Key Insights into Streaming TV Users at a Time of Rapid Growth

Note: The insights below are based on U.S. online activity within the ShareThis network, from February 2019 to February 2020.

With government-imposed lockdowns and social distancing measures, it’s no surprise that people are turning to streaming services to keep themselves entertained. Compared to the average ShareThis user, streaming users are generating:


more searches


more clicks


more shares

Streaming consumers or cord-cutters are highly engaged online, actively clicking, searching, and sharing content. Expect that they will consult multiple sources and opinions before selecting the service that’s right for them. Their engagement also goes beyond social media. Closed social channels represent only a small piece of the picture of who a streaming user is online, so be sure to capture a holistic view of how these consumers are behaving across the open web.

Streaming Consumers Are Passionate About Entertainment

Index score (e.g. 8.6x) quantifies how much more likely a user in this audience is interested in something vs the average ShareThis user.

This audience understands that optimal TV streaming means having access to the best content and equipment, and they are, of course, huge TV and film fans. Their enthusiasm for entertainment extends to other areas as well, including digital gaming, music streaming, and e-books.

Content, Features, and Price Remain Top-Of-Mind

Content Preferences

Consideration Factors

Technology Features

Consumers have a nearly unlimited array of options and choices when it comes to streaming technology, content, and access. They are striving to make the most of their experience, whether it’s access to premium channels or the latest high-tech devices, at the best possible price point.

The Streaming TV Landscape Evolves Quickly

Established platforms need to pay close attention to changing usage habits and preferences in order to maintain continued success. Mobile, for example, increasingly continues to rival desktop and TV as the streaming device of choice. It’s never been more critical to understand the evolving landscape and how unique offerings are both attracting and retaining consumers.

Share of Voice
(total searches, shares, and clicks)

Engagement on Mobile
(total searches, shares, and clicks)

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