How to Use the Instagram Link in Bio (+ Useful Link in Bio Tools)

If you’ve browsed Instagram, you’ve likely seen references to the Instagram link in bio. The Instagram link in bio is exactly what it sounds like: a link, or URL, that most Instagram users have in their Instagram bio. However, links are limited on Instagram, so the Instagram link in bio is valuable real estate.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an Instagram link in bio and how to use Instagram link in bio tools to drive traffic to your other digital properties like your website or blog, online store, or other social media profiles: 

Why Do You Need an Instagram Link in Bio?

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Initially, Instagram only allowed users to put one link in their bios — and none in their post captions. Now, you can add up to 5 (plus your Facebook profile), but many users need more. You can also add a link to an Instagram Story using the “Link” sticker, but it’s not the most effective way to drive traffic to other platforms.   

Because you can’t put links in your posts (unless it’s a paid ad), many users include “link in bio” in their captions to let their followers know where they can find more information. For instance, if you’re showing off a new product, you can let users know there’s a “link in bio” where they can easily visit your website or product page to learn more or make a purchase

How to Create an Instagram Link in Bio

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Adding links to your Instagram bio is simple: 

  • Edit your profile: Go to your Instagram profile and click “Edit Profile.” 
  • Tap the “Add Link” field: Under “Bio,” tap on “Add link.”
  • Enter your links: On the next screen, tap the + button to the left of the “Add external link” text. 
  • Add more links: Click the + button up to 4 more times to add up to 5 external links. 
  • Reorder your links: After adding all your links, you can drag and drop them to the order you want them to appear. 
Add external link Instagram screenshot

Pro Tip: Don’t use one of your links for your Facebook profile. Click the Facebook icon where it says “Add Facebook link” (under “Add external link”) and connect your Facebook profile, and it won’t count as one of your 5 links.   

Instagram Link in Bio Tools

Instagram link in bio tools allow you to create a single landing page that includes all the links you want to share. Use the link to this landing page in your bio to give followers quick access to all your digital content. 

Link in bio tools were particularly helpful when Instagram only allowed one link in your bio. But many people have more than 5 links to digital content across various platforms, such as: 

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Other social media profiles
  • Online stores
  • Portfolios 

With an Instagram link in bio tool, you can direct your followers to as many links as you like. There are several excellent tools to choose from, such as:   


With Linktree, you’ll create a single landing page you can share across all your social media profiles. It’s easy to use, and you can customize your landing page to match your brand. Linktree also offers built-in analytics to monitor engagement and discover what your audience likes most.  

Feedlink screenshot

Feedlink is another robust link in bio platform. With built-in templates, built-in analytics, and the ability to send an automated social media newsletter, it offers many features to meet the needs of today’s creators. 

Start Page

Start Page, from Buffer, creates a mobile-friendly, grid-inspired landing page to share all your links. It’s fully customizable, and you can track link clicks and performance and even schedule updates with links, images, and text to your Start Page to keep your content fresh.   


Pally screenshot

With Pallyy, you can manage multiple link in bio pages from the same dashboard. Choose from pre-built themes, customize colors, add buttons, change your background, and more to create a link in bio page that’s in line with your brand.

With Later’s tool, you can recreate your Instagram feed and add links to individual posts — up to 5 links per post. It also offers analytics, customization options, advanced link scheduling, and Shopify integration. 

There are many great tools to choose from, so it’s easy to find a link in bio tool that fits your needs and your budget.     

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Instagram always say link in bio? 

Instagram doesn’t allow links in post captions, so the Instagram link in bio is one of the only ways to direct followers to your other digital content, like your blog or online store. Instagram posts often say “link in bio” to let followers know that they can find more info about the products featured in the post, the brand, or other information by clicking the link in the user’s Instagram bio.

What is the bio on Instagram? 

The Instagram bio is the section at the top of your profile where you can write a brief description about yourself or your brand, your interests, and other things new followers might want to know about you. You’re limited to 150 characters in your Instagram bio, so you’ll need to make them count with a creative, compelling description.

How do you get people to click the link in your bio? 

One of the most effective ways to get people to click the link in your bio is to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your post caption. Give your followers just enough information that leaves them wanting more, and direct them to click the link in your bio to learn more. 

If you’re ready to start leveraging Instagram marketing, growing your followers is one of your first priorities. Install the Instagram follow button on your blog or website so your visitors can follow you on Instagram with a single click.

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