By February 24, 2017

Shopify: How to Place Share Buttons on a Product Page

Wondering how to place share buttons on your Shopify product page? This support article will tell you all about it! Check it out!

Shopify: How to Place Share Buttons on a Blog Post

Wanna share that blog post that you just wrote on Shopify with the rest of the world? No problem, we got you! Read how to share your blog post on Shopify by reading this support article!

Shopify: How to Place Share Buttons on a Page

If you're looking how to place ShareThis share buttons on a Shopify page, look no more. The answer is here. Just click that link above to find out how 😉

How to Optimize Facebook Sharing Using Facebook Link Debugger

Have you ever tried to paste a link to Facebook, only to find that the information doesn’t show up correctly? Here’s what you need to know about the Facebook Link Debugger, and how you can use it to boost your shares.

How to: Customize Sticky Share Button URLs

If you’re interested in setting your Sticky Share Buttons to one specific URL, you’ve come to the right place! It is super simple, you would just need to follow two steps!

How to upgrade your custom legacy ShareThis buttons

Have a fully custom implementation of ShareThis from before 2017? Want to use our new, lightning fast share code? Here’s the step-by-step guide to migrating from your legacy custom implementation to our new and improved interface.

How to: Customize Inline Share URLs

Specifying what you want your share buttons to share is one of the most important aspects for your audience. Most times, the Open Graph Protocol tags in your content will be picked up, but for those who want to have multiple buttons on a page, this article is for you!

How to create custom ShareThis share buttons

Prefer to design your own buttons? Great! Our sharing code lets you design fully customized buttons from scratch. We’ll take care of the sharing and counting for you.

Supported Social Sharing Services

Below is a list of all the social services that ShareThis currently provides. We strive to provide our users with as many social platforms as possible, if you happen to see one missing please let us know!