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Win new customers, optimize their experience,
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A Powerful Dataset for
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Maximize customer acquisition at every stage of the buyer journey

Customize Purchase Journeys

Curate the shopping experience across channels based on a rich data set that maps interests to real users

Optimize the Sales Funnel

Learn which customers drive the most revenue, fine-tune the balance between profitability and volume, and reduce customer churn

Increase Sales

Target customers with the right offers, promotions, and recommendations based on real-time engagement and early signs of purchase intent

Nurture Customer Relationships

Get a clear picture of the content and channels that influence the decision making process and drive more effective outreach

Win and Retain High-Value Customers
with ShareThis Data Feed

Completely customizable to your business needs and parameters

Real Interest Data Direct
from the Source

Get Depth and Range with

Data from Across the Web


Global Websites

Drive Results with Insights

Based on Real Interest Data


Global Users

Unparalleled Scale for

Unparalleled Performance


Monthly Events

Privacy Compliant

ShareThis is committed to providing stewardship and respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical and self-regulatory processes.

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ShareThis Atlas Global ID will ensure the continuity of high quality data services

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