Seeking Sustainability: Observing an Eco-Friendly Audience

With Earth Day on the horizon (mark your calendar, Earth Day is April 22nd!), we decided to take a look at the online behavior of eco-friendly users to determine current environmental trends. First, we wanted to know: which products are rising to the top in this era of sustainability?

Most Searched and Shared Sustainable Products
(by Percent Share):

Stainless steel drinkware (and straws) received the most searches and shares recently, followed closely by reusable food storage containers. We have a suspicion that this relates back to last month’s home organization trend we observed; people are loving the idea of reorganizing their fridge and pantry to be functional and beautiful, as well as sustainable. 

Next, we looked at rising trends in the eco-conscious space. By observing an average weekly increase, we can see where online interest is currently growing. Our data shows that there is strong rising interest in offsetting emissions that cause global warming, so zero carbon and carbon neutral goals are popular, as is the race to get more hybrid and electric cars on the road. 

Average Weekly Increase in Searches and Shares (%):


Zero Carbon and Carbon Neutral Emissions


Hybrid and Electric Cars




Solar Panels


Plant-Based Foods


Governmental and Corporate Climate Commitments

Our next objective was to see which climate change topics were currently top of mind for this eco-conscious audience. In February when we started observing these users, Texas’ power crisis was in full swing. Our data is exceptionally good at seeing trends as they happen in real-time, so we weren’t surprised when energy and power were the topics with the highest share of engagement for this eco-friendly audience. 

Share of Total Engagement (%) With Climate Change Topics:

When it comes to understanding what an audience cares about, aggregated searches can tell us a lot. So our final question was: what were the relevant keywords most searched for by this eco-friendly audience?

Top Searched Keywords:

This audience seems to have the mindset that Earth Day is every day; it’s clear that they are focused on the ways that we can preserve Earth for future generations, including protecting the environment under the law and seeking out sustainable ways to live. 

Contact us if you’d like to use our data to follow along with the sustainability movement. 

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