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In ShareThis’ 2020 End of the Year Insights Report, we discovered that the ShareThis Online Audience engaged with cooking related topics +27% more than in 2019. A clear sign that as people stayed inside, they dusted off their cookbooks.

This got us thinking… After a year where cooking at home became the new norm, how many of these cooking trends and newly tried recipes actually stuck?

Well, we turned to the employees of ShareThis to help us answer that question. In fact, we decided that it would be fun to collect the recipes that employees discovered while stuck inside and loved so much that they continue to make them today. Why not skip all the failed attempts and start making the best of the best right away!?

Flip through the link below to see who selected which recipes and why these recipes stuck with them! We hope that by sharing these recipes with you, you will in return continue sharing them with your community! These recipes brought us warmth during a time of uncertainty, and we hope they bring some comfort to you as well.

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