ShareThis Data
Feed Schema

The ShareThis Data Feed Schema contains all field-level information about users and their online behavior, captured by our JavaScript code on millions of publisher sites globally.

It includes events and enriched fields with natural language processing, applied based on the page event.

Ways to Match ShareThis Data




Android and iOS

IP Address

IPv4 and IPv6


Zip Code +4

Hashed Emails

MD5, SHA1, SHA256

Partner IDs

(including Cookieless)
The Trade Desk,
Nielsen, Eyeota,


Canonical URLA canonical URL representation of the page the user was on when the event occurred
URL Query ParametersQuery parameters present in the URL when the event is capturedsearchquery=lakers&queryParam1 =abc&queryparam2=123
standardTimestampTime of the event in UTC2017-03-25T20:11:15.000Z
Estid/CookieIDThe user’s ShareThis cookie valueAaaccDde+fFggGg9hhHhiJ==
IPThe IP Address of the user192.168.1.1
UserAgentA browser sets and sends a user agent string (UA). This is the identity of the browser being used, its version, and its operating system.Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
browserFamilyThe name of the browser being used. Derived from the userAgent field.IE
deviceTypeThe type of device being used. Derived from the userAgent field.Personal Computer
OSThe operating system being used. Derived from the userAgent field.Windows 7

Event Classification Information

DomainThe domain where a page view occurred (page view event), where
a user landed after a link click (click event), where a user landed after
a search engine query (search event), or that was shared to a social channel (share event).
refDomainThe referring domain that preceded an
mappedEventIncludes page view, search, share, click, in bound link (IBL) and out bound link (OBL). Share and click are social events. A click is a user clicking on shared content. IBL is the origination page of the user. (Where they came from to the ShareThis Network). OBL is the destination page of the user. (Where they are going to from the ShareThis Network)search
ChannelFor social (share and click) events, this is the social site. For search, this is the search engine.google_search
searchQueryKeywords used by a user to reach the page if it was a paid search.lakers


KeywordsExtraction of the most relevant keywords from the page.
Article is about basketball: ex: “defense,” “score,” “points”
More details below
EntitiesIdentifies people, places or organizations on the page.“Stephen Curry” as a person, “Golden State Warriors” as an organization
ConceptsIdentifies terms not directly mentioned but determined by cognitive association.“NBA Finals”
CategoriesClassification of page according to Google Taxonomy. Contains three levels of classification and a score that indicates the confidence of the classificationSports > Team Sports > Basketball
More details below
Analyze TextText from webpage that is analyzed to determine contextual informationText on page includes: “Tiger Woods wins Masters”
-keyword, entities, concepts, categories are derived with page text

Formatted Examples


“keywords”:[{“sentiment”:{“score”:”0.733039”,”type”:”positive”},“text” :”defense”, “score”: ”0.906778”}]}


“entities”:[{“sentiment”:{“score”:”0.733039”, “type”:”positive”},“count”:”1”,“text”: ”golden state warriors”, “score”:”0.33”, “type”:”Organization”}]


Lakers, basketball, nba finals


{“text”:”/sports/team_sports/ basketball”, “score”:”0.998322”, “googleID”:”264”, “level”:”3”}]

Sentiment &
Confidence Scores

ShareThis’ natural language processor
provides sentiment scores and confidence
scores associated with the page content.

For sentiment, we consider a score of 0 to be neutral. Any score from 0 to 1 is treated as positive, (ex: 0.2). Any score below 0 to -1 is treated as negative (ex: -.3).

For confidence score, we also receive a score with a value between 0 – 1. The confidence score is based on how closely related the category and concept are to the page content.

IDs and Ways to Match ShareThis Data

Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs)ShareThis works with industry leading device graphic providers to provide mobile identifiers.Android ID/Google Ad ID
Partner IDs
(based on cookies)
ShareThis hosts cookie ID mapping tables with many key partners in the advertising ecosystem. We can pass these values as a field in the data feed.Partners: The Trade Desk, Nielsen, Eyeota, Lotame, Xandr, MediaMath, ID5
Partner IDs
Same description as above, but for cookieless ID mapping.Partners: The Trade Desk UID 2.0, Lotame Pano ID, ID5 UUID
IP AddressThe IP address of the user192.168.1.1
GeolocationUser’s location at the ZIP+4 (neighborhood/household) accuracy level.94122
Hashed Emails (HEMs)Unique MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 hash code that represents the original string of the user’s email address.MD5 Hashed: c07bb6c7bdf5f394343215fb83a3999d

