Piecing Together a Holistic Consumer Picture with AI (TechCrunch)

A brand’s top priority should be building meaningful relationships with its consumers. Instead, brands are finding themselves with surface-level connections as they prioritize conversions and develop strategies around end-of-the-funnel behavior. Purchase actions are just a small piece of the larger consumer journey puzzle. In order to strengthen relationships, brands need to fill in their idea, or picture, of a consumer with color and context, which can in return bolster real-time, personalized engagements.

So how can brands piece together the puzzle? By broadening their data set and utilizing AI technology. Michael Gorman, SVP of Product and Marketing at ShareThis, infers that together these tools can help marketers better understand how a consumer engaged, why a consumer converted, and what a consumer might do next. Read more about how AI can create a holistic picture of the consumer journey in Micheal’s article Using AI to Reboot Brand Client Relationships on TechCrunch.

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