TikTok Bio Ideas to Make Your TikTok Profile Stand Out

A TikTok profile is the hub for all the content you post on the platform. Your TikTok bio sits at the top of that page, making it the prime spot to tell others more about you and your content. That’s why you should follow best practices when creating your TikTok bio, such as:

  • Making it clear what type of content you create
  • Showcasing your unique personality
  • Using emojis
  • Linking to your website and other social networks
  • Including a call to action
  • …and more

We’ll cover these tips in more detail, but first, let’s discuss why you should dedicate time and effort into creating a compelling TikTok bio.

Why Does Your TikTok Bio Matter?

@soyummy TikTok bio screenshot

Screenshot from @soyummy via TikTok

Your bio is just as important on TikTok as it is on other social media platforms if you’re looking to grow a following, get more views, and build your brand. Suppose you created a video on a current TikTok trend that gets a lot of attention. Users who enjoyed your video click your profile to see more of your videos and learn more about you. Your bio at the top of your profile can give them quick information they need to learn whether you’re someone they might want to follow.

Therefore, optimizing your bio could make the difference between someone just visiting your page and someone becoming a long-term follower. It’s as important as posting content at the right time, creating content that your audience loves, and interacting with your viewers.

The most successful TikTok creators not only create engaging content, but they also have a catchy, memorable TikTok bio that captures attention and effectively represents their brand.

6 TikTok Bio Ideas to Boost Your Profile

Use the following tips to make your TikTok bio stand out.

1. Plan It Beforehand

First, know the general rules for TikTok bios. Most importantly, the platform is only for people 13 and older. Therefore, if you frequently post content with your child as the star or include them in videos, adding a quick disclaimer in your bio is a good idea. For example, “This account is managed by an adult.”

Also, like other platforms, TikTok gives you limited space for your bio at just 80 characters. Plan your bio in a word processor, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, to count the characters before adding it to TikTok. This way, you can trim words if needed and make other edits before finalizing it.

2. Brand Yourself

Make yourself known in your bio so that people visiting your profile know what you do and the kind of content you offer. Be sure that what you add aligns with your content to make a cohesive brand. For example, if you share home organization tips, you should share in your bio that you own an interior design business.

3. Show Your Personality

Whether you’re known for humor, motivating talks, or your unique fashion sense, be sure to let others know what makes you stand out in your bio. For example, Angel Jimenez has amassed over 5 million followers on TikTok with humorous, relatable videos about everyday things. His explanation of what he does in his bio? “I love making others smile.” This simple line explains what he’s known for, sheds light on what makes him unique, and lets TikTokers know what they can expect from his content.

@jimenezzz._ TikTok bio screenshot

Screenshot from @jimenezzz._ via TikTok

4. Use Emojis, Unique Fonts & Hashtags

Emojis catch attention quickly. Sprinkling a few in your bio can help it stand out and direct attention to specific words or phrases. For example, use a pointing emoji (👉) to focus attention on an important link or add a winking face (😉) to denote something humorous or sarcastic. Use them sparingly, though, or they may lose their effectiveness in grabbing attention.

TikTok supports a number of different fonts, so if there’s a particular font that you use frequently in your post captions, using the same font in your bio can help to solidify your brand recognition. Likewise, if you have a custom TikTok hashtag to help people find your content, you’ll want to include that in your bio, or you can add a couple of hashtags relevant to the type of content you create — just don’t overdo it.

5. Tell People Where Else They Can Find You

Many influencers on TikTok also have large followings on other platforms, but TikTok users may only know them from TikTok. A good way to grow your brand across your channels is to add links to your other successful accounts in your bio. For example, if you’re known for posting fitness videos on TikTok, you might share your Instagram profile where you post meal planning, nutrition, and fitness content.

For example, Youngcouture links their YouTube channel:

@youngcouture TikTok bio screenshot

Screenshot from @youngcouture via TikTok

Because TikTok limits how many characters you can use in your bio, using a consolidated linking service like Linktree or Campsite can help you add the links you want. Linking services create a landing page for multiple links to your website, specific shop pages, or social media channels, cloaked by a single link in your bio to save room.

6. Add a Call-to-Action

Your TikTok profile can become another avenue for building a following and growing a customer base for your business. Therefore, treat it like another marketing tool. Add a quick call-to-action (CTA) in your bio that tells TikTok users what they should do now that they’ve found your profile. For example, you might say ‘Shop the link below’ to point them to your online store.

Other CTA ideas that work, depending on your goal:

  • Click here to sign up 👇
  • Find me on Instagram: [username]
  • Shop with code MYSHOP
  • Find the book here: [link]
  • Watch the YouTube video: [link]
  • Grab the free guide ➡️: [link]

Continue Growing Your TikTok Account

Following these tips and best practices to create a TikTok bio that captures attention, such as using emojis and relevant hashtags, ensuring it’s in line with your brand, and including a CTA, will give your TikTok profile an edge on the popular video platform.

Cross-promote your TikTok account by adding the TikTok follow button to your website. We create the code for you to place on your site, giving visitors an easy way to subscribe to your content. For more help growing your TikTok account, take a look at our ultimate guide to TikTok ads and browse our other TikTok marketing content.

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