ShareThis Launches Additional Data For Good Segments

In August, ShareThis released its first Data For Good audience segment focused on racial justice issues, tying a 20 percent donation of proceeds to non-profits focused on dismantling systemic racism.

The segment generated much interest across brands, partners, and players across the programmatic media landscape. “Our unique data DNA helps marketers connect to audiences based on their passions and interests. It was only logical to leverage the power of the data for social good,” explains Andi Wilson, Senior Vice President and leader of ShareThis Cares programs. “The initial feedback by the advertising and marketing communities were positive and expanding this platform seemed necessary.”

Today, ShareThis adds ten additional audience offerings addressing a host of issues that marketers align with. They include Animal Welfare, Charity & Philanthropy, Climate Change & Environmental Issues, Education, Gender Equality, Poverty & Hunger, Social Issues & Advocacy, Social Justice UK, Well-Being (mental health), and Women’s Rights.  For all of these new segments, 20 percent of the resulting revenue to ShareThis will be donated to related not-for-profit organizations.

“As demonstrated through our own Data for Good program, LiveRamp firmly believes that data can be harnessed to solve some of society’s biggest challenges and shape our world for the better,” said Lauren Dillard, chief communications officer at LiveRamp. “In becoming the first data company to create a giving tool with its data products, ShareThis follows this ideal in understanding there is a bigger impact our industry could and should have on humankind. As brand and agency clients increasingly turn to people-focused companies as their partners, ShareThis is a leading example of how we can bring our collective time, talent and treasure to the table to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges with data.”

“Our data reflects the concerns and interests of people around the world as they constantly evolve,” adds Dana Hayes, CEO of ShareThis. “For many partners, issue-related campaigns are on the rise. To divert some of the funds used to reach audiences passionate about a social issue to organizations dedicated to solving it, it was just a logical next step.”

ShareThis Data for Good segments are available on more than 40 platforms across the programmatic media ecosystem, including Liveramp Data Marketplace, The Trade Desk, Xandr, Verizon, and DV360.

In addition to the Data for Good segments, ShareThis this year launched a donation button within its publisher tool suite to allow sites to drive potential donations to organizations like Black Lives Matter. Publishers adopting the button attract engaged audiences that actively support social justice, adding power and value to the Data for Good initiative., a black-owned clothing e-commerce site, added the donation button to their site because it aligned with their mission of celebrating and supporting black culture. 

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