6 Instagram Giveaway Templates to Kickstart Your Contest

A successful Instagram giveaway can build your audience, encourage engagement, and even lead to more sales for your business. With the right photo notifying followers of your giveaway, you can quickly let Instagram users know what they need to do to enter, what they can win, and what rules they need to follow. 

An Instagram giveaway template can help you do this easily by plugging in your giveaway’s specific information into a professionally designed graphic that you can customize to match your branding. Instagram photo editing apps like Canva and Adobe Express include user-made giveaway templates to personalize in a few clicks.

6 Instagram Giveaway Templates for Successful Contests

Before looking for an Instagram template for your upcoming giveaway, take a look at some successful examples of Instagram giveaways. These can inspire you when setting up your contest or choosing entry types.

We rounded up a few of the best giveaway templates for different types of Instagram giveaways to help you increase your engagement and get more entries.

1. Instagram Giveaway Kit by Ralony

Creative Market Instagram Giveaway Template

Screenshot via Creative Market

This Instagram giveaway kit on Creative Market features multiple templates to help you create giveaway posts that grab attention. The kit includes several post formats, too, like announcement posts, entry steps, and giveaway rules, that you can reuse and tweak for different giveaways. The templates are editable with Canva, so you’ll need an account there to customize them. Be sure to choose the commercial license if your giveaway will be for business use. 

2. Instagram Template Pack from BRANDcontent

Instagram Giveaway Template Pack from BRANDcontent

Screenshot via Etsy

An Instagram template pack like this one from BRANDcontent on Etsy offers an affordable way to get numerous templates for all your giveaway needs. It has 20 templates to use for rules, important dates, announcements, and reminders throughout your giveaway entry period. This pack is also for use on Canva.

3. Instagram Giveaway Templates on Adobe Express

If you have an Adobe Express account, use it to find a broad range of Instagram giveaway template styles to suit your branding. 

For example, this one features a unique giveaway method with BINGO-inspired participation. Participants can play by completing brand-focused tasks and filling their BINGO cards to win a gift card.

Adobe Express Instagram Giveaway Template

Screenshot via Adobe Express

Additionally, this Adobe Express illustrated template can be an excellent style for colorful, fun brands to edit to draw attention to their giveaway. Use the caption or a comment to add additional details about entering and winning the giveaway.

Adobe Express Back to School Raffle Instagram Giveaway Template

Screenshot via Adobe Express

4. 1-2-3 Step Instagram Giveaway from PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall Instagram Giveaway Template

Screenshot via PosterMyWall

Edit this PosterMyWall Instagram giveaway template to include your giveaway’s steps for entry. Use just a few words for each action to make it easy for your followers to know exactly what they need to do to qualify as an entrant. 

5. Simple Giveaway Announcement Template on Canva

Canva Instagram Giveaway Template

Screenshot via Canva

This minimalistic giveaway announcement template found on Canva can be an ideal cover photo for a carousel post letting everyone know the details of your giveaway. It’s simple yet eye-catching and easy to spot while users scroll through their feeds. Use additional posts in a carousel to outline rules, prizes, and other important information you want participants to know.

6. Instagram Giveaway Story Announcement on Canva

Screenshot via Canva

Add an announcement post to your Instagram Story in addition to your regular feed to get more eyes and entries. This template on Canva draws your attention right to the middle, where you can add up to three easy-to-follow steps to enter your giveaway. 

How to Use an Instagram Giveaway Template

Templates you find on the web are usually made with a specific graphics program, like Canva or Adobe Express. When you find a template you like, be sure to check that it’s compatible with a program you have access to so you can edit it.

After downloading the template, open it in its compatible graphics program. Then, use the editor’s tools to change its colors, move elements, and tweak messaging to reflect the rules and entry types of your giveaway. Most programs that work with premade templates are extremely easy to use without needing any kind of graphic editing skills. 

Use an Instagram Giveaway Template for Simple Contest Setup

Instagram giveaway templates can be the start of hosting a successful giveaway that drives engagement and builds your follower base. With these and other templates, you can create attention-drawing posts that match your branding and fit cohesively with your Instagram feed and stories.

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