SHA256 Hashed: 88fbfe9fd3b8b335066b3c1d83da2cc4a4d9edaf9b5dee1a589d7d1f62ff1317

SHA1 Hashed: f7f169de177e2dd71a994f14b26c9ef437a2f016

Additional Offerings

MetadataInformation captured via ShareThis’ in- house web crawler. Observed directly on publisher pages, reflecting the most accurate meaning or interpretation behind the content on the page.Possible Fields:
meta_keywords meta_name

More details listed out below.
LanguageIdentifies the language associated with a English, German, Spanish,
consentDataContains the consent string associated with the cookie. ShareThis sends v2 stringBOEFEAyOEFEAyAHABDENAI4AAA B9vABAASA
consentDomainThe domain in which the consent cookie is

B2B Signals

ASN NumberASN number determined by looking at a user’s IP address192.158.1.38 maps to ASN 7018
ASN NameASN name determined by looking at a user’s IP address192.158.1.38 maps to ATT Services Inc.
ASN CompanyASN company determined by looking at a user’s IP address192.158.1.38 maps to ATT
ASN OrganizationASN organization determined by looking at a user’s IP address192.158.1.38 maps to ATT Corp
NAICS Code Developed for use by Federal Statistical Agencies for the collection, analysis and publication of statistical data related to the US Economy. maps to NAICS Code

Health Care Provider (HCP) Attributes

HCP npi_number10-digit number that identifies a health care provider in the United States1234567890
HCP stateThe US State where the health care provider is located, showed in an abbreviation formNY
HCP specialtyThe health care provider’s medical specialtyDiabetes
HCP specialty_codeThe industry-standard code associated with the health care provider’ specialtyDIA
HCP prof_designationThe health care provider’s professional designation or awarded credentials based on education and ability to provide careMD, Doctor of Medicine

Offerings Explained

The ShareThis Data Feed has available add-on fields to provide
deeper insight into the user’s thought process and behavior.

Language on Page

ShareThis identifies page language where the event was observed. All major
languages are supported, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch,
English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish.

Cookie Sync via Image Pixel

ShareThis has a network of publisher sites where we can place your image
pixel allowing you to cookie users. This allows us to create a mapping from
ShareThis cookie ID to your cookie ID namespace, further enabling your use of
ShareThis data. For more information, please see our Cookie Syncing technical
documentation or consult with your ShareThis point of contact.

Location Fields

Define a user’s location at the neighborhood / household level.

Meta FieldDescription
de_geo.pulseplus_isoISO Country Code
de_geo.pulseplus_countryCountry Abbreviation
de_geo.pulseplus_country_codeCountry Code
de_geo.pulseplus_country_confConfidence of Country Code Accuracy
de_geo.pulseplus_proxy_typeProxy Type
de_geo.pulseplus_proxy_descriptionDescription of Proxy, if available
de_geo.pulseplus_dstIs the user currently in daylight savings time?
de_geo.pulseplus_conn_typeConnection Type
de_geo.pulseplus_conn_speedConnection Speed
ipIP of the User
de_geo.pulseplus_city_codeCity Code
de_geo.pulseplus_city_confConfidence of City Code accuracy
de_geo.pulseplus_metro_codeMetropolitan Code
de_geo.pulseplus_postal_codePostal Code
de_geo.pulseplus_postal_extPostal Code Extension
de_geo.pulseplus_postal_confConfidence of Postal Code
de_geo.pulseplus_area_codeArea Code
de_geo.pulseplus_gmt_offsetTime offset from GMT
de_geo.pulseplus_latLatitude (accuracy up to 2 decimal points)
de_geo.pulseplus_longLongitude (accuracy up to 2 decimal points)
de_geo.pulseplus_continent_codeContinent Code
de_geo.pulseplus_region_codeRegion Code
de_geo.pulseplus_region_confConfidence of Region Code
de_geo.pulseplus_ispInternet Service Provider Name
de_geo.pulseplus_asnAutonomous System Number assigned to IP
de_geo.pulseplus_asn_nameName assigned to ASN of IP
de_geo.pulseplus_company_nameCompany Name
de_geo.pulseplus_organization_nameOrganization Name
de_geo.pulseplus_naicsNAICS Code

Data Delivery

The ShareThis Data Feed is available via Amazon S3. Access credentials to the S3 bucket will allow you to download the data to an environment of your choice.


ShareThis data is pseudonymized online behavioral data which we share with our data partners for interest-based advertising, analytics, and modeling. We comply with regulations based on country and region and limit the information we collect and disseminate to our partners.

ShareThis is a member of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework as a Vendor (#33) and offers a CMP that is up to IAB TCF v2 standards.

If you have any questions reach out at: