The Best Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

When you’re promoting a Facebook event, you want it to stand out in a way that grabs the attention of as many people as possible as they scroll through their feeds. One of the ways you can make sure it’s eye-catching is by giving it a cover photo that’s informative and pleasing to the eye.

Like other social media channels, Facebook prefers specific image sizes for profile pictures, covers, and ads. Staying within its guidelines makes everything look polished. With that being said, the size of your Facebook event cover shouldn’t be the same as your Facebook page or profile cover. (If you’re looking for inspiration for creating a stunning cover photo for your primary Facebook page, check out these 50 amazing examples of Facebook cover photos.)

So, what size is best for your Facebook event cover photo?

What is the Best Facebook Event Cover Photo Size for 2020?

What is the Best Facebook Event Cover Photo Size for 2020? ODSC East 2020

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As Facebook updates the platform and tweaks the way users see ads, events, posts, and other tidbits of information in their feeds, the rules are bound to change. You might find outdated information about the best event cover photo size floating around on the web, making you wonder why ¼ of your image is awkwardly cut off.

There are no set “rules” for the size of your event cover photo. But for 2020, there is a Facebook-recommended size: 1200 x 628 pixels. That equates to almost a 2:1 ratio (1.91:1, to be exact), where the width is longer than the height.

Can I Use a Smaller or Larger Image?

What is the Best Facebook Event Cover Photo Size for 2020? New York Fashion Week

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You can use other image sizes as your event cover photo. However, there’s a good chance that your image won’t look right. Choose one that’s too small, and Facebook will blow it up to fit the cover photo frame, resulting in a blurry or distorted picture.

Choosing an image larger than the recommended size is okay, but only if you use the same proportions for your photo. In most image editing programs, you can use the crop and resize functions to scale the image using the same ratio. For example, a 1500 x 785 px image would have equal proportions and should fit nicely into the event cover photo spot.

If you do have an image that’s slightly out of proportion, you can crop and reposition it when you upload it to your event on Facebook.

Making Your 2020 Event Cover Photo Stand Out on Mobile

The recommended Facebook event cover photo size should work well across all devices, including PCs, phones, and tablets. However, each side of your cover photo might get slightly chopped on mobile devices when viewed vertically.

To avoid getting any vital information cut off your photo, be sure to focus the most critical aspects of your image toward the center area, leaving clear margins on all sides. The good news is that only a few pixels get axed, so leaving yourself just a bit of room on the sides, top, and bottom of your image should do the trick.

Some event hosts prefer using the previously recommended size, 1920 x 1080 px, even though it doesn’t have the same proportions as 1200 x 628. This size tends to look crisper and clearer on mobile devices. If you’re careful about keeping relevant text and imagery away from the outer frame, you shouldn’t see any essentials get cut off.

What About Cover Videos?

Facebook also lets you add cover videos to your event pages! This option is an excellent way to showcase a snippet of a previous similar event to encourage people to show interest or RSVP.

Facebook recommends the same size for event cover videos, or 1200 x 628 pixels. You can use an online video editor to crop your video after shooting, but it’s a good idea to shoot your video using this resolution if your camera allows it. This can prevent distorted videos and extra editing time later.

Your videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes long. But keep the typical Facebook user in mind; many of them won’t want to sit through five minutes of video to learn more about your event. Short and sweet is usually the way to go on this platform.

Designing Your Facebook Event Cover Photo

Designing Your Facebook Event Cover Photo: Frozen 5K

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It’s never been easier to create a Facebook event cover photo, thanks to the many available online and downloadable photo editing tools. If you have little design experience, try Canva or Adobe Spark, both of which have free templates you can customize with a few clicks. You can also check out our tips for creating a stunning Facebook event cover photo.

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And, lastly, take a look at our guides to everything Facebook marketing to get answers to questions like: what does pinned posts on Facebook mean?

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