6 TikTok Creators Who Do It Right (and What You Can Learn from Them)

TikTok has only been around for a few years, but it has grown astronomically over the past few years. The platform gives a voice to many who may otherwise not have the opportunity to get their voices heard. It’s also become an avenue to get helpful information quickly in an era when short-form video is prioritized over long-form content. 

Many TikTok creators have successfully worked the platform in their favor to become TikTok-famous virtually overnight. TikTok’s users enjoy quick, snappy, and useful content for purposes like entertainment, humor, instruction, etc. If you’re interested in cracking the TikTok code, these TikTok creators and influencers can be good examples to emulate.

What Successful TikTok Creators are Doing Right

TikTok has given many creators a shot at fame by having just one video go viral. However, sustainable success on the platform can take more work. Successful TikTok creators usually check the following boxes:

They make sure their followers know what to expect

Take a look at a few top TikTok creators’ profiles, and you’ll probably notice immediately that their videos are similar in their look and feel. Top creators tend to create content that focuses mostly on one or two main topics, with a few other subtopics or different types of content sprinkled in. You’ll also find them using branded TikTok hashtags and topic-related hashtags to help users quickly find their content.

However, to build an engaged audience, TikTokers don’t usually stray too far away from the content that helped them grow their accounts, ensuring that their followers know they can keep getting that same type of content from them.

They’re authentic

TikTok screenshot from @eltonjohn

Screenshot from @eltonjohn via TikTok

Some of the most loved TikTok stars are incredibly down-to-earth and relatable, which is critical for their followers to really latch on to their content. For example, despite being one of the most popular singers and entertainers, Elton John stays true to himself in every TikTok video he creates. Whether it’s himself on camera chatting casually or sharing news with his audience or celebrating other creators, Elton John’s authenticity shines through in every TikTok video he creates.

They’re creative

TikTok screenshot of @streetartbydavidzinn

Screenshot from @streetartbydavidzinn via TikTok

Creativity is the crux of TikTok. You’ll find that people who create TikTok dances, new original sounds, and trends are also the ones that boost their visibility quickly. Still, with the amount of content on TikTok, being creative can be challenging.

Instead of creating something entirely new, try looking for a different angle. For example, street artist David Zinn doesn’t just create chalk art. Instead, he looks for unique traits in roads, sidewalks, and other areas that inspire him to make a new chalk design — an interesting take that can draw in art lovers of all kinds. 

6 TikTok Creators Who Do It Right

It’s necessary to point out that, to be “doing it right” on TikTok, you don’t necessarily need to have millions of followers. While some of these TiKTok stars do, others have less. Still, they’re doing precisely what TikTok favors by creating engaging content that TikTok users like, comment on, and share.


TikTok screenshot from @creative_explained

Screenshot from @creative_explained via TikTok

With over five million followers, Armen Adamjan has grown his TikTok account by featuring quick tips and tricks to help people do things like clean, recycle, and grow food. His content is especially helpful for TikTok users interested in sustainability, allowing him to grow both a targeted fanbase and a more generalized fan base for those who simply enjoy learning a few new around-the-home hacks.


TikTok screenshot from @livcarbonero

Screenshot from @livcarbonero via TikTok

Liv Carbonero is the owner of Fit Foodie Living, a coaching program designed to help women achieve a healthy lifestyle. On her TikTok, Carbonero shares healthy-alternative recipes to not-so-healthy meals. She includes the ingredients or a link to each recipe in the comments, making people want to save her videos for later use. Like comments, likes, and shares, video saves can help TikTok accounts become more visible in the algorithm.


TikTok screenshot from @fitdadceo

Screenshot from @fitdadceo via TikTok

Dave “FitDad” Ogleton uses parenting humor to relate to parents and caregivers, giving him close to 30 million likes and more than one million followers on the platform. Ogleton is most known for his “I said to my son” stories and jokes, which are highly shareable and likable, giving him steady boosts in the algorithm.


TikTok screenshot from @luismcervantes_

Screenshot from @luismcervantes_ via TikTok

Luis Cervantes shows his followers that being into fitness doesn’t need to be boring. Rather than share videos of gym workouts, Luis caters to both fitness and dance enthusiasts with his upbeat choreography and eye-catching public dance-offs. His interesting edits and angles make his videos pop more than the average TikTok dances.


TikTok screenshot from @zahra

Screenshot from @zahra via TikTok

Zahra’s rise to fame on TikTok stems from her ability to relate to people worldwide while bringing awareness to Muslim culture. TikTok users are drawn to her fun, upbeat personality and her willingness to highlight pieces of her everyday life. 


TikTok screenshot from @therapyjeff

Screenshot from @therapyjeff via TikTok

TherapyJeff is a licensed professional counselor who shares simple, straightforward pieces of information for people to feel less anxious, reduce stress, and build relationships. His videos are no more complex than him speaking directly to his viewer as he offers tips and tricks. However, each video gets thousands — sometimes millions — of views. He’s amassed over two million followers just by being his authentic self and sharing what he knows.

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