Snapchat Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Creatively Promote Your Business

Snapchat remains one of the most unique and fun social media platforms for non-business users, but brands can also engage in entertaining action while promoting their businesses. From creating new brand-focused filters to inventing hashtags that spark community, Snapchat is the place to be for modern businesses.

But, forget about the usual marketing advice, like adding to your Story daily and linking to products within your Story. It’s best to step outside of the box on this platform, especially once you’ve nailed down the basics. This guide heads into more creative territory to stand out on Snapchat.

9 Creative Snapchat Marketing Ideas

Brands can use Snapchat in multiple ways to boost brand awareness, promote launches, or simply grow their audiences. Here are a few of the best ways to tackle Snapchat for promoting your business.

1. Run a Contest

Most people won’t turn down a good contest that gives them a chance to win something from a brand they love. Snapchat makes it simple to run contests from your account via your Story.

The best contests are super engaging for your followers. For example, Cedar Point amusement park once hosted a contest where Snapchatters had to screenshot their devices when a ghost appeared on their screen to win a coupon code to use in the park for an upcoming event. You might also encourage followers to snap specific types of photos or use your sponsored filter to enter your contest. 

2. Create a Lens or Geofilter That’s Sure to Go Viral

Snapchat Lens Studio screenshot

Screenshot via Snapchat

Check out current Lenses and Geofilters from brands on Snapchat to draw inspiration for one that could have your brand going viral. Lenses that transform people’s faces or environments into something brand-focused are usually hits on the platform. Once Snaps using them start getting shared with other Snapchatters, their popularity can explode.

Be sure to put your brand’s name somewhere on the Lens or Geofilter that doesn’t interfere with the overall effect.

3. Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give Snapchatters a glimpse of your brand behind the marketing with Snapchat Stories that actually tell your brand’s story. Show video clips of staff doing what they do or share photos of a new product’s progression. Your audience will appreciate seeing a new side of your company they haven’t seen before.

Use your Snaps and Stories to link to other places where people can find you on the web, like your YouTube channel, website, or Facebook page. You can even link to a landing page where your followers can sign up for an email newsletter to get your company’s latest news and exclusive discounts. 

5. Make Your Own Hashtag

Create a hashtag for your business that your followers can use on their posts. For instance, KFC started #NationalFriedChickenDay on Twitter, and it blew over into other social media platforms. Once people latch onto your hashtag and start using it themselves, it spreads to other people and channels. Plus, it paves the way for fun and interaction between your business and your Snapchat followers.

6. Rely on Influencers

Influencer taking a selfie with a promoted product

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Look to influencers for Snapchat collaborations, like Snapchat Takeovers, where an influencer of interest to your audience takes over your Snapchat account for the day, Snapping others, posting Stories, and answering fan questions. Influencers can also promote your products or services on their Snapchat Stories.

7. Host a Snapchat Q&A

Let fans ask their own questions and learn the nitty-gritty details of your business with a Snapchat Q&A. You might consider doing a live Q&A. Or, ask your followers to snap you some questions they’d like answered. Then, create a story answering some of your favorite questions. Run the Q&A for a day or two or a full week, but be sure to announce it to your followers ahead of time, so they have plenty of time to get their questions in.

8. Put Your Snapcode Everywhere

Want to grow your Snapchat audience? Start putting your Snapcode on marketing materials for your business. Place the handy little square in your email signature, direct mail advertisements, or business cards you hand out at your next trade show. Fans can scan the code to go straight to your account and follow you.

9. Offer Limited-Time Discounts

Encourage Snapchatters to stick with you by offering them exclusive, limited-time discounts or promo codes just for being a follower. Add information about the offer to your Story. You might even encourage your Story viewers to screenshot your offer to share it with others to get more sales (and possibly more followers!).

Snapchat Marketing Success

Snapchat is one of the most compelling social media platforms for younger crowds, but it’s also one of the most entertaining and interactive for brands. Learn the basics of using Snapchat before digging into a marketing strategy. Then, add a Snapchat share button to your website for a simple way to share your content to the platform.

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