine this strategy with selecting good times to post on TikTok, and you’ve got a recipe for TikTok success.

We’ve grouped 50 of the trendiest, most popular TikTok hashtags into five top categories for you to find those that best match your content goals.

Trendiest General TikTok Hashtags

#TikTokChallenge screenshot from TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

1. #fyp / #ForYou / #ForYouPage. Scrolling through TikTok, you might see one of these hashtags on just about every video you watch. The For You page of TikTok is where the social platform places videos that it deems interesting for the user based on its algorithm. If you watch a lot of cooking videos, you’ll probably see mostly cooking videos here. Because of this, the #fyp, #ForYou, and #ForYouPage hashtags have become popular. Some creators believe these hashtags can make it more possible for them to appear on other users’ For You page, but, to date, there hasn’t been any news from TikTok confirming this. Still, using it can’t really hurt, so it’s worth a try to see if it does anything for your content.

2. #TikTok / #TikTokChallenge. You’ll find these general hashtags mostly on videos that pertain to some type of TikTok exclusive trend or challenge, like a couples challenge or TikTok dance trend. They can be helpful for getting your content noticed by people who are browsing specifically for trending content types.

3. #viral / #ViralVideo. Another hashtag used for videos of any category, #viral usually indicates content that a creator is hoping to make viral. Sometimes, creators also use this tag when they post content relating to a viral TikTok trend or a response video to another viral TikTok video.

4. #trending. The #trending hashtag has become a super-popular one on TikTok that creators use to hopefully get their videos trending. You’ll see an eclectic mix of content on the #trending page, including comedy, fitness, tips and tricks, and dance videos.

5. #explore. This hashtag doesn’t have a very obvious meaning, so it’s often used as a more general hashtag. You might use #explore when you post a video that doesn’t fit into a clear category and might appeal to people with varied interests.

6. #TikTokFamous. Most creators who use the #TikTokFamous hashtag probably hope to become TikTok famous. However, this tag is obviously good to use if you want to get noticed, as it currently has over 8 billion views.

7. #follow / #FollowMe / #FollowForFollowBack. These hashtags have more than hundreds of billions of views combined. Creators most often use them when they’re trying to grow their fanbase by finding other TikTokers who are willing to trade follows for growth. 

8. #LikeForLike. Similar to the #follow family of hashtags, #LikeForLike connects TikTok creators who exchange likes on their videos. Just be sure to participate and hold up your end of the bargain by giving a like to those who like your content. 

9. #TikToker. This hashtag’s page brings up a diverse mix of videos, so there’s no clear-cut rule for using it. However, it seems to be more popular with the TiKTok-only crowd of creators who don’t hang out much on other social media platforms.

10. #thisis4u. When you have content that your followers have requested or suggested or you believe your audience will truly appreciate, #thisis4u can be a good hashtag to use. Creators use it for a wide range of interests and categories. 

11. #cute. Although mostly used for videos including babies and pets, #cute doesn’t have to be limited to those. TikTokers also use it to designate cute videos of couples, animals, items they find in the store, crafts, etc.

12. #funny. This hashtag has more than one trillion views on its videos and is perfect for noting that your content has a comedy element. Funny animal videos are popular here, but so are pranks pulled on loved ones, funny accidents, silly songs, and other comical pieces of content.

Hobby-Related Hashtags

#DanceChallenge screenshot from TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

13. #dance / #DanceChallenge. Dancing has long been one of the most popular acts to video for TikTok, so it’s not surprising that these hashtags exist. Whether you post videos of dance techniques or like to participate in office dance challenges, these hashtags are for you.

14. #cooking. Use for videos featuring cooking tips, recipes, or professional or home chefs doing what they do best, #cooking is a curation of some of the best TikTok cooking videos on the planet. Restaurants and meal kit services also benefit from adding this hashtag to their videos.

15. #SportsLover. This tag might surprise you, as it doesn’t feature the typical sports reels you might expect. Instead, you’ll find a diverse blend of unique sports from across the globe, funny sports fails, and incredible, new ways of doing sports you know and love. 

16. #DIY / #DoItYourself. Crafty TikTokers add these hashtags to their videos to showcase new craft projects, clothing designs, and other hacks. The home renovation space also utilizes both these hashtags often.

17. #crafty. TikTok crafters generally use this hashtag to show up-close tutorial videos of how they create their crafts, step-by-step. Usually, the videos are under a minute long and feature quick clips of each step with text instructions as guides.

18. #ArtTips. Videos that use the #ArtTips tag are similar to those using #crafty, but the latter is more generalized to all kinds of crafts. With #ArtTips, you’ll see more painting and drawing tips

19. #recipe. TikTok is a haven for unique recipes and cooking hacks, and you’ll find #recipe on just about every cooking video you watch on the platform. The hashtag has over 35 billion views. 

20. #travel. When TikTokers share videos of the places they visit around the world, they might use #travel. This tag works for videos showcasing adventures while traveling, like skydiving or bungee jumping, ambassadorships to third-world countries, and every type of travel in between.

21. #photography. TikTok isn’t necessarily a place for photography, but professional photographers can easily go viral here. This hashtag gives insight into camera tricks, offers behind-the-scenes looks at photoshoots, and showcases beautiful highlight reels of artistic shots.

22. #book / #BookLover. These hashtags are popular on TikToks that suggest books to read to other users. Book club members, authors, and bookstores also participate in this hashtag.

