How to Install ShareThis’ Tools on BigCommerce

In order for ShareThis tools to work on your BigCommerce website, follow the steps below to add your unique ShareThis code to the <head> section of your website: 

  1. Log in or Sign up to the ShareThis Platform.
  2. Select the ShareThis tool you would like to use and activate it by clicking the Enable tool button. 
  3. Then, customize the buttons by selecting your social channels, size, shape, as well as extras such as the minimum number of shares you wish to have before showing counts.
  4. Select the Activate code button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, click the Copy code button.
  5. Log in to your BigCommerce website.
  6. In the left navigation bar, select Storefront followed by Script Manager.
  7. Within Script Manager, select Create a Script
  8. Apply the following updates: 
    1. Name of script: ShareThis
    2. Script type: Change selection to Script 
    3. Script contents: Paste the unique ShareThis code that you copied from step 4.
  9. Click Save.

Adding Inline ShareThis Tools

Inline tools require an extra snippet of code to work on your site. If you would like to install our Inline Share Buttons, Follow Buttons, Reaction Buttons, or Social Feed tools on your website, you will need to add placement code wherever you want the tool to appear.

  1. In your ShareThis Platform, select the ShareThis tool you want to use and copy the placement code. Depending on the tool you are installing, the code should look similar to this: <div class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons"></div>
  2. In the left navigation bar of your BigCommerce website, select Storefront followed by Web Pages.
  3. Navigate to a page on your website (e.g., blog, product, etc) and click the HTML icon in the Web Page Details section.
  4. Paste the unique ShareThis code that you copied from Step 1, wherever you want the ShareThis tool to appear.
  5. Click Update.

Adding Inline ShareThis Tools using a code block (Alternate method)

  1. Go to the Page Builder editor of your page.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Widgets, then drag and drop the HTML one wherever you want your buttons to appear.
  3. Paste the placement code that you copied from the ShareThis Platform on the HTML editor.
  4. Click Save.

Note: The ShareThis tools may not appear on the backend of your website so you may need to visit your published website in order to view them.