The 2021 Home Trends Winning Over Online Engagement

How can you make your home functional, comfortable, and enjoyable as a living space, office, gym, and more? It’s a question that has been continuously asked since the pandemic hit and we started spending a lot more time at home. This question triggered the home category to explode in 2020, with monumental growth in areas like home improvement and home décor. That growth isn’t slowing down, either: This January, engagement with interior décor and home furnishings are still each over 70% greater than in January 2020. 

We’ve seen new trends emerge as well, with a complete restructuring of the spring cleaning season in 2020 in comparison to previous years. Because we’ve been living nearly every moment of our lives at home, people haven’t stopped their high home cleaning engagement since May of 2020. The big once-a-year cleaning endeavors of past years are now being carried out regularly to keep our spaces tidy. In fact, fall 2020 cleaning social signals, which would be much lower than the spring cleaning season in a normal year like 2019, were actually 44% higher than the initial spring cleaning peak in March of 2020! While the pandemic rages on, we expect cleaning engagement to remain high throughout 2021.

Global seasonality of a home cleaning audience by share of total engagement (%):

Another hot trend this season is home organization. Globally, searches and shares of home organization content were up 42% in January of 2021 as compared to January of 2020. We’re reaching for organization tools like bins and baskets (up 37% YoY) as well as storage and shelving (up 28% YoY). Appetite for content to help us create an organized and functional space is at an all-time high, including shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit. 

Similarly, the home décor trends we’re obsessed with also reflect the changes the pandemic is making to our spaces. There’s a great desire to bring neutrals, nature, and comfort into the home, especially the below trends: 

Percent increase in searches and shares year-over-year,
January 2021 vs January 2020:


Pampas Grass


Olive Trees


Natural Wood Tones


Dried Flowers

Nostalgic past eras are another influence on us when it comes to escaping the pandemic indoors, including Regency-era inspired Parisian Chic items and Cottage Core aesthetic choices that bring us back to rural farms and simpler times: 

Percent increase in searches and shares year-over-year,
January 2021 vs January 2020:


Ornate Mirrors


Pastel Colors


Eco-friendly Products


Imperfect Pottery


Farmhouse Shiplap

We’re excited to see which home trends come up next. Follow along with us by exploring our data!

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