ShareThis Ranked as a Top Transparent Data Provider (#2) by Neutronian’s NQI Ranking

In April 2022, Neutronian announced their first official NQI Transparency Rating Report and we are thrilled to share that ShareThis ranked 2 out of 250 as one of the most transparent data providers — ahead of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon Advertising, and many more.

The NQI Ratings are based on the public transparency of companies that collect data or sell data-based solutions. This includes data providers that sell audience segments, contextual targeting solutions, data feeds, or data analytics offerings as well as those collecting first-party data for their own use cases. This also includes those who enable data connections such as identity solutions and ad tech platforms.

How are NQI Transparency Ratings Measured?

NQI Transparency Ratings are generated based on a review of the publicly available data about each data provider. These ratings provide marketers with a summary view of potential high or low data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions before actually spending to test out the data.

Ratings are generated for each of the companies included in the ranking based on the core NQI framework that covers Neutronian’s five key categories of data quality and transparency:

  • Consent & Compliance
  • Sourcing Transparency
  • Dataset Characteristics
  • Methodology & Processing
  • Performance

You can learn more about the NQI framework by downloading our full methodology whitepaper that was published in mid-2021 here.

The following steps were taken to generate the NQI Transparency Ratings and Ranking (high-level methodology summary):

  • Data is collected from multiple publicly available sources including corporate websites and other sites that represent those companies. We score items such as privacy policies, consent mechansims, financial and litigation history, methodology summaries, data source details and case studies.
  • A score is assigned for each aspect within each category of the NQI Transparency Ratings framework. Raw scores are weighted and indexed to the industry average.
  • Additional consideration is given in the scoring process for Neutronian certified data providers given the level of transparency they were required to provide in order to complete our audit process,
  • Finally, data providers are ranked and bucketed into deciles based on the resulting index scores.

The current release of the NQI Ranking is the first full release, covering the top 250 data providers. Future enhancements to the ratings and list of data providers will be made in subsequent releases.

ShareThis Thoughts

Here at ShareThis, we are committed to providing stewardship and respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical, and self-regulatory processes. We aim to leverage transparent user-level behavioral data for targeting and activation, customer acquisition, and insights and analytics.

Learn more about how our data can further your marketing and business objectives. 

About ShareThis

ShareThis has unlocked the power of global digital behavior by synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powered by consumer behavior on over three million global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real digital destinations.

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