9 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers & Boost Engagement

Despite content creators turning their attention to TikTok, Instagram, and other lively social media platforms, Facebook is still very relevant to today’s businesses. Grow your follower count and engagement, and you could turn Facebook into a reliable lead-generating marketing platform for your business. 

Boost Engagement & Grow Your Facebook Followers with These 9 Tactics

When your follower count grows on Facebook, so can your engagement on the platform. Facebook prioritizes accounts with highly engaged communities, and the larger your community, the more possibilities you have to boost your page’s engagement. 

These easy-to-follow tips are a few of the best ways to grow your Facebook audience with relevant followers who are most likely to stay engaged with your page.

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Use Facebook Insights — Facebook’s analytics tool — to find your page’s most popular content to date. Facebook Insights (now part of Meta Business Suite) shows you what posts have given you the highest number of likes, comments, shares, and new followers. Compare the top ten or so to find content patterns. For example, your most popular posts might be those offering flash sales or limited-time coupons to customers.

Once you see what content works best for your page, start working on creating more of that content to fill in your Facebook content calendar

2. Create Content That People Want to Share

Anyone on Facebook can share content from a public page, so making shareable content could give your page the follower and engagement boosts you’re looking for. Memes and videos tend to get shared the most, especially when they’re highly relevant to your audience. Consider sprinkling in these potentially viral pieces of content a couple of times a week to make your content shareable with high chances of engagement. 

3. Start a Facebook Group for Your Page

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Screenshot via Facebook

Facebook emphasizes the importance of community on its platform. Page owners are encouraged to interact with their audiences by replying to posts and messages. Creating a group based on your page is another way to build a sense of community on Facebook. 

Facebook groups can bring people with similar interests together while giving you a place to promote your business to people who are already interested. Create a group for your page by navigating to your Facebook page’s Groups tab. 

4. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways get shared easily on Facebook, creating a simple way for your giveaway to reach the masses without a lot of admin work or marketing on your end. Host occasional giveaways and allow people to like your Facebook page to enter. After the giveaway ends, encourage your followers to continue following and tag others who might be interested in following to receive updates about future giveaways.

5. Encourage Fans to Tag Your Page

If your business is an eCommerce or brick-and-mortar retailer, make business cards or package inserts with your Facebook page’s information on them so that new customers know where to find your page. Encourage them to follow your page, tag your page in photos they post to Facebook with your products, or leave reviews to help other customers. 

6. Cross-Promote Your Facebook Page

Add a Facebook follow button to your website to give visitors an easy way to click over to and follow your Facebook page. Also, use other social media accounts to link to your Facebook page. You can also share links or QR codes to your page from Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

7. Ask for Likes in Exchange for a Deal

Create a popup for your website with a button to like your Facebook page. When a visitor likes it, gift a free coupon or exclusive promotion to shop on your site. This is similar to how many businesses offer a percent-off promo code in exchange for an email address or phone number for text messages.

8. Promote Content Through Ads

Screenshot via Ads Manager

Facebook Ads provide excellent opportunities to grow your Facebook page by targeting people on Facebook who would be most interested in liking your page and interacting with its content. When you set up an ad through the Facebook (now Meta) Ads Manager, set specific targeting parameters to show your ad to people in one location, with relevant interests, or who have completed behaviors, such as liking similar Facebook pages.

9. Consider Hiring a Moderator

Hire someone to moderate your Facebook account to keep engagement high. Your moderator can respond to messages and post comments, share relevant content to your Facebook page, and help manage page tags, giveaways, etc. With regular engagement, you could see organic follower count growth.

Start Growing Your Facebook Audience Today

These tips work for businesses of all sizes and pages with any follower account, and they’re simple enough to implement now or in the near future. We also recommend browsing our helpful Facebook guides to learn more about Facebook image sizes, using Facebook Live, marketing on Facebook, and other tips to grow your followers and boost engagement. 

There is one way to grow your Facebook audience that you can put on auto-pilot: Install the Facebook Follow Button on your blog or website. Visitors who enjoy your content can follow you on Facebook with a simple click so they can keep up with all the news and insights from your business.

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