The Importance of Data Quality During the Identity Resolution Evolution & Other Changes Emerging in 2021 (Neutronian)

The world is shifting, both in the real world and online. COVID-19 posed unique challenges, having significant impacts on online engagement and what consumers were interested in online as the pandemic crisis evolved. With copious amounts of online behavior came the emergence of data marketplaces, like Snowflake and AWS, which can enable companies to operate much like dynamic data applications. Now, there’s an impending shift as the world of marketing and advertising gears up to adapt to changes in identity resolution, and data quality is a prominent focal point. 

In Neutronian’s Data Quality Podcast, Michael Gorman, SVP of Product, Business Development and Marketing at ShareThis, talks about how ShareThis balances data stewardship and consumer privacy with data quality and transparency and the broader implication of those efforts in the changing ecosystem. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript in the first episode of the Neutronian Data Quality Podcast, Focusing on Data Quality During Business Evolution & Ecosystem Shifts.

About ShareThis

ShareThis has unlocked the power of global digital behavior by synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powered by consumer behavior on over three million global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real digital destinations.

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