How to Get More TikTok Views

TikTok has one billion monthly active users, which is about double that of Snapchat. Although the majority of TikTok users fall between the ages of 10 and 19, more than one-third of its fan base is older than 30. 

What does that mean for you? You have a chance to get exposure on the platform regardless of your target audience’s age. TikTok is all about videos, so growing your audience will depend on getting more views.

How to Get More TikTok Views: 9 Tips & Tricks

TikTok Creative Center

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Incorporate the following tips into your TikTok strategy to get more views on your videos.

1. Stick with Shorter Videos

TikTok videos can be up to ten minutes long, but can you think of the last time you watched one that long? For most people, that’s probably never. The most memorable TikTok videos tend to be ones that pack a punch in just a few seconds — usually, 30 seconds or less.

In fact, shorter videos are often the ones that end up on the For You page, which uses the TikTok algorithm to display videos relating to your interests. And the For You page is definitely where you want to be on TikTok, as it’s one of the first places people will go when opening the app to see their recommended videos.

TikTok Trend Discovery - Songs

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One trend remains consistent on TikTok: using sounds and music to accompany videos. TikTok is well aware of how popular sounds are, which is why it lets you discover trending tunes when you’re ready to create a video. 

Just hit the Add Sound button near the top of your screen. Then, click TikTok Viral to discover some of the hottest sounds right now on the app. You can also check out trends in the Creative Center.

3. Share Helpful Tips

How-to videos and explainer videos are blowing up on TikTok right now, and the trend probably won’t slow down any time soon. People head to TikTok to pick up tips on cooking, cleaning, organizing, fitness, child-rearing, and so much more. 

While not all of your videos need to share helpful tips, it certainly won’t hurt to sprinkle them in with your other content. They could get lots of views that spark viewers to head to your profile and check out other videos.

4. Find the Best Times and Days to Post

Like other social media platforms, TikTok has a few days and times that yield better engagement than others. Of course, the best times to post ultimately depend on your audience and niche, but having a guideline doesn’t hurt.

Learn when to post on TikTok for increased views and engagement, according to data from more than 100,000 TikTok posts.

5. Make a Teaser Caption

Your video caption can entice people to watch it in just a few words. It’s called a teaser, and TikTokers with a plethora of views are hopping on the trend. For instance, “Wait for it…” is a simple caption that tells viewers that something is about to happen, and it could make them stick around. 

You can also use your captions to ask questions to increase engagement, as more comments could boost your video in the algorithm, leading to more views.

TikTok Trending Hashtags

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Speaking of trends, don’t skip using trending hashtags! TikTok uses hashtags to help its algorithm know when to show a video when someone searches a keyword. Videos with trending hashtags could be likelier to end up on the For You page, too. Again, the Creative Center can help you discover new hashtags. 

7. Get Into the Habit of Posting

Posting daily — or even multiple times a day — gives your audience fresh content and gives you a better chance of going viral with one of your videos. This is different from other platforms you might be used to that tend to penalize too many posts per day. With TikTok, it’s not unusual to post 1-3 times per day to see results.

8. Make a Video Series

Keep your audience coming back for more by breaking videos up into a series and releasing them daily, weekly, etc. Let viewers know in your video and caption when they can expect the next part of the series to release. 

This is also an excellent way to keep your videos short and more digestible.

9. Don’t Forget Other Social Media Platforms

TikTokers with lots of views usually cross-promote their content on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms where people are likely to watch them. Doing this can bring your audience from those platforms over to TikTok, which they may not have otherwise known you were on yet.

How to Get More TikTok Views to Grow Your Fanbase

Looking for more tips on TikTok marketing? We’ve created a series of resources including the best time to post on TikTok, our ultimate guide to ads on TikTok, list of the most popular trending TikTok hashtags, or our guide to current TikTok trends.

You can also use your website to grow your TikTok account. Add the free TikTok Follow Button to your site to let your visitors know where to find your videos. Grab a code or add a plugin to easily install the button within minutes. 

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