23. #gamer / #gaming / #TikTokGamers. Gaming is a top hobby on TikTok, with gaming creators sharing screen recordings of their game-playing or clips of their videos from YouTube or Twitch live streams. Some TikTokers also use this hashtag when live streaming games on the platform.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness Hashtags

#FitnessGoals screenshot from TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

24. #WeightLoss / #WeightLossJourney. Weight loss-related hashtags on TikTok can feature anything from weight loss tips to pieced-together videos of someone’s weight loss journey over a month or year. These tags frequently exist alongside fitness-focused hashtags. 

25. #fitness / #FitnessGoals. Used mostly by professional trainers and amateur fitness enthusiasts, these tags showcase training tips, proper form techniques, highlight reels of gym workouts, and workout routine guides.

26. #WorkoutRoutine. TikTok users looking for workout routines to add to their fitness goals will likely search videos using this hashtag, which has close to three billion views.

27. #Motivation / #GymMotivation. You’ll find that a lot of personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts use these hashtags when posting videos meant to inspire those in different stages of their fitness journeys. 

28. #HomeRemedies. From essential oil mixtures to top tips for preventing colds with natural ingredients, this tag is popular with TikTokers who prioritize organic ingredients and holistic methods of medicine.

29. #StayHealthy. Although this tag likely jumped in popularity as a result of the pandemic, it’s now trending for other reasons. Creators use it to tag videos with health tips, healthy meal recipes, and similar types of content.

30. #HealthTips. This is a good tag for any health-focused creator or business to use when posting how-to videos relating to health, such as forms of exercise for arthritis or ways to care for your reproductive health.

Lifestyle Hashtags

#Love screenshot from TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

31. #love. The #love hashtag is mostly reserved for story-type videos that explain love stories in unique ways, but creators also add it to videos of pets, children, and anything else they deem love-worthy.

32. #RelationshipGoals. Videos with funny relationship pranks frequently include this hashtag, but it also works for fun couple challenges, relationship slideshows, wedding highlights, etc.

33. #fashion / #FashionBlogger. Fashion-forward TikTok creators use these hashtags when they post videos of new outfits, shopping hauls, or clothing or brand reviews.

34. #skincare / #SkincareRoutine. Find skin care regimen tips and tutorials using #skincare and related hashtags. These tags are also on review videos of new skincare products. 

35. #beauty / #BeautyHacks / #BeautyTips. Beauty influencers and brands use this family of hashtags when they post skincare, hair, and makeup tips or related content. 

36. #parenting. Parents are a widespread group on TikTok, and this hashtag offers a lot of content that parents find interesting, funny, or relatable. With more than 14 billion views, the #parenting hashtag curates videos of parenting fails, silly moments with kids, parenting advice, child tantrums, and more.

37. #SiblingGoals. Adult and child siblings make use of this hashtag, which includes content showing how siblings live their lives, build strong relationships, and do hilarious things together. 

38. #family. Businesses that feature family-friendly content use the #family hashtag, as do TikTok creators when they post entertaining or heartwarming videos of grandparents, children, siblings, and other family members. 

39. #ParentHacks. The #ParentHacks hashtag has become widely popular with the parenting crowd. When you search this tag, you’ll come across videos of innovative parents who find new ways to use old objects to assist their parenting abilities and techniques that make their lives easier overall. Parenting-focused businesses could benefit from using this tag to promote handy products for parents or kids.

40. #MomLife. Although often used to show some of the negative and stressful sides of parenting, mom TikTok creators also use #MomLife to offer parenting tips, motivate other moms, or tell stories of parenting.

41. #shopping. #Shopping has various uses, like highlighting shopping hauls from a specific brand and posting funny videos of people doing outrageous things in stores.

42. #OutfitOfTheDay. Frequently used by fashion influencers, the #OutfitOfTheDay hashtag is like a live-action version of fashion-focused Instagram feeds, with creators showcasing a new outfit and letting followers know how they can purchase its pieces. Fashion brands can also take advantage of this hashtag when promoting new outfits.

Business and Career Hashtags

#BusinessTips screenshot from TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

43. #business / #BusinessTips. A 2022 Hootsuite report found that 24% of marketers found TikTok useful for their marketing strategies, a 700% increase from the previous year. It’s clear that more businesses are jumping on the TikTok bandwagon, which is probably why #business and other related hashtags are trending. 

44. #marketing / #DigitalMarketing. Together, these business-focused hashtags have about 10 billion views, but you’ll still see a mixed bag of videos in each. Some marketers use them in videos discussing side hustles, marketing tricks, and examples of unique branding.

45. #entrepreneur / #EntrepreneurLife / #entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can connect with one another with these hashtags. Videos here highlight public speaking events, startup ideas, and motivating content.

46. #freelancer. This hashtag pulls together content about earning money from side gigs, common struggles freelancers face, and tips for growing a business, landing clients, and more. You might frequently see this hashtag paired with #WorkFromHome, #RemoteWork, and #FreelanceLife.

47. #hustle. Hustle culture has been a trend in itself in the past few years, and that trend has made its way to TikTok with the #hustle hashtag. Most videos here talk about ways to earn money quickly or how to build a business.

48. #JobTips. People who are starting their careers or looking for ways to excel at an interview might follow the #JobTips hashtag, which is full of helpful career-building tips for job searchers in just about any stage of their professional lives.

49. #CareerGoals. TikTok creators use this hashtag to spell out some of their career goals for the current year, show others what they love about their jobs, or talk about some of their professional accomplishments.

50. #DigitalBusiness. Today’s business landscape opens doors for various digital businesses, like social media management, dropshipping, and e-commerce. This hashtag can connect you to all kinds of digital business owners to share tips, accolades, and more. 

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